Hart & Usagi #83: Rip Into It


Episode 83 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast is here! We chat about a variety of topics like new fighting game guest characters, Sony to publish Switch games, loot boxes, and more.

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* Nintendo Changes SNES Classic Mini Plans, Supply Will Continue Into 2018
* Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition launches on January 16th, 2018
* Tekken 7’s Next DLC Character Is Final Fantasy 15’s Noctis
* New Injustice 2 DLC Characters Will Include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
* Fighting EX Layer’s online beta will be available to PlayStation Plus members
* Nintendo Shutting Down The Wii Shop Channel in 2019
* Counterpoint: People Think Campo Santo is Dangerous for Issuing PewDiePie a DMCA Takedown, They’re Not
* IGN’s Purchase of Video Game Publisher Humble Bundle Raises Business Concerns
* Sony Is Publishing Nintendo Switch And PC Games Under New Label
* Opinion: Nominating PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for Game of the Year is a Terrible Idea
* GameStop “Temporarily Pauses” its PowerPass Used Game Lending Service
* Metabombed: Star Wars Battlefront II Is ‘The Epitome Of Years Of Corporate Greed’
* Belgium Concludes that Loot Boxes are Gambling, Will Try and Ban Them in Europe
* The ESA Pushes Back, Loot Boxes “Are Not Gambling”

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Hart & Usagi Podcast #48: Stop Criminals!


On this edition of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we look into the problematic attitude of developers/publishers thinking they are owed money. Also we talk about the Assassin’s Creed series in a negative and positive way. All this and more can be yours with a simple download of the episode below.

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* Assassin’s Creed
* Retron 5
* Ed Boon Explains How To Say Mortal Kombat X
* Tetris celebrates 30 years as the world’s favorite puzzle game
* Tetris Ultimate drops to Vita this fall
* E3 2014: Sony Responds Directly to Rumors, The Last Guardian Not Cancelled
* Ubisoft abandoned women assassins in co-op because of the additional work
* EA, Ubisoft, Activision On Why There are So Few Female Video Game Protagonists
* E3 2014: Microsoft on Original Xbox One Policies — “It Was the Right Vision”
* Seen@E3: Los Angeles Times scoops us all
* Trend of Increasingly Violent Games Is “Disturbing,” Ohio St. Professor Says
* Nintendo doesn’t view pure gameplay livestreams as fun
* GOG: Gamers Don’t Need DRM Because They Aren’t Criminals
* Fez Creator Phil Fish: YouTubers Should Pay Game Devs “Huge Portion” of Revenue
* PlayStation Now Prices Are Currently Insane

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You Really Shouldn’t Be Able To Read This


I thought I’d call some attention to some gaming news articles since I can’t find anything else to post about at this moment.

First up is an interview by PSXExtreme with David Jaffe and Scott Campbell of Eat Sleep Play. It’s a pretty interesting read, but some of it was repeats to me since I follow Jaffe’s blog. If you don’t read his blog on a regular basis, then you’ll get the most out of it.

PSXExtreme: Exclusive Interview: Dave Jaffe And Scott Campbell

New York Times followed the lead of Time Magazine and the VGAs by choosing Grand Theft Auto IV as Game of the Year.

This story reminded me of some people that have been getting all upset about this trend. I can’t understand it since GTA IV is very much a worthy choice. If you don’t like this trend then by all means do your own rewards. That way others can ask you where GTA IV is.

Joystiq: NY Times gives Game of the Year honors to GTA IV

I’m not too heart broken if the currently-in-production Castlevania movie is possibly going to get shut down because of an actor strike. I don’t think much of the film, but if the norm of video game based movies is any indication, then I’m not looking forward to it.

IGN Movies: Castlevania in Limbo

And now I leave you with this video. It’s from Home and shows an adorable message that one user was able to get to.

No Reviews During Early Childhood


I saw this ridiculous video from a YouTube member who was giving his view on how he thinks that games should be reviewed from now on. He states that someone that’s about 30 years old shouldn’t be reviewing a game that’s aimed at 5-12 year old kids. Who does he think should be reviewing those types of games? Why a kid that’s within 5-12 years old, of course.

Now doesn’t that just sound really freaking stupid? It does to me and I let him know it with the following comment that I left on the video page.

You think your idea is good right now, but if it was done, you’d hate it. You wouldn’t really want a 5 year old to review a game you’re interested in.

A kid that age isn’t going to be objective. If they like the game it’s going to get a 10. If they hate the game it’s going to get a 1.

The age of anybody currently reviewing games for a living isn’t the problem. You know what is so don’t pretend it’s something else.

What do you think about this?

Why I Can’t Be A Nintendo Fan

One word. Fanboys.

By now everyone knows about the GameSpot review of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and how that’s pissed off all of the Nintendo fanboys. I’m also sure you’ve seen or at least heard about the online petition that a GameSpot member started to have the review score changed.

With that and all of the pathetic morons that have sent Jeff Gerstmann hate mail in mind. It really makes it difficult to enjoy anything that Nintendo puts out when they have such idiots as their fans. Not that I needed an event such as this to make me steer away from the Big N, but it sure helped with that.

No other fan base was so adamant that the Wii would be really awesome and that the PlayStation 3 would fail to the point to drive Sony out of business. These people just refuse to admit that Nintendo’s new system isn’t the innovation that they believe it to be. They felt so sure about this even back when the system was first announced as the Revolution.

The only other group of people that comes to mind that would be like this are religious nuts. Both groups are extremely close-minded and are never accepting of a difference in opinion. I just can’t understand how such biased attitudes exist, however it’s obvious that they do.

What ever happened with being reasonable? I hardly ever see anyone saying that the Wii is terrible, but I have seen tons of these fanboys react as if that has happened.

I know that in the coming weeks that people will start blogging their first impressions of the Wii. I don’t care one bit about these “impressions.” All it’s going to be is tons of more gushing about something that I couldn’t care less about. How about instead of your first impressions you play the Wii for a solid three months and then we’ll see how much you love your precious Wii then.

It’s reviews like the ones at Games Radar and IGN that I don’t trust. Just look at all of the other websites. They’ve all given out either perfect or near-perfect scores.

I will now leave you with a quote from Joystiq commenter “Watership” on the post, “Groupthink and Zelda.”

Nintendo and yes, Zelda, are just as able to have flaws as any other game or game company. Posting a negative story the day the Wii came out? That’s a bad thing? Since when?? There was nothing but bad press for the PS3 for 5 months right up to launch, and no one was crying about that. So here comes a Gamespot review that says “Sorry, it’s not perfect, but it’s still damn good” and reviewer Jeff Gerstmann gets DEATH THREATS. This isn’t about the game. This isn’t about Nintendo. This is about the problem with Fanaticism and how people can’t bear to have something they love criticized or judged. This game isn’t YOU. You can love something, and other can have a difference of opinion, and you can both be right.

Dear Zelda fanatics, Relax. Your childish, psychotic zealotry makes the rest of us gamers ashamed to gamers.

Introducing The PPSP

Cky1451 get ready to use this because Sony has done it again.

On October 27th Sony will release a Europe-only pink version of its portable gaming system, the PSP. The cost will be £229 ($293.27) or £169 ($319.17). Here’s what was posted on ign.com.

Set for release on October 27 in Europe only, the P!nk PSP Value Pack will cost £229, or £169. Anyone picking up the pack will gain access to exclusive P!nk-related downloads, courtesy of Sony’s YourPSP.com service.