Hart & Usagi #92: Disgruntled CEO


In episode 92 we discuss Randy Pitchford doing a bad, Mortal Kombat is entered into the Video Game Hall of Fame, and more CEO multi-meltdowns than you’d ever want in your life.

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* Castlevania Anniversary Collection to receive Japanese title variants post-launch
* Capcom Confirms Devil May Cry Switch is a Port of PS4 HD Collection Version, No Price Set
* Loot Boxes Could Become Illegal In US If New Bill Passes
* Claptrap Voice Actor Claims Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford Physically Assaulted Him
* Gearbox CEO Calls Original Claptrap Actor “Bitter and Disgruntled” in Latest Borderlands 3 Twitter Controversy
* Randy Pitchford Tweetstorms Game Informer Over Borderlands 3 Microtransactions
* Mortal Kombat inducted into Video Game Hall of Fame
* “[Crunch] Is Killing People. Something Has to Change”
* Apex Legends is Sticking With Seasonal Update to Not Overwork the Team, Respawn Founder Says
* Igarashi Explains Bloodstained Switch Demo’s Poor Performance at PAX
* Mortal Kombat 11 Is a Good Game Shrouded in a Fog of Tedious Grinding and Microtransactions
* Report: Fortnite Developers Say They Regularly Crunch “70-Hour Weeks”
* Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Mini Includes Sonic 2, Shinobi III; More Classic Games Revealed

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Hart & Usagi #80: Shadow of Logan


Episode 80 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast is here! We chat about a variety of topics like the Nintendo Switch, recently played Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, E3 now being open to the public, and more.

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* Nintendo Switch Battery Life and Play Modes Confirmed
* Splatoon 2 Announced for Nintendo Switch, Due for Release This Summer
* Nintendo Switch Controllers Prices and Details
* Ultra Street Fighter 2 Announced for Switch, Has New Characters and Mode
* King of Fighters ’98, Metal Slug 3 and More Neo Geo Games Coming To Switch
* Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Dated for Xbox One/PC, Physical Xbox One/PS4 Versions Coming
* Yakuza 0 Review Roundup
* Trump’s proposed trade tariff could impact the price of consoles, games in the US
* Trump’s Travel Policy: Video Game Industry Group Responds
* PS4 Patch 4.50’s Boost Mode Improves Games That Aren’t Pro-Enabled
* E3 is open to the public this year, 15,000 tickets go on sale Monday
* Steam Greenlight Is Dead, Long Live Steam Direct
* Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter Crossover Game Sounds Unlikely, But Not Ruled Out
* Nioh DLC And Free Updates Detailed
* Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Remaster May Not Be PS4 Exclusive
* Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow

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Komplete First Editions

Here’s another set of four new movies. Two more DVD upgrades in The American President and Collateral Damage. The latter was a former Blockbuster rental copy. Oh, Blockbuster. Those where the days. The other two, Whiplash and Gangs of New York, are new to my collection altogether. I was reminded that Gangs was a Martin Scorsese picture so I decided to get it. Whiplash was my newest favorite after my initial viewing. It was the reason I selected it.


Onto the gaming side. I was with Usagi704 and we visited an out of town gaming store called Warp Zone. After much digging around, because heaven forbid I not be kneeling on the floor, looking through a bin of portable games, I found the Japanese version of Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge. The only difference I’m aware of is the subweapon difference of the Axe (NA) being the Cross (JP). I also found NHL Blades of Steel 2000 for the Game Boy Color. I didn’t know Konami ever made another Blades of Steel game after the NES title. I guess this is it. Unlike the original game it has both the NHL and NHL Players licenses.


The final three games puchased was the PlayStation 4 version of the rebooted Shadow Warrior. It marks my fifth game for the system I still do not own. I also picked up on a whim the Komplete Edition of Mortal Kombat, which was a used copy without an online pass, and Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. Both are for the PS3. I don’t plan to play online with MK9 so it’s just as well it didn’t have the pass with it. Gat Out of Hell was labeled a “First Edition.” It’s probably similar to “Day 1 Edition” and it includes DLC called the “Devil’s Workshop Pack.”



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More Games, More Movies, More Fun!

I’m sure everybody has seen Guardians of the Galaxy by now. I’ve heard many times of people saying it is their favorite of the Marvel films to have come out. I would have to agree. And who would have thought that a movie featuring a team of unknown heroes to the general audience would go over as well as it has? I can tell you why. It’s because of the fantastic dialog scenes and character development throughout its 121 minutes of action. In fact, my favorite scenes are all where the main cast just talks to each other. My favorite line in the movie is when Drax says “Nothing goes over my head! My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it.”

Two other movies I got were Die Harder 2: Die Harder and Detonator II: Night Watch. We all know the former. It’s a Blu-ray upgrade. Something I’ve been doing for a little while now. The latter is based on the book entitled “Night Watch.” It stars Pierce Brosnan before he first took the role of James Bond in 1995. However, the movie was released after Goldeneye which is why it has the silly tagline of “Action and espionage share a common bond.” Another silly thing is Brosnan sporting a beard and mustache and the nonsense story his character is involved in. I found the whole thing a fun so-bad-it’s-good romp when I got it on VHS many years ago. So in a way this is also an upgrade, but to DVD instead.


New games are also here as well. I finally got the last game I want for the Wii. I was able to get Super Smash Bros. Brawl and I did so via eStarland. I also bought four memory cards. Two for PS1 and two for PS2. The PS2 cards were below $5 each, but they had to be the transparent red color to get that price.

Another game I got was for the PlayStation 4 and it’s the Ultimate Edition of Injustice: Gods Among Us. This would be my fifth game for a system I still don’t own. When will I get said system? *shrugs*


Games that Need Sequels

A recent Game Sack episode was on the topic of past games which they felt needed sequels. If you listened to the previous episode of our podcast you would’ve heard us slightly touch on this topic.

Well I’m here to give you my top five games which I’d love to see a new entry from.

Burnout Paradise 2
It wasn’t until Burnout 3: Takedown that I’d even heard of this game series, but that didn’t stop me from becoming a fan right away. I’m sure a number of fans would like Burnout: Takedown 2, but I opt for a sequel to Burnout Paradise from 2008. All Criterion would have to do is give me a new city to drive around in.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within II
Before the reboot of Prince of Persia with The Sands of Time in 2003, I wasn’t a fan of the 2D games. However that all changed once I got a taste of the wonderful wall running and platforming that was on display. The combat wasn’t very good, though, just serviceable. In the follow-up, Warrior Within, the combat received a surprisingly fun upgrade and it didn’t feel ridged anymore. Sure the tone can be lightened up for a Warrior Within II and, no, I don’t count The Two Thrones as this wanted title. It introduced speed kills which made the combat engine mostly useless.

Power Blade 3
Natsume has quite a good track record as a developer. They take what would likely be an otherwise typical licensed game and make the gameplay actually competent. When it comes to the series in question, Power Blade was a fun take on the choose-any-stage-in-any-order style which started with Mega Man. The hero’s weapon of choice, a boomerang, was also quite fun to use. Power Blade 3 for downloadable services, please!

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks II
In 1997 Midway tried their hand at an action game for their Mortal Kombat fighting franchise. The idea sounds great on paper, but the ultimate result, Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, was a disaster. However, in 2000, a larger disaster in the form of Mortal Kombat: Special Forces was also created and released. This is why in 2005 their third attempt was surprisingly successful. Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks was a great 3D brawler with all of the usual MK flair along with a huge helping of MK and MKII nostalgia. Maybe for PS4 NetherRealm Studios can try their hand at creating Mortal Kombat: Black Dragon starring Kano and Kabal. I’d be up for that.

Final Fight 4
As a big fan of the beat-’em-up genre, I hold the original Final Fight in high regard. With the two Super Nintendo sequels I loved the series even more. As least where Final Fight 3 is concerned. This third SNES game gave the characters the ability to have fighting game like special moves. Each also had a super bar which could then be used to unleash a super move. A fourth game with Final Fight 3 as a base would be awesome. Also because we still need to wash the taste of Streetwise out of our collective mouths.


Now Playing: August 2012


This is edition of Now Playing is a few days early, but I figured I’d go ahead with it since I had a bunch of fun I had to tell you about.

In a blog post from two weeks ago, I talked about my time playing several versions of Tetris and how I ended up doing in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Once I was up and running with the sequel, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, it was much more entertaining. The manual really makes a difference, but so did the cheat codes of Moon Physics (Hold L1 ✕□←↑↓↑□△) and Perfect Balance (Hold L1 →↑←□→↑□△). ;) I wasn’t much of a fan of the New York or Philly levels, but the rest were quite fun and I certainly didn’t miss the lack of downhill levels. Both THPS1 and (more so) THPS2 are a better use of your money than the recent HD release. Why play a weak tribute to those fantastic titles when you can just play those games themselves!

This last Sunday I joined up with four others from GPY to play some of Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection. Each of us squared off in one-on-one matches until everybody faced all others in two matches in each of the three games included. I was able to obtain a win-loss record of 6-0, 6-0, 5-1, 1-5. I won with a total of 18 wins and 6 losses.

Lately if you’ve seen my GameSpot or Backloggery profile banners, you noticed what I was going to play next.

I started off with Rise to Honor. A game I played back in 2008, but didn’t finish. I did so after SonicHomeboy played and beat it. There were some frustrating points and the first one was on chapter 43 fighting Billy Soon. I was amazed that I was right before the final boss fight of the game, chapter 59 (atrium ambush), all those years ago and didn’t know it. Another thing I didn’t know about was the adrenaline dive during the gun fights. It was probably why I couldn’t get past where I was stuck.

The game has mostly fun beat-’em-up mechanics (which I approve of), but when the guns come out it feels more like “just get this section over with.” It’s not the worst thing you’ll ever play by any means, but not as well done. “Your lungs on fire?” Shut up Kwan!

The second game on tap was Klonoa: Door to Phantomile. I downloaded this PS1 title off of PSN earlier in the year. Just like with its sequel on the PS2, it’s an expertly crafted platformer with memorable events such as one of out right murder. Not something you’d expect in such a game, but damn it if they didn’t want that pendent! Totally recommended however you can get it (cheap PSN download, Wii remake, or big bucks for the original disc).

The final game I’m going to start soon is Half-Life 2: Episode Two (just as I said I would to NeonNinja). After that I’m thinking about doing a month of Nintendo. I’m not sure exactly what form it will be in. It might be first-party titles regardless of system or one specific system without regard for IP holder. Let me know which way I should go if you wish.

Thanks for reading and catch me on Twitter!

* Tetris DX – Score: 291,230
* Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 – Average money out of 13 skaters: $126934
* Klonoa: Door to Phantomile – 55/72 Rescued

Post E3 Game Thoughts


Over the week of E3 I saw a number of things that got me more interested in some games that I previously wasn’t sure how I thought about them. Here are those games.

Metroid: Other M – My first thoughts when this game was originally announced was that it’d be the typical wagglefest that I’d come to expect from a Nintendo IP. To my surprise the controls were as basic as they could get. Holding the remote sideways using the d-pad and 1 and 2 buttons. There’s some occasional moments where the player will aim light gun style for scanning and shooting some enemies, but that sounds like it’s the majority of how the game controls. Sounds great!

Mortal Kombat – The pre-E3 trailer was just a tease and didn’t do all that much for me. However, once I saw that GameSpot stage demo, I was sold. This new MK looks to have a solid fighting engine. Combine that with a ton of nostalgia and it’s a sure fire win!

Medal of Honor – I didn’t care for this reboot of a somewhat on again/off again great FPS franchise. After seeing its showing at E3, I still don’t really care. It looks way too much like Call of Duty to where that’s what first comes to mind when I see footage of it. The only thing that got my attention was the PS3 exclusive bonus of a remake of Medal of Honor: Frontline. It’s my favorite of the series and is the only reason I’ll probably pick the main game up.

Twisted Metal – I’m not as big as a Twisted Metal fan as I may let on, but I have still enjoyed most every game of the series with Twisted Metal 2 being the one that sticks out the most. The online modes look to be the most interesting of this newest game as it will mark the first time I’ll be playing others not sitting next to me.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta – At this point I’m somewhat overcome with a bit too much of Kratos’ adventures which is why I took a break from finishing up God of War III from back in March. With that said, I was loving the graphical look of the upcoming PSP entry from the GS stage demo. The water effects were especially impressive. Of course I’ll be getting this game.

Homefront – I’ve played/seen these shooters before. They’re those what if scenarios of the United States being invaded with the point of view being from a common everyday person and how they deal with it. Freedom Fighters had it be the Russains, Turning Point had it be the Germans, and this game has it being the North Koreans. Hopefully this will be the one I actually like.

Red Faction: Armageddon – Here’s another stage demo that changed my mind on the game in question. It was a safe bet to think that this would be very similar to last year’s game. To my surprise it’s not as open of a world. But it does seem to have fun weapons to use. One in particular can reform destroyed structures so you can ruin them again.

I’ve got a lot more to say, but I’ll reveal those thoughts at another time.

The responses for what game I bought from Gamefly was quite amusing, but all incorrect. You guessed the following games.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (x2)
Wolfenstein (x2)
Batman: Arkham Asylum

It was, in fact, Rogue Warrior. Check out this hilarious Giant Bomb quick look of the game.


Thanks for playing and good day, folks!