Hart & Usagi #80: Shadow of Logan


Episode 80 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast is here! We chat about a variety of topics like the Nintendo Switch, recently played Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, E3 now being open to the public, and more.

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* Nintendo Switch Battery Life and Play Modes Confirmed
* Splatoon 2 Announced for Nintendo Switch, Due for Release This Summer
* Nintendo Switch Controllers Prices and Details
* Ultra Street Fighter 2 Announced for Switch, Has New Characters and Mode
* King of Fighters ’98, Metal Slug 3 and More Neo Geo Games Coming To Switch
* Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Dated for Xbox One/PC, Physical Xbox One/PS4 Versions Coming
* Yakuza 0 Review Roundup
* Trump’s proposed trade tariff could impact the price of consoles, games in the US
* Trump’s Travel Policy: Video Game Industry Group Responds
* PS4 Patch 4.50’s Boost Mode Improves Games That Aren’t Pro-Enabled
* E3 is open to the public this year, 15,000 tickets go on sale Monday
* Steam Greenlight Is Dead, Long Live Steam Direct
* Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter Crossover Game Sounds Unlikely, But Not Ruled Out
* Nioh DLC And Free Updates Detailed
* Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Remaster May Not Be PS4 Exclusive
* Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow

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Now Playing: February 2017


Since I checked in last month with you guys it’s only gotten hotter. It’s February and it’s 71°F as I type this. Unbearable! Despite the fact we’re all going to melt and drown in the rising ocean waters, I’ll try to fill you in on what I was playing recently.

Since last time I had continued to play and subsequently finished Bujingai: The Forsaken City. My thoughts are the same in that it’s a fun action title with a few “huh?” moments. Bujingai comes recommended by me despite it’s faults.

Right after I started to play Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas on the original PlayStation. It was unlike the first Die Hard Trilogy in that it’s not fun. The gameplay is more in the style of Tomb Raider and Duke Nukem: Time To Kill. It doesn’t work here. It’s too easy to die and there weren’t any mid-level checkpoints. Unfinished forever is fine by me. Moving on…

Back on the PlayStation 2, I played around ten levels of Manhunt 2. It was satisfying to sneak around and take out all of these “bad dudes.” What was less exciting was to have to use melee or firearms against enemies that noticed you. Manhunt 2 does have mid-level checkpoints and save points which helped me get as far as I did. However, some levels just required a bit too much on engagement with guns leaving me wondering where all the stealth went. The controls don’t lend themselves to being a shooter and these sections proved that. The game does have some merit so I don’t regret my time with it. It’s just doesn’t deserve any more.

I then dusted off and charged up my PSP for the next game, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow. I didn’t get far into Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror years ago, but Logan’s Shadow looks to be easier to handle. I’m certainly impressed with the quality of the graphics on display here. Other than that there’s not much to say since I’m still only on the first episode. Wish me luck in seeing this one through.

Game on!

New Releases 2010: May 23-June 5


Let me just say that this month has proven to be nuts when it comes to new game releases. It’s one of those “I want them all,” but you decidedly know that won’t be possible unless you can spare a few hundred dollars.

As far as the latter half of May goes, Blur and Soldner-X 2 both look interesting. I wasn’t all that taken in by the demo for ModNation Racers. The steering of the karts was very loose. Much more so than I’d like. I’m also not a fan of drifting being on a button. I’d prefer it as a technique that’s learned over time.

I suspect that Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be the one game wanted more than all others. So I guess my question to you is which game will you possibly get to accompany SMG2?

Blur (PS3, PC, X360)
Metal Torrent (DS)
ModNation Racers (PS3, PSP)
Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype (PS3)
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (WII)
Tetris Party Deluxe (WII, DS)
UFC 2010 Undisputed (PS3, X360)

Alpha Protocol (PS3, PC, X360)
Backbreaker (PS3, X360)
Green Day: Rock Band (PS3, X360)
Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow (PS2)
The Sims 3: Ambitions (PC, MAC)

Castlevania – Personal Best


While going around the usual local shops over the weekend, I was able to find Alter Echo and Dead to Rights both for the PS2 fairly cheap at $12 total.


On the gaming side of the weekend, I did a quick play of the NES classic Castlevania. I’m not very good at the game, but I have remembered some of the tips that Coach Usagi gave out awhile back. With those I was able to obtain a personal best of getting just inside the castle of the last level (stage 17 from in-game HUD).

I think I just may finish this game one of these days.


In a bit of news, the older PS3 models (like the one I have) will have the “Install Other OS” function removed via an update in two days time. Sony’s claim is that the system will be more secure without it. I think it’s mainly because 99% of PS3 owners don’t use it and that it will bring the non-slim models in line with the slim models that already don’t have this function.

All in all I doubt many will miss it.


I haven’t had much luck getting any further than Episode 2, Part 3 of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. This section is more lengthly than the previous parts. I’ve also noticed that more action heavy scenes are kind of a problem for the way the character moves/controls. Otherwise I still like the game’s pace.

It’s been two weeks since the release of God of War III and I’ve had little time to play it. I plan on changing that this week. After yesterday’s progress I’m currently at the Grand Vestibule save point just after having finished off Hermes.

Time: 3 hours and 43 minutes
Trophies: 10 / 36 (28%)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Quick Moments Around Town


Here’s a quick update on what’s be happening as of the last three days.

This video was in response to February Free Play on Substance TV.com. In it I play the demo for Wanted: Weapons of Fate because the melee kills are pretty awesome looking.

A second video on tap was us (Usagi704 and I) visiting a bank that had a fairly old style of ATM that we decided to use. It ended up being better than the much newer one that they also had. It’s the Genuine Article! :D

We drove out to the local Gamestop last night to see the amount of Final Fantasy fans that showed up for the launch of FFXIII. It was quite packed on the inside.

I realize that some people expected more than two shots while still driving, but there really wasn’t anymore that could be seen without going inside and I’m sure that would’ve been frowned upon. I noted “Quick Look” in the title for that very reason.

Because of the upcoming release of God of War III next week, I decided to pop in the God of War Collection to play God of War II. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror will be returned to shortly.

Thanks for reading and enjoy yourself with Final Fantasy XIII or whatever else you’re currently playing. Later! :)

Stealthy Shoot-’em-ups


I’ve been putting up new blog entries quite a bit lately, but it has been two weeks since I’ve mentioned how the current game playing has been going. Well, allow me to rectify that situation right now.

This was the game that won the most votes when it was up against Prince of Persia Revelations, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice, and Space Invaders Extreme for the next game I’d play.

I’ve been pretty slow at playing it, but I really like it so far. The controls are easy to remember and well done on the PSP system despite how much was crammed on there. It also lends itself well to portable play with sections of levels that are pretty short at only a few minutes long.

The only time I had a problem was when I needed to kill the two enemies in the air duct to protect the NPC that was helping me. I initially thought that I had to find a way up there, but instead I just had to shoot them though the duct.

To accompany the sneaking/shooting/spy stuff, I decided to play Space Invaders Extreme as well. After a few days I managed to finish it (#3 for 2010) with a score of 4,045,610 and a rank of B.

I’ve been wanting to play some more of the shoot-’em-up genre and this ISM thing was suddenly upon me last Monday. I preceded to make an inventory list of all of those types of games I had. With the number of compilations I own, there ended up being 70+ that I can choose from. I’ve played four so far.

*Star Soldier (NES)
*Chariot (Three Wonders via Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2)
*Gekirindan (Taito Legends 2)
*Gun & Frontier (Taito Legends 2)

I enjoyed Gekirindan the most so far and even made it the fourth game finished for this year.

Lastly, I must point out the fantastic current episode of the Happy Video Game Nerd where this game was the focus of the praise it truly deserves.

I don’t own it yet, but I did play Usagi704’s import Super Famicom copy last May and bested this overlooked classic beat-’em-up. Even the music is terrific.

Until next time, you guys take it easy. :)

Next I Will Play: Extreme PSP Edition Results


The results are in on what game I’ll be playing next. After tallying up the votes from GameSpot and Gametrailers the game to play will be Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror!

6 – Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
3 – Prince of Persia Revelations
2 – Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
1 – Space Invaders Extreme

I also sometimes like having a more casual game on the side and I’m going to add Space Invaders Extreme to the mix.

Thanks again for your help!

Next I Will Play: Extreme PSP Edition


For the next game that I will play I decided on one of the systems I usually ignore, my PSP. For the game itself, I’m not so sure. This is where you can help me out. Vote for one of the four games listed below and the winner will be the one I play.

Prince of Persia Revelations
Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
Space Invaders Extreme
Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Thanks for your help!

Vote On Next Game! #5 plus Replacement Games


I’d like to start off by thanking all of those that voted a little over two weeks ago. The winning games, Saints Row 2 and Metal Slug 3, were really fun. Since the previous time was a success, I bring you two lists of six games once again.

Just as before you may choose two games to vote for.

Selections via the fortune cookie on Backloggery.com.
Half-Life 2 via The Orange Box (PS3)
Captain Commando via Capcom Classics Collection Remixed (PSP)
The Legend of Kage 2 (DS)
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA)
Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run (PS2)
Quake II (PS)

My personal selections.
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PS3)
Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (PSP)
Retro Game Challenge (DS)
Gunstar Super Heroes (GBA)
Gungrave (PS2)
Strider 2 (PS)


The two games pictured above are new games replaced two other games in my collection.

The first one, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, was bought after I decided to return the copy of Haze that I’d last talked about getting two days ago. I figured that I’d rather have this DS game now and will pick up Haze at some other time. For this game I also traded-in the extra copy of Twisted Metal: Head On that I had.

When it comes to Guitar Hero: Metallica, it’s the first title I’ve purchased within this series since the very first game from 2005. Because I still have the first game, I figured I’d get the PS2 version so I wouldn’t need to get another plastic guitar.

Thanks again for your time on commenting and voting and make sure to check out my last blog post if you missed it.

Gaming Update incl. Saints Row 2


I’m not usually into doing the whole gaming updates as others are, but I decided to make an exception this time since I have a few things that I do want to cover.

About a week ago I had everybody choose two out of the 12 games that I listed that I’d play next. If you didn’t see my comment in that post with the results, then I’ll list them here.

8 – Saints Row 2
4 – Metal Slug 3 via Metal Slug Anthology
4 – Gungrave
4 – Gunstar Super Heroes
3 – Strider 2
3 – Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
2 – Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
2 – Final Fantasy via Final Fantasy Origins
1 – The Legend of Kage 2
1 – Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run
1 – Retro Game Challenge
0 – Tomb Raider: The Prophecy

I honestly hoped that Lost Planet and Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror would’ve been the two top choices, but I’ve since played Metal Slug 3 and Saints Row 2 and I’ve been having a blast! I was kind of surprised that these two games, which were of the randomly selected group, would be as fun as they are.

I finished Metal Slug 3 fairly quickly, but little did I know how difficult it was. Before I found the global options for difficulty, auto fire, and control config, I was playing it on Normal. Despite the game kicking my ass, I still managed to make it to the beginning of the final mission before running out of continues. I’d say that’s pretty good for a first time run through of the game.

After finishing Viking: Battle For Asgard, I moved onto Saints Row 2.

I find some of the characters to be hilarious such as Johnny Gat and the drug dealing mom, who was funny when she got all excited about my character breaking her out of jail.

Speaking of my character, I didn’t really do much with the details since I did just want to get playing the actual game. However, I do like how he came out. I gave him a British accent with a Steven Seagal style ponytail that’s colored pink to brown and, no matter what clothes he wears, they’re always colored black, red, and light gray.

View larger image

Below are a few things that I picked up recently at Best Buy. Aside from The Dark Knight, which I got back in January, the rest were all for a total of less than $60. Fracture was $20, Face/Off was also $20, and the fifth season of ER was surprisingly $17. I think that the first four seasons that I bought were about $40 each when I originally got them years ago.


I have two SNES games from eBay coming real soon. They’re some hard-to-find ones that, when compared to eStarland.com’s prices, were really good deals.

Until then! :)