Now Playing: January 2014


It’s time to take a small break from the gaming award ceremony to catch up on what I’ve been playing over this first month of 2014.

It started with the continuation of our PS1 Link Cable gaming. We (Usagi704 and I) played some deathmatch in Duke Nukem: Total Metaldown (a port of Duke Nukem 3D) and more of Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Usagi even recorded video of this session of fighting game madness. I suspect you’ll see it soon. Keep tabs on his Twitter account and personal blog for updates.

Bayonetta became my first game finished for 2014. It’s definitely as great as you’ve probably heard. I did pussy out a small amount by choosing to play on Easy difficulty, but I did disable the item used for automatic combos. And oh Luka. How can I forget about Luka. He’s the lovable goof who goes from wanting revenge on Bayonetta to appreciating her for no apparent reason, but he’s forgiven all the same.

I’m currently playing Pandemic Studios’ final game, The Saboteur from very late 2009. It’s an open world game based in occupied Paris, France during World War II. It’s big graphical gimmick is similar to Prince of Persia 2008. In that game once you conquered an area the colors brightened up in said location. In The Saboteur areas are in black and white until freed and then color is restored. It’s quite a interesting game in which I recommend looking into.

Thanks for reading!

* Bayonetta – 6h22m; 16/51 trophies
* The Saboteur – 13h3m; 47% missions; 16% targets; 14/46 trophies


The Arcade Games of the Richland Mall


Below is a list of the arcade games available in the food court of the Richland Mall in Mansfield, Ohio. Yeah, sadly they no longer have the once amazing Aladdin’s Castle arcade where I spent many hours of my childhood during the late ’80s and early ’90s.

The main thing I noticed was the number of fighting games on display. Of course, not all of the machines work very well, but I guess this is one of those cases where beggars can’t be choosers.

Each game title is linked to a photo of said game machine. Two games don’t have pictures available because of the blurriness of those specific ones. I also have a video you can view that features all of the games including the two missing still pictures. Enjoy!

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Daytona USA
X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Virtual On
Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution (no still picture)
SVC Chaos
Gauntlet Legends
Tekken Tag Tournament
NFL Blitz
Metal Slug 4
Time Crisis 3
Time Crisis II
Crisis Zone (no still picture)
Tekken 5
JoJo’s Venture
Area 51: Site 4 & CarnEvil
Marvel vs. Capcom
Samurai Shodown V
San Francisco Rush 2049
Silent Scope