Big, Bang, and Full of Batman


It’s been almost a month since I last mentioned anything about this game when it comes to my progress. As you may have guessed it hasn’t been much. I’m just not into it like I would like or thought I’d be. With that said, I know I’ll eventually get back to it.

My stopping point was the planet Orxon after 3 hours and 11 minutes.

I’m still playing this game and slowly I’m making my way through. I’m now up to Level 8-10 (Paris) which is the boss level. It’s been very difficult to beat this boss. They usually have about four parts that need to be beat without taking a hit otherwise the battle needs to be repeated from the start.

It’s still some fun and I like a variety that it provides.

I wasn’t sure what to start playing next and I was thinking of putting it up to a vote with systems I own being what would be chosen from. Then I noticed that ebbderelict had just started Batman Begins so I decided that would also be the game that I’ll play.

I liked the look of the game even before I bought it back in August of 2008. And it looks great in person too. Overall, the game it pretty simple, but I actually like it that way. I felt that playing the first Batmobile level was also pretty thrilling.

I can remember not liking the movie all that much, but can say for sure that I do like the game much more.

First off I want to thank everybody for your help in suggesting games. Earlier today I asked them what they already had and what they were interested in. I also got some more ideas from seeing what they liked of what I personally had. I then checked prices and related games on GameSpot.

I ultimately would like to get them something that they’d like that they don’t know about. I’m thinking of going with Namco Museum, Brain Age, or something like it for my niece.

My nephew said “maybe” to Gunstar Super Heroes so I’m sure that Astro Boy: Omega Factor would be a winner. That one will be hard to find and if I have to I can always part with Sonic Rush.

From now until the end of the month is offering free regular shipping for all used games. I ordered and received Super Chase H.Q., Lotus II R.E.C.S, and Shadowgate Classic. All of them are game only and weren’t anything expensive. I did have Pit Fighter ordered as well, but I guess it was out of stock once the order was shipped.


Thanks for reading and make it a great holiday season!