Now Playing: August-October 2018


So I’ve been playing these things called “video games” and I figured I’d tell you about some of them. :D

The Bourne Conspiracy follows the events of The Bourne Identity and adds a bit more to it to lengthen the game. You play just about every major and minor scene from the movie including the big car chase scene. That specific moment, however, is done poorly and is not all that fun. Luckily most of the game is beat-’em-up and shooting style of gameplay. There are opportunities for stealthy takedowns, but it’s not required and is the other part of the game that’s also not done all that well.

Speaking of stealthy gameplay, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus on the Game Boy Advance is much better at it than the above game. It’s also much more enjoyable than TMNT 2 on the main consoles of its time like the PlayStation 2. You have to find crystals throughout the levels, but you have to use each turtle because each have different abilities allowing you to access places the others can’t reach. The difficulty of combat is fairly easy, but it’s welcome in this way since the traversal is what keeps you wanting to play some more.

I finally got around to playing *the* Spider-Man game that gets all the praise since it’s 2004 release and that’s, obviously, Spider-Man 2. The praise is pretty much universally for the swinging abilities and it’s well deserved. But, that’s where it ends, in my opinion. The points needs to progress the story from menial rescues are very repetitive. I also didn’t enjoy most, if any, of the boss battles. I don’t dislike the game. I just wish it was as good as its reputation leads you to believe.

Of the four games I played in these last few months, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was the most fun. I liked the first two games quite a bit, and I still like them the most, but this game was a step up from the disappointment of Uncharted 3. Sam is a great companion and Sully’s dry wit is as welcome as always. The overall gameplay isn’t much different and that’s okay. It was good to begin with.

Now Playing: December 2010


As promised in my holiday update here’s my final Now Playing entry for 2010.

Right off the top I wanted to give a mention to Geometry Wars: Galaxies. I played this game on the DS and even though I included it in my finished games list for this year, I forgot to talk about it. I found the best way to control where I was shooting was to use the four face buttons over using the stylus on the touchscreen. I guess I’m too used to Smash TV on the SNES. I played until I maxed out the levels on the drones and got at least the bronze medal on all levels. My best score was 524,479,400.

I also forgot to quickly mention my final stats on Metroid: Other M. After finishing the main story you are allowed to go back and collect the rest of the items which were unreachable or simply not found before. For my game it added on roughly two hours and during that time you fight another game ending boss and race to get off the ship in traditional Metroid fashion. Check out last month’s Now Playing for more of my thoughts on this game.

Metroid: Other M final gaming stats – 10h27m; 100%; 80 missiles; 9 Energy Tanks

I played a few beat-’em-ups. With the help of Usagi704 we managed to get to the final stage of The Combatribes before all of the credits were used up. I’m sure most of you haven’t heard of this game. It was ported to the SNES from it’s initial showing in the arcade and as such was subjected to being censored at the time by Nintendo.

We also played Final Fight 3 together on the Expert difficulty setting. It didn’t seem as hard as one would expect from such a name. Usagi704 played as the newcomer Lucia and I stuck with series mainstay Haggar. He’s my favorite of the four characters because of his long range and powerful moveset. You could say I cleared it on one credit even though Usagi had to use one on the final boss, Black.

For single player action I went back to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I hadn’t played it since back in January and finally wanted to get to the end. I’m still not there yet, but it’s as fun as I remember it being. It’s a fairly lengthly game and rewards you with a lot of experience points for finding hidden collectibles. It also has brief nods to World of Warcraft and Portal.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine trophies – 32 / 51 (63%)

You can check out my thoughts on other beat-’em-ups I played in previous blog posts including Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend (from Dec. 6th) and X-Men (from Dec. 21st).

I’ll leave you now with a quote from my complaints with the DS version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from December 9th.

The AI, as one review put it, was like it was in the original Doom just without them moving forward. Yes, they literally move into their scripted position and do not move once there.

Happy holidays!

The Wii Conspiracy


The votes are in and the final tally from GS and GT is as follows.

4 votes for Gungrave
3 votes for The Mark of Kri
3 votes for Red Faction

I expected the winner to be Red Faction though I can’t say I’m all that surprised that Gungrave won. What I am surprised at is that anybody knew about The Mark of Kri to even get it any votes.

This is probably as good of a time as any to mention that The Mark of Kri also had a sequel by the name of Rise of the Kasai. Just letting anyone know that maybe interested in looking up more information on those pair of games.

My progress is going pretty good with Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil. It’s exactly what I needed after all of that slaying of gods. Collecting all of the stars in a level to obtain the Momett Dolls is quite enjoyable. I have all ten that are available at this point. The next level is Indecision Pass which is a little more than halfway through the game. If you have a PS2, then by all means find yourself a copy of Klonoa 2. It comes highly recommended.

Also if you have a Wii, then the remake of the PS1 game simply titled Klonoa is another way to play one of the games from a great series. It’s easier to find and goes for $20 new. I had no problem finding two copies over the last two days. Take a look for yourself. ;)


Yes, I bought two copies of Klonoa along with The Bourne Conspiracy and Rise of the Argonauts. One copy of Klonoa is for me to take along when I visit friends or my brother. The other is a gift for my niece and nephew at Christmas time.

I always appreciate input from fellow readers of my blog. This time I’d like to ask you what Wii games would you recommend for someone with the following exceptions.

* No mini-game collections.
* No games that use Motion Plus.
* No WiiWare or Virtual Console titles.
* No multiplatform games.
* No games with extensive use of or tacked-on waggle.

Thanks for your time reading and responding. Later!

The Lost ’80s Tester of the Chaos Tribe


I’ve had a number of topics on my mind over the last few days and I figured that I’d share them. These may or may not be gaming related. You’ve been warned.

’80S Q&A
I participated in an impromptu ’80s Q&A with Usagi704 and a friend of ours recently. I’m more in the background when I talk and I don’t do much of that in the video. The questions revolved around favorites of the 1980s whether it be a TV show, movie, video game, etc. I thought it came off pretty entertaining and I think you’ll find it that way too. :)

From what I understand the television show Lost had its first show of its last season this last Tuesday. I kind of got the hint from all of the updates on Twitter about it.

I’ve never understood the appeal of the show. A smoke monster doesn’t exactly do anything for me. That sounds more like a crappy wrestling angle involving the Ultimate Warrior vomiting or something similar. :lol:

I remember watching one episode a couple of years ago and being, well, for a lack of a better term (or because I really want to make this pun), lost on Lost. I can’t say I’ll miss hearing about the show after this season.

Sony’s PSN exclusive reality show called The Tester had a trailer released earlier this week. After seeing it I can honestly say that I don’t have any interest in watching it.

The people on that show look and act ridiculous trying to compete to get the worst job in the gaming industry. Just watch the trailer and you’ll see a lot of crying! Yes, these idiots actually cry over a crappy job that they obviously don’t understand what it involves. What’s worse is that this job is made to look like it’s hard to get when it’s clearly not after hearing talk about it on the HotSpot.

Even David Jaffe as a judge won’t entice me to watch.

The teaser trailer was released by Sega yesterday and I’m sure it was the biggest news of the week.

I noticed some people mentioning that the animation didn’t look quite right. I’d like to know what those people were watching because I didn’t see any gameplay footage of the game to determine that, though it was said to be in there on Sega’s website.

In fact, I thought that’s what they were going to show, gameplay footage. Because of that I was underwhelmed by the 48 seconds that were shown. I can’t imagine any big fans of the series were any more excited than they previously were.

I don’t mean to disappoint, but I don’t have any new fight footage for you to view.

It’s been pretty frustrating taking on Usagi704, but that doesn’t have to do with any skill he may have over me (which he does). It’s with myself.

I feel like I should be able to take him out with my Kabal or Jarek, but nothing comes of it. It feels like the game’s very limiting in what I can do to retaliate against his attacks. It also doesn’t help that button input can be sluggish from time to time. That’s not lag as I’ve been extremely surprised and happy with the game’s online performance.

I do keep going back to MKA a lot recently so that says something for it. I’m sure I’ll get more fun fights uploaded soon.

I got a few new games and that required a broken promise from me to get nothing new until God of War III. I suck in that regard. At least the games only cost $20 total.

I couldn’t pass up a decent shoot-’em-up that I didn’t know about called Chaos Field. It also serves as another Gamecube game for the very small amount that I have.

A popular PC game that became free a number of years ago was Tribes. I was unaware that there were any console ports of the series. As it turns out Tribes 2 became Tribes: Aerial Assault on the PS2. It has online play and, yes, I did check it out and it still runs too! Nobody was on at the time, though.

Finally I found a cheap copy of Street Fighter EX3. I was never that fond of it, but the game was one that I had years ago so I wanted it back for that reason.


That’s all of the topics I have for this time. Thanks for reading!

1998 Game of the Year


Make way for the return of my retro Game of the Year series with 1998.

Note: You may very well disagree with some of my choices, but that’s why it’s a good list.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped
Metal Gear Solid
Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit
WWF War Zone

1998 Game of the Year: Half-Life
Runner-up: Metal Gear Solid

I must be honest here. I don’t so much think Half-Life is great for just itself. The modification potential was what won me over at the time. Most people remember mods such as Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic, and Day of Defeat. The latter two which I enjoyed more so than CS. However, there’s countless other mods that were well done and fun to play. I remember have lots of fun playing Front Line Force, Vampire Slayer, and Natural Selection among others.

Metal Gear Solid being my runner-up is still a solid place to be (pun possibly intended). I only played through it once so far and only didn’t get into the second game because I followed it up too close to finishing this one. I recommend picking up the Essential Collection. It’s the best way to experience this ground breaking game at the best price.

Here’s a list of other Half-Life modifications that entertained me.
The Specialists
Science and Industry
Sven Co-op
International Online Soccer

Previous entries: 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989 | 1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997

Beyond the Grave

The title of this post is referring to just one game out of the 15 that were added to my collection over this past week. The first stack of games are as follows.


SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 (PSP)
I bought this over the PS2 version for framerate reasons, if I remember some reviews that I read correctly.

Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded (PSP)
The original three Street Fighter II games along with Eco Fighters, Knights of the Round, and Mercs (aka Commando 2) was worth it for me. However, if you want only one of the two Capcom collections on the PSP (this or Remixed), then I’d have to recommend Remixed for its better game selection.

Sega Genesis Collection (PSP)
Yes, I have had the PlayStation 2 version for a few years now, but the idea of Genesis games on the go was too good to pass up. Sure the Nomad was a cool concept, but obviously it wasn’t reliable enough. I consider this what Sega was trying to do with the Nomad. Mmmm. Shinobi III. :P

Saints Row 2 (PS3)
For a game that only just came out about a month ago, I picked it up pretty quick. I did so by getting a used copy for $30. That was after a few duplicate games that I traded in (TMNT: Hyperstone Heist, Tetris (GB), Mega Man 2, and Mega Man 3). That I’m not going to compare this game to Grand Theft Auto IV for two reasons. The first being that you’re more than likely sick of hearing it and, second, this game has enough differences this time around to warrant a look at both games.

TimeShift (PS3)
It’s been just over a year since the last time I posted anything about this game. Back then I was talking about the demo and how I had some problems remembering to use the time powers. Whenever I get to playing it I’ll see if it was worth the wait for the $20 price tag.

Puzzle Quest: Challange of the Warlords (PS2)
Here’s a game that I’m currently playing on the DS. I wanted this version for something on the bigger screen. It will be interesting to see if it has any game stopping bugs like the PSP version and if I find it a problem with the lack of a stylus.

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent (PS2)
For the longest time I stayed away from this game and I think it was because I once briefly demoed it on the Gamecube, a controller with shoulder buttons that I can’t stand. Speaking of things that I can’t stand. I’m really tired of hearing people compare every Bond game to their beloved N64 game. I heard it once again with the recent release of Quantum of Solace. I could go on, but I already did over two years ago. For those eager to read what I did say, I’ll post it again soon.

Gungrave (PS2)
Here’s another game that I already had…as in the sequel Gungrave: Overdose. Both games are based on the anime of the same name. You control the resurrected character formerly known as Brandon Heat and now known as Beyond the Grave. Pretty cool and so is the crazy third-person action.

Rygar: The Legendary Adventure (PS2)
I figured that since the updated Wii version is due out soon that I should just go for this game. The prequel was an NES game known only as Rygar.

Loaded (PS)
Don’t know what this game is? I have an easy way to explain it to you. It’s a bloody version of Gauntlet.


Klonoa: Empire of Dreams (GBA)
I wasn’t expected to find nor did I really want to look for another Klonoa game, but credit goes to Usagi704 for noticing that Gamestop didn’t know what they had on their hands.

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA)
Ditto for this game as it usually goes for much more than what they were selling it for. Psst. $6.

Tekken Advance (GBA)
The third GBA game spotted by Usagi704. I played his copy of this game and I must say that Namco did some great work making this game feel and look as much like Tekken as they did.

Mortal Kombat 3 (GB)
Definitely the worst game that bought by a long shot. Why did I knowingly purchase a bad game? Because I simply had it previously. Back in 1995, I was expecting a lot from this game since they did a great job on MKII. Unfortunately, it ended up as an, as the kids like to say these days, epic fail.

Road Rash (GBC)
Not as bad of a port of the Genesis game as you might expect.

Well, that’ll do it for me this time.

Last Bit of Games Bought Last Week…

…at least I hope so for now. :P

The first set of five games came from It’s About Games. I went there to get one new PS3 game so go figure that I’d find some harder to find games and get them instead.

Aladdin (SNES) – game only
WCW vs. The World (PS) – complete
Spyro: Year of the Dragon (PS) – complete
Crash Bandicoot (PS) – complete
Battletoads (NES) – game & box


This second group I bought all new. The top three DS games were bought as part of the “buy 2 get 1 free” sale that was taking place at Toys-R-Us. Geometry Wars: Galaxies and Space Invaders Extreme here bought at Meijer. I was happy to get Space Invaders Extreme. It’s as fun, if not more so than, the demo and it was only $20! :)

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (DS)
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (DS)
Sonic Rush Adventure (DS)
Geometry Wars: Galaxies (DS)
Space Invaders Extreme (PSP)