Hart & Usagi #85: 3 Crude Dudes


On episode 85 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we welcome back Dan to the show and chat about a variety of topics like the resurgence of using video games as a scapegoat, anticipating the soon to be released Burnout Paradise remaster, Demon’s Souls fans efforts to keep the game alive, and more.

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* President Trump’s Video Games Meeting Included A Violent Game Montage
* The NRA Has a Long History of Scapegoating Violent Video Games
* All the Times Video Games Have Been Linked to Violence
* Trump Raises Issue Of Video Game And Movie Violence, Suggests Ratings Board Is Needed
* Kentucky Governor Suggests Violent Video Games Are Responsible for Mass Shootings
* Demon’s Souls Fans Are Already Testing Private Servers, Here’s How to Join Them
* Free PS3 And PS Vita Games Not Included In PS Plus From 2019
* ESRB Takes Action on Loot Boxes by Creating New Label
* Konami Is Charging Real Money For ‘Metal Gear Survive’ Save Slots
* Burnout Paradise Remastered Microtransaction Listing Is A Mistake, Says EA
* Street Fighter 5’s New DLC Character Release Date Confirmed, See Blanka In Action
* Switch overtakes Wii U lifetime sales as Super Mario Odyssey hits 9 million units sold
* Battlefront II Misses Sales Expectations, Microtransactions Will Return ‘In The Next Few Month’

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Rated NI for Not Informed


A recent study was reported on by Game Politics showing how older people were more likely to blame violence on video games. It was 71% for ages 67 or older, but what was more disturbing to me was the age group of 18-35. They were at 46% and that’s too high for the group. It’s likely there were more representatives of the 18-24 section of this group who aren’t necessarily going to be very knowledgeable about the factors as it is. Young and dumb comes to mind. I would know, I used to be there.

Of course I’m not surprised at all about the older two groups of 48-66 and the previously mentioned 67+. I get it that they don’t find video games to be of an interest for themselves. A lot of that has to do with simply not growing up with them. However, if they feel the need to pass judgment of any kind on this issue, of which there isn’t any correlation (as us gamers already know), then the very least they could do is research the topic without reverting to spewing NRA talking points. Better yet, since they probably don’t care to get it right in the first place then the best option is to shut the mouth.

Hart & Usagi Podcast #26: Die, Games, Die!


On this episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we welcome ebbderelict to the show all while casting aside lame apologies and finding out how guns are apparently your friend and video games the enemy according to Sen. Lamar Alexander. We also touch on the possibilities of the PlayStation 4 controller and Microsoft owning Sega. Tune in!

* Leland Yee Apologizes to Gamers for Comments Made to The San Francisco Chronicle
* US Senator: Games affect people, guns don’t
* PPP Poll: Games More Dangerous Than Gun
* Conn. State Representative Proposes Ten Percent Tax on Mature-Rated Games
* EA Would Like to See Used Games ‘Gone’ but Admits the Markets’ Importance in Driving New Game Sales
* GameStop Executive: Blocking Used Game Sales Will Hurt Next-Gen Console Adoption by Consumers
* Rubin: THQ could have survived, but made ‘massive mistakes’
* Why Bill Gates said no to buying Sega, according to former MS exec
* PS Plus
* Downloadable games
* Wii U
* PS4 prototype controller revealed?

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Hart & Usagi Podcast #24


The first episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast for 2013 is here! The gun topic isn’t going away anytime soon so get strapped in for another round of discussion on the topic. We also talk about Australia’s new R18+ rating, a very small amount about Django Unchained (don’t worry), and a few other things. The New Year is officially here so take a listen to episode 24!

* Samurai Shodown
* PlayStation 2
* EA games offline in January
* Godwin’s Law In Effect
* Leading media violence expert warns town that game burning could do more harm than good
* Gov. Christie says guns, drugs, mental illness and video games need to be examined in wake of shooting
* Biden talks video game violence with industry representatives
* Politico’s 10 Violent Video Games List is Stuck in the Past
* Xbox Live: No Longer the Gold Standard
* Sony patents tech to block used games
* Iwata: “Customers do not want online games”
* Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge first R18+ game in Australia
* US web PS Store launch this month
* Django Unchained

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Hart & Usagi Podcast #23: NRA Gun Club


In this episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we speak mainly on the recent school shooting. After solving that problem we talk about some video game awards and Christmas gifts.

* Sandy Hook Shooting: Video Games Take The Blame
* Walmart Sells Out of Guns, Bans ‘Dangerous’ Products
* Senator Jay Rockefeller Introduces Bill to Study How Violent Video Games Affect Children
* CA senator calls NRA’s response to violent games ‘pathetic and unacceptable’
* Video Games “Easy Target” to Explain Violence
* Awards talk
* Gifts

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