Hart & Usagi Podcast #63: Game Boy Advance


On this episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we welcome back Dan (first time since ep. 52) to chat about the Game Boy Advance along with other news items as per usual. All this plus your feedback!

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* Dark Souls II
* 5 Video Game Reboots That Never Should Have Been Made
* Smash Bros. vs. Mortal Kombat pro scene
* Steam community-created content now for sale
* Valve abandons paid ‘Skyrim’ mods on Steam
* Comcast officially abandons Time Warner Cable merger plans
* Nintendo backs off of bringing Super Nintendo games to Wii U
* PS4’s P.T., a Teaser for the Next Silent Hill, Being Removed Soon
* Silent Hills Cancelled, Konami Confirms
* What Is the Value of P.T.?
* 10 Lamest Video Game Characters of All Time
* Mega Man Creator’s Mighty No. 9 Release Date Revealed
* Steam To Get Its First Adults-Only Rated Game
* This is the ESRB rating & descriptors for PC game Hatred & Far Cry 3. The AO game looks less problematic.
* Watch Pro Gamer Troll 8 Year Old In Mortal Kombat X
* Video Game Hall of Fame Finalists Revealed
* Game Boy Advance

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Bottom 10 Owned Games


The following list is the ten games in my collection that have the lowest amount of total GameSpot members owning as well.

Raging Fighter (GB) – 16
NBA Action starring David Robinson (GG) – 31
Dragon’s Revenge (GEN) & Pong/Asteroids/Yar’s Revenge (GBA) – 33
Natural Selection (PC) – 36
VR Troopers (GEN) – 38
Raiden Trad (GEN) & Tomb Raider: Legend (GBA) – 39
The Combatribes (SNES) – 41
Fighter’s History (SNES) & Nanostray 2 (DS) – 47
Dragon’s Fury (GEN) – 49
Crue Ball (GEN) – 54

I’m sure that most of you have never heard of Raging Fighter. It’s a Konami fighting game and I think it was the first of that genre to be released for the Game Boy at the time. I was huge into fighting games at the time so it was great to have something on the go.

Natural Selection is actually a modification for the original Half-Life that was very unique in that one team played very different from the other. Another HL mod that was like that was Vampire Slayer.

Hard rock/heavy metal fans will probably be wondering about the Genesis title, Crue Ball. If it sounds like a pinball game with the Motley Crue license, then you’d be correct.

How’s the bottom of your collection list looking right now?

Pong The Movie?

You read that right. A movie based on Pong, the first arcade game from Atari. How that’s possible is beyond me. Atari’s current CEO, Bruno Bonnell, apparently feels that Nolan Bushnell’s creation is worthy of a movie adaptation due out in late 2006.

Two other guys in the movie making business also see this as a great project. Those two being Paul W.S. Anderson, director of the first Mortal Kombat movie, and Steven E. de Souza, writer and director of the Street Fighter movie.

As with most comments from Joystiq, I can’t understand what anyone could be thinking. Doom had little plot, but Pong has none.

Joystiq post: PONG official movie announced

Retro Gaming Rules!

Recently I’ve caught the retro gaming bug. Well, maybe I’ve always had it, however, it’s affecting me more now than ever. It got to a point where I caved in and bought my first collection of classics from the long lost arcades of old.

The first title consists of three games, Pong, Asteroids, and Yars’ Revenge [official site] (which is also the name of the game). Pong is the game that started it all and is actually very difficult when playing against the AI. I always get beat, but at least I’ve managed to score four points so far. Now I just have five points to go for my first win. Asteroids is tons of fun. So much so that I challenged Revolver to better my score of 16,010. He has been unsuccessful to this point. Yars’ Revenge is the more complicated game of the bunch from yesteryear. I actually needed the manual at one point to know what I was supposed to do.

Another collection I picked up was Namco Museum [official site]. It includes such classics as Ms. Pac-Man, Galaxian, Galaga, Dig Dug, and Pole Position. Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga certainly don’t need an explanation. Galaxian may need one, though. It was the prequel to Galaga and isn’t as fun as it’s successor, but is still a good time. Pole Position was a favorite of mine that can still be found in some hotel game rooms. It has been awhile, but I don’t remember having to qualify for a race in the game. Maybe it was removed in Pole Position II and possibly that’s the game I remember more. Dig Dug was one game I didn’t play much of previously and I didn’t think it would be that exciting. I was wrong as it was chosen a number of times over the other four games.

A third collection on the way from eStarland.com is Atari Anniversary Advance [official site] (also known as Arcade’s Greatest Hits: Atari Collection 1 [official site] for the PlayStation). Six games are available in this package and they are: Battlezone, Centipede, Missile Command, Super Breakout, Tempest, and Asteroids (for the second time). Centipede and Missile Command are the most memorable. I’ve played clones of Super Breakout (on the TI-85) and Tempest (found within Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas), but never the originals. Nosbig is a fan of the former and it’s fun to watch Revolver play the latter. Like Dig Dug in the previous collection, Battlezone was one I never played much of before, but surely it will be fun just like the rest.

All three of these collections are on the Game Boy Advance. I feel that these types of games are better suited for the portable system because of the quick play sessions that are typical of them. They’re all great fun and you won’t regret purchasing any of them.