Advance Twisted Solace


A few days after I gave my thoughts on Evil Dead: Regeneration in my Now Playing: October 2015, I ended up finishing the game. My thoughts haven’t changed so you can read them at the link provided.

Onto another game I wanted to play and it was Advance Guardian Heroes on the Game Boy Advance. It’s a Treasure developed beat-’em-up in the same series as the Saturn classic Guardian Heroes. Unlike that game, Advance Guardian Heroes gets a bad rap and I never knew exactly why.

Once I played and finished it I figured it might be due to the different times throughout the game where the framerate takes a big hit. Trust me when I say that this isn’t as big of a deal as it may seem. I’m sure it’ll bug some gamers to no end, but those people are going to be few and far between.

I played on Easy and built my characters stats in a style of a “glass cannon.” It was all about the damage for me. If you want a considerably higher challenge, then I suggest you play on Normal or higher. I played purely for enjoyment and you may want more than the simple, easy-going satisfying experience I had.

Moving on I tested out the new poll feature on Twitter and I asked what other game I should play. The original PS1 Twisted Metal was the winner. I doubt I’ll get very far in it, but I’ll give it a shot. I also have Quantum of Solace on tap and ready to go after seeing Spectre earlier this week. It’s the version on PlayStation 2 which is a 3rd person shooter and not in 1st person like its counterpart on PS3/X360 is.


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Sword of Osiris


If you’ve been keeping up with what I’ve been playing as of recently, then you know I’ve been focusing on playing games on the Game Boy Advance. I previously played Power Rangers Time Force and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 to varying outcomes. This time I played CT Special Forces, Gunstar Super Heroes, and The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris.

I was introduced to CT Special Forces with the sequel about 11 years ago. Since then I had picked up the first game and finally got around to playing it. The look of the game graphically reminded me of the Metal Slug series by SNK. It has quite the lengthy levels and some interesting variety in gameplay. Other than running and gunning you’ll also pilot a chopper in vertical shoot-’em-up stages, parachute and try to stick the landing, and sniper sequences. All are fun small diversions from the main activity of getting to and defeating the boss of each level.

Gunstar Super Heroes is the GBA sequel to the Treasure classic on the Genesis released 12 years after. If you’re familiar with either of these games then you’ll know what the other has in store because they’re roughly the same. My problem with Gunstar Super Heroes was the dice rolling section late in the game where it’s like a board game and it selects what you fight against. I had gotten to a point where I couldn’t get to the end of the board. I just kept rolling badly and going around in a circle. If it wasn’t for this section I would’ve been happy to finish it. A fantastic game otherwise.

Final game is the movie-based The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris. It’s much better than its console counterpart of 2002. WayForward handled the development and it shows. Just like Treasure, WayForward makes high quality titles. While this game is a basic side scroller, this Scorpion King game does what it does well. Like with CT Special Forces above, The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris has very long stages, but once you get the skills it becomes much easier. An unexpectedly fun game such as this comes recommended.


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Complete In Box Fridays: Gunstar Super Heroes


This week’s featured game is Gunstar Super Heroes for the Game Boy Advance. It’s the Treasure developed 2005 follow up to their 1993 Genesis classic, Gunstar Heroes.

I’d previously played the Genesis prequel in 2011 and I thought it was as fun as it was ever claimed to be. I’ll be playing the GBA sequel very soon.

In August 2007 I was able to obtain a copy of Gunstar Super Heroes for under $10. Today, as of this blog post, it’ll run you $26 for a complete in box copy.

Check out the gallery below and be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them for a closer look.

Catch ya later!




Thanks NeonNinja!

A few weeks ago a blog was posted by NeonNinja mentioning his disappointment with most of what he’s played so far this year. One of those games was Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. He felt it was pretty average and not worth keeping around.

I’m not sure what I’ll eventually think of it, but this game has been one on my wish list for awhile now. After reading what he said I commented that I’d buy it off him. NeonNinja not only took me up on the offer, but he was willing to send it to me free of charge.

Here it is now in my hands. Thank you very much, Neon! :)


Now Playing: January 2011


This will be a quick Now Playing entry for the month of January. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

First up at the beginning of the month was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. After making it the final game beaten for last year, I finished it up by getting my sixth platinum trophy. I talked briefly about a couple minor problems I had with the game.

The lone downloadable game I left untouched from when I first bought it was the beat-’em-up Revenge of the Wounded Dragons. It was disappointing to say the least. My favorite genre kept on being a disappointment with Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu. Because of this I went with a sure-fire winner in Streets of Rage 2. I also enjoyed my time playing other Genesis greats like Gunstar Heroes and Super Street Fighter II. All of these titles are covered in my blog posts “Rise of Sin Tzu” and “Surprises.”

More recently my first purchase of the year was the import of Prince of Persia Trilogy where I played The Sands of Time and easily scored my seventh platinum trophy. I still really like this game, but this version does have its problems which is unfortunate.

The game looks good, but it probably could’ve been a little bit better. Some of the graphical effects, like the blurry edges of the screen when rewinding time, are absent. Also the volume isn’t even across everything. Enemies are usually too loud and some environmental hazards, like the spiked poles, are too quite. I’m not a fan of the 2D Prince of Persia games, but for those who are the omission of the hidden Macintosh version of the original will be a bit disappointing.

The sole game I’m playing at the moment is Duke Nukem: Time to Kill for PS1. Now I don’t want to be overly general about what kind of game this is or how it plays, but saying it’s Tomb Raider with Duke Nukem in place of Lara Croft really is spot on. It uses the same graphics engine as the TR games from the time and the controls are the same. Duke himself even wonders if the woman on the subway phone on the first level is Lara. Despite all of this Eidos and Core Design didn’t have anything to do with this title. It was actually developed by n-Space. This is the same group that gave me the tedious FPS experience on the DS with Call of Duty 4. Thankfully it isn’t anywhere nearly as bad.

Overall I did quite well for myself by scoring five games on the finished pile is a good start.

* X-Men Origins: Wolverine (PS3) – Trophies: 51 / 51 (100%)
* Revenge of the Wounded Dragons (PS3) – Trophies: 5 / 12 (42%)
* Streets of Rage 2 (GEN) – Score: 603,230
* Gunstar Heroes (GEN) – 1 credit cleared on Easy.
* Super Street Fighter II (GEN) – Finished on Super Expert mode.
* Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (PS3) – 4h33m; 100% | Trophies: 16 / 16 (100%)
* Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (PS) – Level 2 – Duke Hill; 1h59m3s; Enemies killed: 123; Secrets found: 5 of 14



I have a couple of surprises to share. The first two items aren’t one of these.

I’m calling it quits on Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu. Up until the final boss fight with the main antagonist the enemies were sometimes annoying and not always fun, but it was doable. This wasn’t the case against Sin Tzu. I know if I didn’t read an FAQ ahead of time I would’ve wondered what I was supposed to do. Even with this knowledge I still have to be able to execute the plan and I just wasn’t able to. The FAQ listed this fight as “very, very annoying,” but it’s probably worse than that sounds.

I’ve put up with frustrating boss battles before, but I still managed to win after a few tries. The most recent one of this variety was Weapon 11 on Hard in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I’m not very upset I’ll be leaving Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu unfinished as I’ve many more games I’d rather play.

Last night I played against Usagi704 some more in Super Street Fighter II on the Genesis. It’s still a very fun and playable game if you weren’t aware. :cool: During this play session I temporary had the middle name of “predictable.” Come to think of it I can be quite predictable majority of the time. Because of this I sought for some tips from Usagi for Ryu. Unlike with Vega he didn’t have specific character tips, but general play ideas like mixing it up which I don’t do on a consistent basis. Regardless it was still fun as usual.

Now for the first of two surprises I’d mentioned about at the beginning of this blog post.

This first one is mainly just my own surprise. For whatever reason I thought of Gunstar Heroes as a really difficult game and was afraid to start playing it. Sure the insanity in it can be turned up a few notches, but I thought this was the case no matter what difficulty I had it on. As it turns out it was doable on Easy though my first time through I did continue a number of times. With the understanding I then had of the game afterwards I was able to clear it on one credit. In the future I do plan on playing with more challenge involved.

With Gunstar Heroes finished I was able to make record time on getting up to my fourth game beat for 2011 (full list). By this day last year I hadn’t completed even my first game and getting four done didn’t happen until the first week of March.

The second and final surprise is what I bought for my first purchase of the new year. This may surprise those who remember reading my blog post “To Import or Not To Import” (link to online archive) where I talked about my decision not to bother with buying the import Prince of Persia Trilogy retail disc.

As it turns out I reversed my “final” decision and went ahead and purchased it. In the final week of December I put in my order on, but sadly they didn’t have it and never did much to notify me of this. I hate all online shops which are lazy at sending out email notices when such a problem occurs. also had this problem a month before Christmas. I was told about National Console Support out of New York by Usagi. They had it and delivered in less than a week.


Rider Kick!


I haven’t amassed this many games into my collection at one time since the beginning of last August. I guess the good that comes from that shows that I’ve been successful in bringing down the amount of games I get at one time. Let’s get to the eight games listed before you.


First up is Dead to Rights for the GBA. It’s a terribly rated game and rightfully so. However, I couldn’t pass it up when I saw it recently at the local Toys-R-Us. No they don’t sell used games. This is, in fact, a new copy. The damage to the box likely comes from being thrown around in bargain bins since probably the game’s release back in 2001. It was worth it, though, at only $3.


I’m in no way a fan of Star Wars just so you know. I pretty much despise the films for the fanfare they receive. This is because the series is only mediocre at best. Regardless of that Episode III: Revenge of the Sith on the GBA looked interesting thanks to this episode of Video Game Take-Out.

Other games that VGTO has introduced me to that I didn’t regret getting were Hammerin’ Hero and Justice League Heroes: The Flash. I also plan on getting Kid Dracula and Ninja Five-O as well thanks to that show.

The main reason I bought this game was because it looked somewhat interesting and that I noticed it on the shelf a lot when visiting Usagi704. It’s very easy to spot with such large letters on the spine.


With all of my talk in the past of owning, playing, beating, and mastering the SNES version of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, some of you maybe thinking that I’ve been a fan of the series all along. I’m sure that this new purchase for the Gamecube doesn’t serve to help much. In reality I was only a very slight fan of a similar series called VR Troopers and never watched any of the Power Ranger shows though I was familar with it when I’d see an image or clip of it.

The main reason I bought this game, despite not knowing anything about it, was the very informative series of videos by Linkara analyzing the Power Rangers series (intro). I’ve since looked into the PR series (shows & games) along with the original Super Sentai series of which they’re based on.

The Power Rangers videos would then lead me to finding this YouTube channel where I’d learn about the long running series called Kamen Rider (1971). It lead me to info about the 2002 show, Kamen Rider: Ryuki, that was adapted into the 2009 show that this game was based on.

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight was simply another game that interested me solely because of the odd excitement I currently have for such uniquely Japanese entertainment.


Another game I bought through was Gradius V. I was way cheaper than the usual price it goes for ($40) complete, I was able to only pay $18 and it also included the bonus pre-order DVD.

It sounded like fun after reading ebbderelict’s review.

This is the game with the infamous box art that doesn’t fit with the shoot-’em-up genre that this game is from. It also has an interesting mechanic where your shots do more damage when passing close to enemy bullets.

Good day.