Go! Go! Na-tsu-me!

Are you ready for more games because I guess I am. :P


One of the gaming companies that I hold in high regard like Treasure and WayForward is Natsume. They’ve developed some fun games over the years like Shadow of the Ninja on NES along with Ninja Warriors and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers on SNES. They also handled the DS version of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.

I’ve only tested the game to see if it worked since it was used. Otherwise I don’t know how it is. I did read that unlike the Wii version, which is based on the Japanese PS2 release Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes, the DS version is an original game. Here’s hoping I’ll enjoy it for more than the license it’s based on.

I remember renting this game many, many years ago and liking it. HyperZone is a shoot-’em-up, but in more of a 3D style thanks to the Mode 7 graphics the game is based around (Example: Space Harrier). It has an interesting color scheme unique to each stage and the music is pretty good.

Speaking of Power Rangers…here’s the SNES fighting game. I’ve known about it for as long as I’ve known about the Natsume developed game mentioned above. I was a big fighting game fan back in the early 1990s and I still passed on this game back then just because (1) I didn’t care for the license and (2) I didn’t understand why I could only use the ‘Zords instead of the individual Rangers themselves.

As it turns out none of that matters because it’s damn good for a fighting game. The fighting system is simple, but it also has strategy elements to consider. Sure it may not have the Rangers selectable, but it does have a selection of the ‘Zords (Thunder Megazord, Mega Tigerzord, Ninja Megazord, and Shogun Megazord) and other enemies.

The overall style of the game reminded me of the time I played a few rounds of Gundam Wing: Endless Duel against Usagi704. I guess it makes sense after looking up and reading that Natsume also made that game and this one too!

Thanks for reading. Until next time “Let’s Ride!”

Fourth Platinum!


Just a few hours after I posted my previous blog update about only one Challenge of the Titans mission away from getting my fourth platinum trophy, I ended up giving it a couple more tries and raising my hands in victory.


I was taking a look at videos of GBA games on my wish list to see if I should still get them. A majority of them were good to great and I kept them on. Both of the Ecks vs. Sever games were removed along with another one that I can’t remember at this moment. I also added four to the list.

Gradius Galaxies was the best looking of the bunch and since I really like the series I couldn’t say no.

Medal of Honor: Infiltrator played more like Ikari Warriors than the FPS games it’s known for.

Ghost Rider was based on that not-so-great Nicolas Cage film from 2007. The difference being that this portable version was overall way better and looks it too.

Splinter Cell wasn’t easy for me on the PS2, but the GBA game seems like I could get a handle on its more simplistic style.

Hyperzone was the lone SNES game that I added and it’s a shoot-’em-up game in the style of Space Harrier. It looked and sounded very familiar to me despite the name of the game not jogging any memories.

As always thanks for reading!