Hart & Usagi #97: Corsi Takes Leave


In episode 97 we chat about Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Google Stadia reviews, best 50 games of this decade, and more.

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* Sony Interactive Entertainment Global Second Party Games head Gio Corsi leaves PlayStation
* “A liar and a bully”: Blizzard’s company values no longer matter to protesting fans
* Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan Just Threw in His Support for Blitzchung
* Blizzard president clarifies decision to ban Hearthstone player and two casters over Hong Kong controversy
* Street Fighter V: Champion Edition announced alongside DLC character Gill
* Leaked PlayStation 5 dev kit photo hits the internet
* Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack coming to North America
* Google Stadia reviews round-up, all the scores
* The best video games of the decade – the top 50 games from 2010-2020, ranked

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Hart & Usagi #89: Phone Club


On episode 89 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we chat about a variety of topics like Telltale breaking labor laws, breaking and entering to play the NES, and more.

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* Only ’80s Kids Remember: Breaking Into Houses to Get an NES Fix
* Sony Says It Has Fixed the PlayStation 4 Message Bug That’s Been Causing Consoles to Crash
* Red Dead Redemption 2’s 100-Hour Weeks Are Nothing New for Rockstar
* Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition update will improve the speed of the game’s inputs
* Castlevania: Symphony of the Night On PS4 Won’t Have The Iconic “What Is A Man?” Scene
* Telltale hit with class-action lawsuit for breaking labor laws
* PS Vita Production in Japan Will End in 2019, No Successor Planned
* Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle Smashes its Way to PlayStation 4
* The PlayStation Classic is Going to Have a Much Harder Time Selling its Nostalgia Next to the SNES Classic

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Quality Gifts


These are the video games I was given this holiday season. The amount is only three, but the quality is quite high. Check out the recently released episode 23 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast for more gift getting goodness at the end of the show.

Friday the 13th Part 3
The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection
Red Dead Redemption


Usagi704 gave me The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection. I was surprised by this and here’s how that was the case. While not on my wish list I did mention that I wouldn’t mind getting it. After making my purchases for him at the Gamestop in the local mall, I waited outside for him to get whatever he was buying.

A couple of days later we went out to It’s About Games and I got gift certificates for the niece and nephew. I joked about the game being something I wouldn’t mind when I saw a new copy on the wall. He proceeded to purchase it in front of me and said it was for the kids with this knowing look. I thought they wouldn’t necessarily appreciate it like I would, but left it be and didn’t think much of his facial expression.

On Christmas Eve the kids got said game. The next day I opened his gift to find out I also received the same game. As it turned out he did buy it for me at the mall and when buying the second copy had the aforementioned look for the obvious reason. The only difference was that I did get the new copy versus the used one.

Happy Holidays!

New Releases 2011: Oct. 2-15


Unlike last week this next fortnight looks to have less rereleases (only Chrono Trigger & RDR) and more new stuff.

WayForward’s Aliens: Infestation seems like another one of the few quality DS games that are left. id Software releases their long awaited shooter, Rage. Plus, it doesn’t get more manly than the difficulty of Dark Souls.

WEEK of 10/2
Chrono Trigger (PS3)
Dark Souls (PS3, X360)
Just Dance 3 (WII, X360)
NBA 2K12 (PS3, X360, PC, PSP, PS2, WII)
Payday: The Heist (PS3, PC)
Rage (PS3, X360, PC)
Spider-Man: Edge of Time (PS3, X360, WII, DS, 3DS)
Tetris Axis (3DS)

WEEK of 10/9
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (PS3, X360)
Aliens: Infestation (DS)
Batman: Arkham Asylum (MAC)
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (PS3, X360, PC)
Forza Motorsport 4 (X360)
Marvel Super Hero Squad: Infinity Gauntlet (3DS)
Might & Magic: Heroes VI (PC)
Red Dead Redemption – Game of the Year Edition (PS3, X360)
Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (PS3, WII)
Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster (X360)

New Releases 2010: Oct. 17-30


DJ Hero 2 (PS3, X360, WII)
EA Sports MMA (PS3, X360)
Empire: Total War – Gold Edition (PC)
Fallout: New Vegas (PS3, X360, PC)
Kirby’s Epic Yarn (WII)
NBA 2K11 (WII)
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (PS3, X360)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (PS3, X360)
Saw II: Flesh & Blood (PS3, X360)
The Shoot (PS3)
Time Crisis: Razing Storm (PS3)
Vanquish (PS3, X360)

DeathSpank (PC)
Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition (PS3, X360, PC)
Fable III (X360, PC)
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (PS3, X360)
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Pack (PS3. X360)
Rock Band 3 (PS3, X360, WII, DS)
Shaun White Skateboarding (PS3, X360, WII)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (PS3, X360, PC, WII, DS)
The Fight: Lights Out (PS3)
The Sims 3 (PS3, X360, DS)
Tony Hawk: Shred (PS3, X360, WII)
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 (PS3, X360, WII, PSP, PS2)

New Releases 2010: May 9-22


These next two weeks has a bit of interest for myself. Four games catch my eye. For sure I’ll get Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and Split/Second with a possibility of Lost Planet 2 and Rocket Knight. I doubt I’ll bother getting them right now. They’ll be in the wish list more than likely, though.

What has your attention at the moment?

3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3)
Lost Planet 2 (PS3, X360)
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 (PSP)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations (WII)
Rocket Knight (PC, X360)
Skate 3 (PS3)

Alan Wake (X360)
Bit.Trip Runner (WII)
Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow (DS)
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (PS3, X360, PSP, WII, DS)
Red Dead Redemption (PS3, X360)
Rocket Knight (PS3)
Split/Second (PS3, PC, X360)
TrackMania Wii (WII)
Trauma Team (WII)

Oh and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands on PSP is also looking pretty good. So I guess that makes that five games. :D