X-Men & The Devil Inside


Since my last blog post of almost a week ago I partook in playing quite the number of quick pick up and play games.

First up was the pinball game Devil’s Crush via the Virtual Console. It’s a bit more difficult to score high when you don’t know the exact rules of the game, but I’m slowly understanding them. My current best score is 11,436,200.

After a quick game of NBA Jam Tournament Edition on the SNES against Usagi704, who easily won, we played a number of matches over the last few days in Street Fighter II Turbo and Super SFII on the same system. I used an old ASCII controller which still works great except for the Start button. I get around that by flicking the slow switch on and off quickly. I thought our best matches were Usagi using Sagat vs. my Guile. He also gave me some excellent tips for using Vega which I was able to put to use right away.

However my favorite game of the week has to be when I bought the newly released X-Men arcade game from the PlayStation Store. This 6-player 1992 Konami beat-’em-up classic is a bit shallow when compared to other games at the time within the same genre, but it’s a bunch of fun when playing it with friends!

The X-Men game also comes with trophy support of which I was able to get all 12 in the matter of the first 24 hours. It’s easily finished (making for my 42nd game this year – full list) in around 25 minutes, but the whole playing with friends thing really makes the $10 price tag money well spent. If Konami plans to release more of their arcade games this way, I’m hopeful they’ll eventually make their 4-player G.I. Joe arcade game available.

Lastly I bought two games meant as gifts for my niece and nephew. The former will get Spyro: Season of Ice for GBA since I don’t know what games you get for girls. A collect-a-thon seems good enough.

The latter chose nothing over Sonic Rush last year, which was fine by me, but he didn’t need to whine about it like he did. Hopefully the GBA game Justice League Heroes: The Flash will go over better this time. However I will have my revenge. I’m planning on making him think he’s getting Sonic Rush again and inside will be this game instead. A hearty laugh it shall be indeed. I’m evil, I know.

Happy holidays!

He’s On Fire!


I’ve decided to take this time to fill you all in on what I’ve been playing as of late. As you know, my normal schedule for such blogs is once a month, but since I’ve already played about seven games so far, I figured why not now.

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
This was the next game in the line of unfinished games that I was trying to finish. My roadblock became a boss at the halfway point by the name of Saint Germain. His ability to poison with a special strike and speeding up time to make the poison more effective was pretty frustrating.

I’m taking a break from finishing the unfinished for now to play some games that I haven’t touched. In the time I was doing it I was able to get through eight games. Not to shabby if I do say so myself.

This was an unplanned purchased when it was released last week on the PlayStation Network. I never knew it was becoming multi-platform until I noticed VixDiesel and s0njas0n playing it. It’s pretty expensive at $10 for something as simple as Uno is. I was drawn to such a casual game for the sole reason to do something to pass the time while “shooting the shit” as they say. In that regard it has worked well.

As far as where I am in the game. I’ve beaten the game offline in the tournament mode and had a number of matches against the previously mentioned light-hearted gals.

I busted this game out for some fun on the SNES with usagi704. After some complains of “reversed controls” regarding the pass and shoot buttons, we were able to compete head-on without any perceived barriers.

In the final match-up I chose the L.A. Clippers and usagi picked the Chicago Bulls. To keep this in perspective, the game was released in 1993, which means that these are likely reflecting the 1992 NBA season where the Bulls were in the middle of their first “three-peat.” I ended up winning by 5 points. I guess I’m that good. :lol:


WWF Super Wrestlemania
I have played both versions of this one and the main draw to the Genesis version is the inclusion of finishing moves. It was the reason that I bought it, but upon playing with them I found the implementation not so great.

Unlike its sequel, Royal Rumble, you don’t need to have the opponent low on health to perform the move. Just do it whenever you want. That sounds great until you realize that some can be abused (ie: British Bulldog). Others are outright useless like Ultimate Warrior’s splash.

Another problem was that in the Survivor Series mode it doesn’t seem possible to switch characters on the apron of the three available. At least that was easy with the Select button in the SNES version. If the Genesis game can do it could someone let me know how? Thanks.

In closing I’d also like to quickly mention that I started up Conan and Tetris (NES & GB). Until next time, thanks for reading!

NES eBay Lot

About two weeks ago I received the items I bought on eBay. Those items consisted of an NES model 2, light gun (orange), 2 controllers (original), and 14 games.

The only unfortunate thing about the games is that I already own 9 of them. I fell that it was worth the repeats just so I could get the model 2 NES at a decent price.

In addition I also bought Yakuza 2 and a second copy of the original NBA Jam for the SNES. I only did so after demoing it and seeing that it included Charles Barkley. Early versions of this game have him in it. He was taken out in later printings of the game because of his involvement at the time with Barkley Shut Up and Jam.

Here’s the usual wonderful gallery of photos.

NES 2, Light Gun, Kung Fu, Golf, Super Off Road, R.C. Pro-AM, and Rad Racer
View larger image

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Double Dragon II, Super Mario Bros. 2 (w/manual), Tetris, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (w/manual), Bad Dudes (w/manual), Dragon Warrior, and Skate or Die
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NBA Jam and Yakuza 2
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What Game Do You Have The Most Copies Of?


The following is my reply to the topic “What game do you have the most copies of?” started by cosmostein77 in The Candid Collectors’ Union.

I only have two of the exact same game on the same system. That game is Twisted Metal. I have one long box version and one jewel case version.

Games that I have different versions of are:

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance – PS2, GBA
Disney’s Aladdin – SNES, GEN
Doom II – PC, GBA
Fatal Fury – GEN (coming soon), SNES
Final Fantasy VI – SNES, GBA
Killer Instinct – SNES, GB
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – SNES, GBA
Max Payne – PC, PS2
Mortal Kombat – SNES, GEN, GB, GG
Mortal Kombat II – SNES, GEN, GB, GG
Mortal Kombat 3 – SNES, PS
Quake II – PC, PS
Samurai Shodown – GEN, SNES
Sonic the Hedgehog – GEN, GG
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – GEN, GG
Street Fighter Alpha 3 – PS, GBA, PSP
Street Fighter II – SNES, GB
Stuntman Ignition – PS2, PS3
Sunset Riders – SNES, GEN
Super Mario World – SNES, GBA
Super Street Fighter II – SNES, GEN
Tecmo Super Bowl – NES, SNES
Tetris – NES, GB
Tomb Raider: Legend – PS2, GBA (Euro verison), DS (Euro verison)
Twisted Metal: Head On – PS2, PSP
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 – SNES, DS

Calypso Grants My Wish

Watch out! Here comes a massive collection update. Behold 19 game additions and one system.

Last Thursday I went out to local store #1, It’s About Games. I did so for the GBA SP system. I was going to try and find the Pearl Blue system with the brighter screen, but that was proving to be extremely difficult to find. At least now I’ll have a color that will match the God of War edition PSP this June. I also added a single NES game to the order.

Game Boy Advance SP (red) – system & AC adapter (complete); excellent
Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones (NES) – game only; great


The next day I stopped by Gamestop after a haircut. I wasn’t planning to get Spy Hunter, but at $2.99 I couldn’t pass that up. I made sure that I was really at Gamestop when I saw that price on a decently reviewed game. :D

Spy Hunter (PS2) – complete; fair

After that I decided to make the trip to Shelby to see what Stickman’s had in stock. As usual they didn’t disappoint, especially with the selection of Super NES games. I bought nine SNES games along with the original Twisted Metal game in the early PlayStation longbox.

Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle (SNES) – game only; great
Fighter’s History (SNES) – game only; fair
NBA Jam (SNES) – game only; excellent
Fatal Fury 2 (SNES) – game only; fair
The Lion King (SNES) – game only; great
Robocop Versus The Terminator (SNES) – game only; great
WWF Raw (SNES) – game only; excellent
Aero Fighters (SNES) – game only; good
Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse (SNES) – game only; great
Twisted Metal (PS) – complete; good

Larger view

Those two days were great and then I received my eStarland.com order on Saturday. I ordered all of the Twisted Metal games that they had. The reason I got TMIII and TM4 is because I wanted to see first hand what’s wrong with them. I also had my eye on Mercs for the Genesis for some time once I found out that it had been released on a home console. I always liked that game in the arcade and since I didn’t have a Genesis during that time, I was totally unaware that it was ever on that system. It was a nice surprise when I read that on Wikipedia.

Destruction Derby (PS) – complete; good
Twisted Metal: Small Brawl (PS) – new
Twisted Metal III (PS) – complete; excellent
Twisted Metal 4 (PS) – complete; great
Mercs (GEN) – complete; excellent
Max Payne (PS2) – complete; good
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (PS2) – complete; excellent


To paraphrase Calypso: “I am Hart704, and I thank you for visiting my blog.”

Condition scale: Excellent, Great, Good, Fair, Bad, Poor

RRW5 – Day 1: Sega Day


I played some in time trial mode with all three characters. Here’s a screenshot of my final results with Cody. It was probably my best try. :D


I played two games on this minor upgrade to the Genesis port. In the first game I was using the Cavs and won 40-21 against the Bulls. I chose the Jazz to take on the Bullets (now the Wizards) in the second game winning with a similar score of 42-19.

This being the first time playing this game I got as far as Stage 3, Zone 1: Tidal Tempest. Of course it being a water level made it difficult for me. On top of that I still don’t understand the whole Past and Future thing or why some of the loops are 3D-ish. Regardless of my lack of knowledge about Sonic CD, I do know this. It’s still fun! :)



The last game that I played was good old Street Fighter II (in Hyper mode). I had never played this version until now, but I enjoyed myself as I expected to. The controls were spot on as always with these games and the 6-button controller just sweetened the deal! I started with Guile and then switched to M. Bison, Ken, Ryu, and finally Chun-Li before calling it quits.

I decided I’d use this space to tell you about two recent purchases that just happen to fit into this week’s retro theme. The first was a game bought on eBay in the form of Mortal Kombat Trilogy (PS). The other was a repair item from eStarland.com for my first-party NES. It was a replacement 72-pin connector. I successfully removed the old one and installed the new one, but unfortunately the games don’t seem to be working much better. I’m pretty sure that something else inside the system is causing the problem to continue, but I also might not have put the connector in exactly as it should be. Oh well, I still have my third-party top loader. So it’s not a total loss.



Retro Rules!

Seeing Double

Over the last few years I’ve managed to get a couple repeat copies of games and systems for whatever reason. Below is what I bought with those trade-ins with the list of what I traded in below that. Now if I could get rid of my extra copy of Splinter Cell. :D


VR Troopers (GEN) – game only; $3.13; great
Mortal Kombat (GEN) – no box; $6.38; good
Mortal Kombat (SNES) – game only; $6.26; great
Earth Defense Force (SNES) – game only; $9.76; good
Samurai Shodown (GEN) – complete; $11.95; great
Sonic CD (SCD) – complete; $15.95; excellent
NBA Jam (SCD) – complete; $3.95; fair

Super Street Fighter II (GEN) – game only; $3.90
Midnight Club II (PS2) – complete; $2.48
Die Hard Trilogy (PS) x2 – complete; $4.20 total
Sega Genesis Model 1 – no AC adapter; $13.50
Nintendo GBA SP Platinum – complete; $30.00

Condition scale: Excellent, Great, Good, Fair, Bad, Poor