Ninja Commando Masters of Combat

A few more games this time around for the collection. Not all were necessary, but it’s how these things go sometimes.

The first game is very much in that “not necessary” category. I already have Legend of Kay on the PS2. It was one of those games I didn’t know about, but ebbderelict had fun with it as he’d mentioned in his review of the game he did six years ago. As usual I’ve yet to play that one and bought the PS4 rerelease Legend of Kay Anniversary anyway.

In Neo-Geo news, I picked up Garou: Mark of the Wolves and ADK Damashii on PSN when they were on sale for around 50% off. These both are PS2 imports for play on PS4. ADK Damashii is a compilation of five games: Aggressors of Dark Kombat, Ninja Combat, Ninja Commando, Ninja Masters, and Twinkle Star Sprites.

I also bought a recent disc release of Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours by Limited Run Games. This is the first time I’ve shopped with them and I also plan to do so for the rerelease of the Sega CD game Night Trap that they’ve announced is coming soon.


Finally, I picked up the Harrison Ford movie, The Fugitive and the great 1980s series Cosmos by Carl Sagan. This latter is a DVD set since there hasn’t been a Blu-ray version made as of yet. I also have another DVD on the way of Best of the Best 2. Wayne Newton is fantastically cheesy in this film and I loved it.



Super Combo of Revenge

Recently I had bought three new games. One was a retail release of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for the PlayStation 4. The other two were from the PlayStation Network. Those were Fu’un Super Combo, consisting of the fighting games Savage Reign and Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle. This was originally a PS2 compilation released in Japan in 2007.

The final game purchased was Double Dragon II: The Revenge. This is the Hamster emulated arcade game original.


Sudden Strife

In the last month I have acquired more games and movies. Here, let me show you.

Since the movies are the most obvious in the photo below, I’ll start with those. Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story was a random VHS pick up around 15 years ago. I heard about the film from the commentary track on Rush Hour. I liked it quite a bit, but I only had that format as an option for quite some time. Thankfully a DVD version did eventually come around. The purchase this time is an upgrade to a 2015 Blu-ray release.

The other two films, Sudden Death and Universal Soldier, are also 2015 releases along with both starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. I enjoyed both movies quite a bit and thanks to a review on YouTube I was finally convinced to give the former a watch.

Now it’s time for the games. I didn’t have anymore I wanted for the Game Boy Advance, but I dug through a floor bin at Warp Zone to come up with these five titles. I didn’t know anything about them beforehand. Only after some quick info via the Internet did I make a purchase.

Island Xtreme Stunts is a sequel to a Lego game. You wouldn’t know this by just seeing the cartridge by itself as I did. Stuntman and SSX Tricky are, of course, portable versions of their console counterparts. American Dragon: Jake Long – Rise of the Huntsclan is based on a Disney cartoon that ran for two seasons. This game was developed by WayForward. Ans finally Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams is a platformer by THQ and Avalanche Software.

I also bought The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match and Strife during the big Steam discount sale recently. I got the former because it’s the only way to play it in North America. After the PS2 version of The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match this was released, but it never made it outside of Japan. The latter is the 1996 FPS/RPG hybrid by Rogue Entertainment. I loved me some Doom clones back then and this one always stuck around in my mind because it was very unique for the time. 20 years later I still would recommend it.


Playmore of SNK


A recent PlayStation Network sale was ongoing in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the launch of the original Playsation in 1995. As a result of this I purchased five of SNK Playmore’s “minis.” They consist of their early pre-Neo-Geo arcade titles.

I picked up shoot-’em-ups Vanguard (1981), Ikari Warriors and its first sequel, Victory Road (both from 1986), Guerrilla War (1987), and Ikari III: The Rescue (1989).

All of my experience with any of these games was with their ports released onto the NES. Ikari Warriors, Ikari III, and Guerrilla War, mostly. Vanguard wasn’t released at home outside of Atari platforms. I played the game via emulation after seeing it in the SNK episode of G4’s Icons show (season 3; episode 12).

I remember playing Guerrilla War on NES when renting it at the time. We finished it during our first time playing it because it had unlimited continues. I have this version today, but I don’t think I’ve played it since then.


HART & USAGI PODCAST #69 – August 24th 2015 (@HartandUsagi)
Matt and Mike chat top SNES games, cancelled Jak 4, Mafia 3, and more.


SPACE SUPLEX #22 – August 27th 2015 (@SpaceSuplex)
Anthony and Matt chat SummerSlam 2015 and more.

Trilogy of Anthologies


A trilogy of anthologies has arrived. My history with each series is quite limited.

Most all of my time with any World Heroes game was the Takara published Super Nintendo version of World Heroes 2. Survival matches were the draw of that game. The full set of games included in World Heroes Anthology is World Heroes, World Heroes 2, World Heroes 2 Jet, and World Heroes Perfect.

For the many Fatal Fury games, the ones within Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 1 are what I’ve played being Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, and Fatal Fury Special. However, other than the arcade version of the first game, the SNES once again was where I played those three. Volume 2 is the Real Bout titles which I’ve never played, but I can’t wait to GET IN THE RING!

The final PS2 disc is the Samurai Shodown Anthology. This crazy batch has a total a six games. It could’ve had seven, but this set forgoes Samurai Shodown V Special. All of them I didn’t play except for the first game with the help of, you guessed it, the SNES.


PSP XTREME!!! (shhh… GameSpot likes it quiet)


Since my Now Playing blog post I finished the final few stages of Ragnarok mode in Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO and unlocking the rest of the characters. This included running through the arcade mode once to unlock Kamen Rider W in Cyclone Accel Xtreme form. I felt this character to be unnecessary since this form of W never happened in the show. It was only an idea of Shroud in a thought bubble.

While over at a friends place earlier in the week I played some of Baseball Stars 2 on SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 via my PSP. I’ve always had trouble with pitching to the correct base on games of this era. I hit the throw button while my character is running in the direction of the base, but ball instead goes to the base as corresponds to the d-pad (1st = Right, 2nd = Up, 3rd = Left, Home = Down). It makes sense, but I hardly seem to do it correctly when under pressure to make it before the runner. I lost in extra innings as you probably guessed.

I’ve mainly been playing on the PSP since the visit. I’ve mostly played Gradius Collection and it’s reminded me why I like the series so much. Shoot-’em-ups don’t attract me all that much, but I like these games. I started with Gradius III and can get quite far. I just haven’t been able to finish it yet.

In my first session with the original Gradius, I finished it. It’s overall a much easier game with bosses that are very repetitive and easy. Gradius II, on the other hand, is the most difficult out of the three. I can’t pass stage 2 yet. The collection also has Gradius IV and Gaiden (a PS1 game), but I didn’t want to start them for now.

I plan to start playing GoldenEye: Rogue Agent next. Usagi704 just recently played through it fairly quickly on Xbox. I’ll be breaking out the PS2 version.

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO – All characters unlocked (#12 finished for 2011)
Gradius – Score: 450,000 (#13 finished for 2011)
Gradius II – Score: 114,600
Gradius III – Score: 244,210

A Good Deal + Embarrassment


The recent games I’ve acquired are as you can see from the above photo.

I didn’t have any plans on getting NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, but when I saw it at $5 when at Toys-R-Us more recently I figured I would get it. It was the only game I found that I wanted during their buy one, get one half off sale. Saving a mere $2.50 would’ve not been worth it for another game I didn’t want.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection was the purchase I mentioned in my last blog post for $2.25 complete. It was from They have some pretty good prices at times. In fact, I’ve ordered another PS2 title Urban Reign for $3.25 from them also complete.

I kind of made a mistake going back to Stickman’s for the next two games. The prices aren’t exactly great and the games aren’t cleaned. This can be easily seen on cartridge games without a box and on Genesis cases. They also have never given out receipts for any purchase I’ve made with them yet think they can complain about product that’s stolen. How can they even tell the difference when I don’t have proof of my own purchases is amazing.

Speaking of stolen items, I felt I was taken when I bought Road Rash 3 and Gaiares. The latter game was even missing the manual. Stickman’s Video Games = embarrassing.

The final game I got was Riot Zone off of the Virtual Console. It’s a TG-16 Super CD beat-’em-up. I’m a big fan of the genre and it was good enough for me. For those that aren’t much of a fan of the genre I actually don’t recommend it for you. The gameplay doesn’t seem to have anything special to make it stand out and the animation for the two playable characters is the worst I’m seen in quite some time. Also to top it off it doesn’t offer two player co-op.