Space Suplex #32: Clash. Champions.


Space Suplex podcast episode 32 brings you chat from Matt and Mike on WWE 2017 shows:
* NXT Takeover: War Games
* Survivor Series
* Clash of Champions

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Space Suplex #29: End of the Line


Matt presents one final show and chats about the previous seven months of WWE pay-per-view programming and his predictions on the early card known at the moment for WrestleMania 33.

Stay in touch with Matt on the Hart & Usagi Podcast and Anthony on the Generic Video Game Podcast.

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Space Suplex Podcast Ep. 14: CM Punk


Welcome back wrestling fans to the Space Suplex podcast. It sure has been crazy with the news in the last few weeks. We have a discussion on CM Punk, Sting’s debut, and we welcome usagi704 to the program to chat with us his thoughts on Survivor Series and the WWE Network.

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* WWE Survivor Series 2014
* Five Sting dream matches we’d love to see
* Monday Night War episode “The War Goes Mainstream”
* WWE Network
* CM Punk Speaks on Leaving WWE
* LAW Dec. 7 Update – CM Punk to UFC, Final Battle on The LAW

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Space Suplex Podcast Ep. 13: Lucha Society X


Welcome back wrestling fans to the Space Suplex podcast. In this episode we’ll be chatting about the previous WWE PPV, Hell In A Cell, their upcoming 2014 edition of the Survivor Series, the first episode of Lucha Underground, and how we each feel about the current state of the WWE Network with a surprise bold prediction.

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* WWE Hell In A Cell 2014
* Upcoming WWE Survivor Series 2014
* Lucha Underground
* WWE Network

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Eddie’s Best Matches

Taking from the 2-DVD set of The Eddie Guerrero Story, I have put together my personal all-time favorite matches that Eddie has been involved in. Whether he won or lost, was competing for a world title, or was in a history making match. Eddie always gave everything he had to put on the best matches, promos, or anything else he was doing. Here’s to Eddie for the five matches that I personally enjoyed the most from his long career.

5) vs. Chavo Guerrero in 1998 at WCW Bash at the Beach
This was an enjoyable match with the comedy character of Chavo being balanced with the amazing abilities of Eddie as the heel. After winning with a schoolboy, Chavo was trying to shave Eddie’s head, but then turned around and started shaving his own. All while he was doing so Chavo wondered out loud why Eddie didn’t want to cut his hair.

4) with Chavo Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs. Edge & Rey Mysterio in 2002 at WWE Survivor Series
This match stands out as the first time that Eddie and Chavo were tag team champions together. At this time Paul Heyman was booking the Smackdown side of things and that was the reason for such high-caliber talent being in the ring at the same time. It was awesome action from start to finish with all six men leaving the audience breathless. In the end, Eddie made Rey tapout to the Lasso From El Paso.

3) vs. Brock Lesnar in 2004 at WWE No Way Out
This was where Eddie won what I knew he could carry with pride and would be a great champion, that being the WWE Championship. The crowd was into every aspect of this match, which helped greatly when Eddie finally got the win after the Frog Splash. His win here lead to a great match with Kurt Angle at WrestleMania XX.

2) vs. Dean Malenko in 1995 at the ECW Arena
This was Eddie and Dean’s final match before they went off to WCW. It was an extremely technical match that ended in a draw. The action was back and forth the whole time with the crowd showing the true respect to both performers that can only come from the dedicated wrestling fans.

1) vs. Rey Mysterio in 1997 at WCW Halloween Havoc
Highly considered by many fans as the best match of Eddie’s career. On the commentary, Rey points out several moves that he did in this match that he hasn’t ever been able to do before or since. The drama was created with Eddie trying to rip off Rey’s mask throughout the match. What amazed me was how well the match did come off even with the problems created with the torn mask. Rey won the Cruiserweight title with one of his favorite moves that he calls the “Splash Mountain.”

Hey Montreal. It’s not 1997 anymore.

It’s really sad that some people out there are still getting upset when they look back on the Montreal incident. I first heard about it around two years later once I became a wrestling fan again. When it comes to the incident itself, I sided with Bret Hart, but in 2005 many Canadian fans are still enraged about what happened almost eight years ago. It’s really about time that these fans got over it.

Even Bret himself isn’t over that day yet. I feel that is still a reason for some unhappiness in his life. Granted, the passing of his parents and his brother, Owen, have hit home far worse than anything McMahon could do. All of that and more are talked about by Bret in his upcoming DVD release.

I read recently that Shawn Michaels tells about his involvement in Montreal which appears in a book of his own. It would seem to be more in detail than even Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows, where Director Paul Jay and his crew got a front row seat for Survivor Series in 1997 when this happened.

Many times since November ’97, the WWE has recreated the “screwjob” in some fashion. As a Bret Hart fan I really hope that Michaels’ book and Hart’s DVD tell the final truth of both sides and then, once and for all, puts this whole incident to rest.

Survivor Series Predictions

This Sunday the WWE will put on the 18th annual Survivor Series. The venue is the Gund Arena in Cleveland. Not Dallas like the Boston TV Guide would like you to believe. That was last year. At least my hometown newspaper gets it right. As of right now there are seven matches on the card. There may or may not be an eighth match scheduled for the event on Sunday Night Heat.

WWE Championship
JBL vs. Booker T

JBL has another one of his guarantees for this PPV and it’s not a win this time. This time he has claimed that he’ll leave Smackdown if he loses to Booker T. I, like a lot of people out there, would like to see Layfield finally lose the title to someone with credibility and Booker T has that in spades. I wasn’t a fan of JBL in his APA days, like most were, and I’m certainly not a fan of him as WWE Champion. He’s already had the title one month longer than Eddie Guerrero. So, his championship reign has to be killed here and now.

Booker T has gotten the best of the Champion ever since he turned face at his expense. The Challenger has also won every match that he and JBL (or Orlando Jordan) have been involved in. Taking into account of all of these wins for Booker and the guarantee that JBL made recently, I’d have to go with JBL as the winner. I’d rather predict Booker T as the winner and the new Champion, but that would be going with who I’d want to win rather than who will probably win. In the end, I hope that my prediction for JBL is wrong. That way the person that is WWE Champion would be right.

My Choice: JBL

Undertaker vs. Heidenreich
This all started back at No Mercy last month when Heidenrich rammed a truck into the hearse that the Undertaker was in. Since then it’s been a bunch of attacks by Heidenreich on fans, announcers, and other wrestlers. Everyone else except the Undertaker.

Yes, folks that’s about all that has been happening here in this storyline for the past month. And, yes, this match will be a boatload of suck. The only thing that will be exciting about this contest will be the beating that ‘Taker dishes out to Heidenreich after he wins the four minute match.

My Choice: Undertaker

Intercontinental Championhip
Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian

Christian gets his second chance at the Intercontinental Championship this Sunday since last September. At that time Edge was stripped of the IC title because of an injury. Chris Jericho went on to defeat Christian to win the IC title for the seventh time. One month later at Taboo Tuesday Shelton Benjamin was voted in as the Challenger. He ended up beating Jericho in a fantastic match to win the title. Since then Christian has been attacking Benjamin and complaining that he should have been the one that was voted in at Taboo Tuesday. Shelton Benjamin granted Christian a shot at his title so that he can silence the CLB once and for all.

I’m not a fan of one month title reigns unless it’s for the better. To give Christian the win here would mean that the title would change hands three times in as many months. That’s a little too many in my book. If you remember, Benjamin was beating Triple H in match after match before he was injured during the summer. It looks as if the bookers are still going with the push that I feel Mr. Benjamin deserves since his return. I’m all for the said push to continue with a win in two days.

My Choice: Shelton Benjamin

Classic Survivor Series Elimination Match
Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Maven, & Randy Orton vs. Batista, Gene Snitsky, Edge, & Triple H

Speaking of Chris Jericho, he and three others, Chris Benoit, Maven, and Randy Orton, will be fighting for the right to have total control of RAW for a month (a week for each member of the winning team). They’ll have to fend against the mismatched team of Evolution (Triple H and Batista), Edge, and Gene Snitsky. The sticky situation that Triple H will be in, no matter which team wins, is that everyone’s gunning for his World Heavyweight Championship. This includes Big Dave as well!

I’m tired of seeing Triple H run RAW. He takes it upon himself to do so every time that Eric Bischoff isn’t around and it’s boring as all hell. I’m sure that other people feel the same way as I do. It’s time for someone else to be in control of RAW besides the boredom that is Evolution.

My Choice: Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Maven, & Randy Orton

Classic Survivor Series Elimination Match
Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam, Big Show, & John Cena vs. Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, & Carlito Caribbean Cool

All participants in this match have an outstanding feud with at least one other person on the opposing team. The two most obvious feuds are John Cena vs. U.S. Champion Carlito Cool and Big Show vs. Kurt Angle. This match will possibly setup some matches for WrestleMania 21. That’s the most likely case for Cena vs. Carlito. During this last week Hardcore Holly injured Carlito in a house show match. He may be out for about three months after his match this Sunday.

The way I see this match turning out is with Carlito and Cena being counted out early in the match so that Carlito’s injury doesn’t worsen. Big Show will likely do the most damage to Angle’s team, but in the end it looks like Angle and his cohorts will somehow come away with the win.

My Choice: Kurt Angle’s Team

Women’s Championship
Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Trish has done an excellent job at being the thorn in Lita’s side for months. On top of that she did a wonderful promo last Monday. She said that Lita was the “Kiss of Death” to Essa Rios, the Hardy Boyz, and even said that she was the reason for the show Dark Angel to get cancelled.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that promo. It was very funny and to a point had some truth to it, at least when it came to the Hardy Boyz. I’ll admit that I wasn’t thrilled for Trish winning the Women’s Championship for the fifth time back at Bad Blood in June. But, since then she has won me over with her slutty heel character. I love it and wish her the best as she retains her title this Sunday. Oh, and for Lita…go back to making babies with a freak. Maybe she can with her second enemy from this year, Gene Snitsky.

My Choice: Trish Stratus

Cruiserweight Championship
Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Spike Dudley vs. Rey Mysterio

The Champion here is Spike Dudley. He defeated Rey Mysterio for the title on Smackdown back in July. Since then he really hasn’t had any challengers. Because of that this match was thrown together. Imagine that, a cruiserweight match just thrown together. Hmmm. I think I’ve seen that happen before. This match is comprised of Spike vs. Rey and Billy vs. Chavo. Spike vs. Rey is mostly likely steaming from the said July title win. Billy Kidman/Chavo Guerrero has more story to it in less time. The basics have been already told in my No Mercy Predictions. The addition now is that Chavo is back in action and ready to get revenge on Kidman.

To get this down to Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero, I feel that Kidman will pick up the win and the Cruiserweight title here. This way Chavo can not only get his revenge on Kidman in a one-on-one match, but will also have some gold to capture too. Plus, with the Cruiserweight Championship in the mix fans will be even more excited about the future encounter.

My Choice: Billy Kidman

So there you have it. Two seemingly good Survivor Series matches, a nice little fatal fourway cruiserweight action, one excellent IC title match, and the promising demise of JBL as WWE Champion. Plus, we’ll have a little bit of slut and a little bit of suck thrown in for your viewing pleasure.