Hart & Usagi #69: The Super SNES


It’s time for another scintillating Hart & Usagi Podcast episode. We talk about DigitalTrends.com’s Top 25 SNES games article, the cancelled Jak 4, and we get excited for announced titles such as Mafia 3, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and Dark Souls III. All this and more!

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* Here Are The Top 25 Games That Made The SNES, Well, Super
* USgamer Community Question: Which is Best – Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis?
* Consumers complain to FCC about ‘data caps’
* Beautiful Concept Art from Naughty Dog’s Jak and Daxter 4 Canceled Game Surfaces
* Scathing Nikkei Report Hints At Shameful Treatment Of Staff By Dictatorial Konami Management
* PlayStation Game-Streaming Service Officially Hits PS Vita Tuesday
* Need for Speed Series Had Too Many Games, Too Quickly, Dev Says
* Why New Need for Speed for Xbox One/PS4/PC Is Always-Online
* Activision Blizzard CEO Donates $50,000 to Chris Christie Presidential Bid
* Reddit bans some of its most well-known racist communities
* Mafia 3 Tackles Racism and the Vietnam War in 1960s New Orleans
* Why Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a Frontrunner for Gamescom’s Best Game
* Dark Souls III is Faster, Smoother, and More Fluid Than its Predecessors
* 90 Minutes with Dark Souls III Put My “Sequelitis” Fears to Rest
* Street Fighter 5 is a Bolder Reinvention Than Looks Suggest
* Crackdown 3 to Include “100 Percent Destructible Environments”
* Crackdown 3 Destruction Restricted to Multiplayer
* Sony’s New PS4 Projector Costs As Much As The Console
* Sony Explains Decision to Increase PlayStation Plus Three Month Subscription Price in Europe
* PS4 System Update 3.00 Adds Twitter Video, YouTube Broadcasts, and More
* Resident Evil 2 Remake Confirmed
* Wow, Spotify’s New Privacy Policy is Atrocious

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Hart & Usagi Podcast #30: Mean Streets of Burnout


Welcome to a brand new episode of the Hart and Usagi Podcast. This is episode 30 and we celebrate by talking about our memories of racing/driving games. And by we I mean Usagi704 and myself along with our guests Gigastormz and ebbderelict!

This is a single topic episode and the longest one to date. We are the record setters around here. :D Below you’ll find a few helpful notes, but otherwise enjoy the show!

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* Encyclopedia Bombastica: Burnout 2: Point of Impact

List of games talked about (a portion of):
* Pole Position
* Outrun
* Mario Kart
* Need For Speed
* Daytona USA
* Stunts
* Gran Turismo
* Lucky & Wild
* Burnout
* Chase H.Q.
* Jak X: Combat Racing
* MX vs. ATV
* Pure
* R.C. Pro-Am
* Championship Sprint

Digital Derby Auto Raceway


New Releases 2011: Nov. 22-Dec. 5


WEEK of 11/22
Batman: Arkham City (PC)
Final Fantasy V (PS3)
Power Rangers Samurai (WII, DS)
Serious Sam 3: BFE (PC)
Sonic Generations (3DS)
Tekken Hybrid (PS3)
The King of Fighters XIII (PS3, X360)
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (WII)
WWE ’12 (PS3, X360, WII)
WWE All Stars (3DS)

WEEK of 11/29
Defender’s Quest (PC, MAC, UNIX)
Mafia II: Director’s Cut (MAC)

WEEK of 12/5
Final Fantasy VI (PS3)
Just Dance 3 (PS3)
Mario Kart 7 (3DS)
The Adventures of Tintin: The Game (PS3, X360, WII, PC)

Now Playing: August 2011


Last Tuesday was the 20th anniversary of the Super Nintendo as released in North America. Knowing this date was coming up I decided to make it mainly a SNES month.

I played Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers once again and also did a speed run of it in 42 minutes and 12 seconds.

Soon after I asked on Twitter which of eight random chosen games I should play next. The two top picks were Robocop Versus The Terminator and Run Saber. The former game was pretty bad with unforgiving AI and overall uninteresting gameplay. At least there was a funny glitch where you can hold the A and X buttons while on a ladder and Robocop will keep climbing even after passing the top of it. Stage 6 was as far as I was able to go.

Run Saber was much more fun. This take on Strider from Atlus has a bunch of moves to perform in a fast-paced platformer. It has an arrow at the top of the screen always showing the direction to head in. I recommend this game if you’ve ever enjoyed Capcom’s Strider. Finished on Easy was a score of 266,800.

There’s not much to say about Street Racer. It’s basically a Super Mario Kart clone with less charm. At least the racing is decent.

Two other games I finished off this month giving me a total of 27 for this year was Knights of the Round and Alien Crush. In the Capcom beat-’em-up I selected Percival. I prefer him since he’s the only one who can dash. Granted it doesn’t last long at all, but this mobility and being the more powerful of the three characters make him a great choice. My final score was 430,820 at level 15.

I think I’m Alien Crush’d out at this point. I’m played a lot of the game in the recent past, as most of you know, but nothing can prepare you for this. On the PSN version via my PSP I improved my score so much that there’s no way I could possibly top it and that’s even if I’d want to (and I definitely don’t want to). My previous best score, regardless of the version of the game, was 78,533,200 and now it was improved by over four times the amount. Behold my new best high score of 348,932,500!


You’ll probably need some time to recover from that revealed score so I’ll end this here. As always thanks for reading!

E3 2011: Nintendo Press Conference


PLEASE NOTE: This is my comments from Twitter that I made as the conference happened. If you can’t handle a difference of opinion from your own, then please DO NOT read this or comment.

* Zelda montage starts out the Nintendo press conference.

* Shigeru Miyamoto out first talking about the newest Zelda game and the series’ 25 year history.

* The original Game Boy title Link’s Awakening is going to be available on the 3DS shop today. [as in Wednesday]

* Four Swords free download later this year.

* A number of existing games series quickly shown for 3DS. Now Reggie to tell me what I want instead of letting me decide.

* 3DS title announced: Mario Kart. Overly gimmicked more than ever. Nope, sorry Reggie, I don’t want that. Try again.

* RT @Monodo: Mario Kart 3DS… That’s like announcing that the sun will rise in the morning.

* Star Fox 64 ported to 3DS. Traditional controls included! What a bonus!

* Another 3DS title: Super Mario 3D. I’m guessing it’s newer than New Super Mario Bros.

* Story trailer shown for Kid Icarus: Uprising. It will be out this year.

* Luigi’s Mansion 2 is another 3DS title. What was it like around 10 years since the last one? [Yes. It was released in 2001.] I didn’t know anybody really liked Luigi’s Mansion to begin with.

* 3DS Virtual Console with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Also 3D Classics: Excitebike.

* Pokedex 3D. Kind of like looking at the girls in Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball just with Pokemon instead.

* My new gaming companion is…a new Nintendo home console? The new console name is “Wii U” or is it “WiiU.” [I looked for it in print on Nintendo’s website. It’s written with a space as “Wii U.”

* Another controller gimmick courtesy of the Wii U.

* Screen size on controller is 6.2 inches. That’s what she said.

* The Wii U is like a large home console version of the DS. One screen on the controller and the TV as the other screen. It even has the same d-pad and face buttons as the DS Lite. Not preferred.

* New Smash Bros. game for both Wii U and 3DS only mentioned. A long time before we see anything I’m guessing.

* Darksiders 2, Arkham City, Assassins Creed, Ghost Recon Online all coming for WiiU.

* Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge quickly shown.

* Just so all people know, Wii U is a horrible name just as any other.

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Now Playing: April 2010


Hey guys! Welcome back to another edition of my Now Playing feature. It returns from its January vacation to fill you in on what I’ve been up to as of more recently.

As you know, I’ve already finished Donkey Kong (WVC – NES), Klonoa 2 (PS2), Final Fight One (GBA), both games making up Final Fight: Double Impact (PSN), and Gungrave (PS2). That’s one more than the whole first quarter of 2010 combined. Well, now I can add two more to the list making it 13 total finished for this year.

Twisted Metal III was one of those two games. It’s as advertised in that it’s not as good as the previous game with lackluster arenas to battle in. However, overall I wasn’t that disappointed with it. It still had the fun I’d expect from a Twisted Metal game though I could do without the speed missiles. They’re weak and the only positive about them is that they move faster.

The last game beat was simply another version of Final Fight. This time it was on the PSP via Capcom Classic Collection Remixed which I happened to go through just yesterday. I also played a bit of the block breaking game Block Block and the shoot-’em-up Varth. The latter which had Ryu from Street Fighter II show up doing a Dragon Punch. That was pretty amusing.

The two unfinished games that I mentioned last week, Rage Racer and Ratchet: Deadlocked, will, at least for now, stay unfinished. I wasn’t getting into those games as I was hoping to. At least I was glad that the fortune cookie of Backloggery.com selected Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Now that’s a great game. I really like the structure of each mission divided into several smaller activities. The only problem is that the left and right panning of the camera is reversed from how I’d prefer it. Otherwise, the game is good so far with a great art style.

I’ll now end this blog post with my four recent purchases. You already know about Final Fight: Double Impact. I’m just making it a formal announcement. I also picked up a Classic Controller Pro (black) and locally found Super Mario Kart. SMK was a long time coming. I’m glad to have that one out of the way. It was one of those games I traded away many years ago.


The final one I made this morning. I was going to get it at the same time as FFDI, but decided against it. I’m glad I did because Revenge of the Wounded Dragons was on sale at half price. I didn’t know about the $5 sale price until I watched DeVeAn’s current video blog. I snatched it up right away. :)

That’ll do it for me. I hope you guys got a kick out of it. Until next time!

1992 Game of the Year


Kirby’s Dream Land (GB)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (GEN)
Streets of Rage 2 (GEN)
Super Mario Kart (SNES)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist (GEN)

Honorable Mentions
Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES)
Lucky & Wild (Arcade)
Street Fighter II (SNES)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES)

1992 Game of the Year: Streets of Rage 2
Runner-up: Super Mario Kart

As you can see above, 1992 brought many awesome games that I had to at least mention them even if they didn’t get on the nominee list.

At the time Streets of Rage didn’t really wow me, but since I’m able to play the game, I have been amazed at how many different moves each character has. It isn’t obvious from the start, but this is one thing that it beats Final Fight at. I could have easily picked any of the other games listed. This game just really shocked me with what was hidden under the hood.

Super Mario Kart mainly makes runner-up because I played it more at the time than any of the other games listed. Other than Mario Kart Super Circuit on the GBA, I haven’t played any game in the series since. Even back then it was a blast playing against friends in this game.

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