Hart & Usagi Podcast #57: No then Yes


In this new episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we discuss the PC game Hatred and Steam removal and reinstatement. We also get into what happened at the PlayStation Experience, the new threat to the Internet called CISA, and more.

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* ‘The Crew’ Will Not Have Launch Problems, Promises Ubisoft
* 20 Brilliant Things About PlayStation
* SEGA & SONY Partner to Launch Yakuza 5 in the West
* Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono Assures Street Fighter V Won’t Be Free-to-Play
* Everything from the PlayStation Experience 2014: Looking Forward, Looking Back
* Sony’s Secret London Shop Selling 20th Anniversary PS4s for £19.94
* Sony Not Thrilled About 20th Anniversary PS4 eBay Sales
* Kmart Australia Joins Target Australia in Pulling ‘GTA V’ From Stores Shelves
* Take-Two: Don’t like GTA? Don’t buy it
* Valve Removes ‘Hatred’ From Steam Greenlight
* Gabe Newell Steps in to Reinstate Controversial Shooter on Steam
* CISA Supporters Use Sony Pictures Security Breach To Push Bill
* EFF Challenges Personal Audio’s ‘Podcasting Patent Claims’ Before the USPTO This Week
* ISPs Admit They Can ‘Live With’ Net Neutrality Rule Changes
* Last Guardian Making Progress Under “Completely New Conditions”
* Teens React to Mega Man: What We’ve Forgotten About “Nintendo Hard” Games

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Hart & Usagi Podcast #47: A Fascinating Medium


Despite the heat HartKnight and Usagi704 are back with episode 47 of the Hart and Usagi Podcast! Do we have a show for you? Absolutely. We welcome ebbderelict back for a fourth time and talk about Tetris being the greatest game ever and how maybe Super Mario Bros. isn’t. There’s also more sad excuses for microtransactions and an unlikely opponent of the FCC.

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* God of War: Ascension multiplayer
* Video games are the most fascinating medium ever created, David Cage says
* The FarCry Racism Adventure
++ Mark Cuban: “I’m A Prejudiced Bigot”
* Congressman Funded by Telecommunications Campaign Cash Proposes Bill to Stop FCC’s Net Neutrality Plans
* Own a Piece of Gaming History When Recovered E.T. Games go on Sale
* Hyperkin Retron 5 Review
* 15 Must-Have Games for 3DS Virtual Console
* Game Genie Was More Than The Sum of its Cheat Codes
* Grand Theft Auto Parent Publisher Defends Microtransactions
* Watch Dogs: Finding Morality in Useless Information

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Complete In Box Fridays: Manhunt 2


The second of three Halloween editions of Complete In Box Fridays is here and this week the subject is Manhunt 2.

My personal history with Manhunt 2 is very little. While I do own it (obviously or it wouldn’t be in a CIB Fridays article) I haven’t played it. I’ve owned the game since Christmas 2008 which itself was over a year past its Halloween release date. The main reason I even bothered with the game in the first place was, you guessed it, because of the undue crying of the usual folks claiming to be the upholders of decency. The decent thing to do would be to look at the game with the facts in mind and not a personal agenda to further their careers by claiming to be doing this “for the children.”

Our favorite video game hater, Jack Thompson, was at his usual worst when he tries to prevent the release of Manhunt 2 and Take-Two has to take him to court only to get a counter suit from Mr. Uneducated. Even his long lost brother from another mother, Senator Leland Yee, had to speak up to show his lack of knowledge on the situation.

The roadblocks kept sadly piling up for Rockstar when the ESRB issued an AO rating for Manhunt 2 and the British Board of Film Classification outright banned the game from being released in the UK. The former rating eventually became M. The latter ban was contested by Rockstar which was rejected, then they appeal again, won, only to get denied again by the Royal Courts of Justice.

After much fighting all turns out well in the end. Manhunt 2 is granted a release in the UK, Jack Thompson eventually became an ex-attorney with a large fine, and the National Institute on Media and the Family was closed. It was another one of those non-profit organizations who claim to “protect the children” and act like their generation was somehow morally superior when they were growing up. They did just as much as any other generation in their youth as today. The only difference is what has been allowed to appear on television and the media in general.

Finally the price of a complete copy of Manhunt 2 for the PlayStation 2 is $7.56.

Well that’ll do it for this week’s Complete In Box Fridays article. As always you can click the photo below to super size it. Have a great weekend!



Complete In Box Fridays: Grand Theft Auto Collector’s Edition


Welcome to a new installment of Complete In Box Fridays. This week we’ll be looking at a Grand Theft Auto title. Specifically the 2002 release of the Grand Theft Auto Collector’s Edition.

The Grand Theft Auto Collector’s Edition is a compilation of games for the original PlayStation. It included the first game that started it all, along with an expansion, Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969, and the sequel, Grand Theft Auto 2.

Similarly how I feel about the Prince of Persia series, I also feel about the Grand Theft Auto franchise. In that I mean I wasn’t much of, if at all, a fan of the early 2D offerings. These titles in this collection are cool to have, but I much prefer the likes of Grand Theft Auto IV and V. I even felt a bit lackluster for the PS2 games, but I did, and still do, appreciate the technical advancements they made by San Andreas to eliminate any loading during gameplay.

A complete copy of Grand Theft Auto Collector’s Edition currently goes for a cool $20, though, some may have a problem with its label being white and clashing with their consistent and even black label PS1 game collection.

Thanks for reading and before you go, check out the gallery below. Click on the first photo to double size it and click on the hyperlinked titles to do the same with each individual game. Also check out the full assortment of CIB Fridays articles in its category. Have a great Friday!


Grand Theft Auto, London 1969, and GTA2:


Duke Nukem (Taking) Forever


These days I don’t game on my PC at all. However, back when I was growing up it was much more of a common thing I’d do. I still kept up with the consoles at the time, but every so often I’d get into a game on the PC. In 1996 Duke Nukem 3D was the game to play. I remember it well. I should because I also got the Plutonium Pak which upgraded DN3D to the Atomic Edition with an added fourth episode. Not unlike what The Ultimate Doom did for id Software’s original Doom.

Within the next year 3D Realms announced they were working on a follow up called Duke Nukem Forever. We all know how that’s been going in the last 13 years. Not too well. Off and on over that time they’d show a screenshot or two to tease fans, but it didn’t take very long before I no longer cared if it ever was finished.

In early 2006, 3D Realms decided to let everybody know that Duke Nukem Forever was in full production. To which I wrote a blog post titled “Duke Nukem Never” and noted the following year (2007) as being ten years since DNF started being developed and it was time to get your pre-order money back.

Speaking of 2007, another tease was doled out in the form of a trailer in December of that year. It was cute, but again I saw it as another stunt being pulled by 3D Realms. Since I stopped caring about the game the year before, I got pretty pissed off. At this point I knew the game wasn’t going to ever be released so all they were doing was insulting my intelligence. Of course some gamers were saying they were excited and I just couldn’t understand how being excited for this was even possible for anybody anymore.

Fast forward to last year and the closing of 3D Realms by Take-Two Interactive after not seeing anything happening for far too long. I, for one, was grateful Take-Two was finally putting Duke Nukem Forever out of its misery. They were way more patient with George Broussard than they had to be. DNF should’ve been out in 2000 at the latest and here we were in 2009 without a product. Gaming had passed the Duke by and moved on to bigger and better things.

Then came this last weekend at PAX where Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software revealed that the thorn in the side of the gaming industry has returned. Without a leak they not only showed off Duke Nukem Forever, but also had a playable demo. Pitchford mentioned at the show that nobody would’ve believed a press release ahead of time announcing DNF would be playable at PAX. He’s totally right about that. I certainly would’ve called BS on it. This was a good decision on their part.

One thing that bothers me was Pitchford saying in an interview with Kotaku that getting Duke Nukem Forever finished is a dream many on the development team want to make a reality. You see, to me, a dream is something that, while obtainable, may have many, many unforeseen roadblocks in the way which were out of a persons control. I don’t see that as the case for 3D Realms and their work on DNF. George Broussard was his own worst enemy because he’d always want to redo things or change the graphics engine again and again. It got to the point where they hired someone else to head the project so it could get moving, but by that point it was too late.

Part of me is glad the game will be coming out next year so I won’t have to hear about it anymore ever again. However, the other part of me wishes they would’ve just let the game die. I honestly felt there was some closure to all of this when 3D Realms closed down last year.

As it turns out not only is Duke Nukem Forever going to live on through Randy Pitchford and Gearbox Software, but so will the IP itself as they’ve also purchased the rights to the Duke Nukem series. Clearly Gearbox is betting at least some of their future on Duke.

Will I bet on playing DNF once its release day comes next year? Probably. I’ll be sure to set my expectations low, but I can’t deny at least some interest in playing such a mythological game.