Hart & Usagi #88: “Coked out of his mind”


On episode 88 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we chat about a variety of topics like Dotemu bringing back two classics, Yakuza series turned down by video gaming hardware companies, and more.

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* Fighting EX Layer is getting a physical release in Japan, to be shown at Konami’s booth at the 2018 Tokyo Game Show
* In Japan, a Beloved Deaf Composer Appears to Be None of the Above
* Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Originally Started As A Tenchu Game
* Streets Of Rage 4 Is Finally Happening, 24 Years Later
* Report: Multiple Fatalities in Mass Shooting at Madden NFL 19 Tournament in Florida
* Stormdivers is a sci-fi battle royale shooter from Resogun and Nex Machina’s Housemarque
* Neo Geo cult favourite frisbee-fighter Windjammers is getting a sequel
* Bloodstained for Vita is Cancelled Because the Vita is Dead, Also Delayed to 2019
* The Yakuza Series Was Pitched To Both Nintendo And Microsoft, But Neither Wanted It
* Bethesda blocks resale of a secondhand game
* Capcom is “proud” of DmC, but Devil May Cry 5 will “expand more on the combat philosophies established in DMC1-4”
* Van Damme was “coked out of his mind” during filming of Street Fighter movie, says director

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Welcome Back and Zeroing Out


About a week ago the PlayStation Store started their 30 day free games offer to existing members. For the PSP I chose the only two games out of the four choices that I didn’t own already and they are Pursuit Force and ModNation Racers. For the PS3 I chose Super Stardust HD and Wipeout HD with the included Fury add-on content.

I downloaded an additional four games, but this time on the Wii. I had 1100 “points” left and I wanted to get the total as close to zero as possible. I knew I wanted Contra Rebirth (1000) and the TurboGrafx-16 version of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (700). I bought the latter because I’ve always been interested to see how this port turned out.

To zero out my points total I did the math and figured I needed an extra 2000 to make it work. Now I just needed to figure out which 600 and 800 point games I was also getting. I decided on Ninja Spirit for TG-16 and Wild Guns for SNES, respectively. For quite some time I was holding out hope to find an actual cartridge for Wild Guns that was cheaper than the usual asking price of about $55 for the game only. It’s the only SNES game left on my wish list, but I decided to get it on the Virtual Console just in case I don’t ever find it. I’ll still be looking, though.

While it’s difficult to get a deal on Wild Guns, I stumbled into two great deals while at Best Buy getting the previously needed 2000 points card. The first deal was Tekken 6 on PSP for $12! I enjoy Tekken better on a portable system for some reason I can’t explain and this was a great find. The other game I found a copy of was Bayonetta. It was grouped in with a bunch of games for $20. I wasn’t really keen on spending that much, but unlike the rest it didn’t have a price tag on it. When I took it to the checkout I asked how much it was and the reply came back as $9. Consider me shocked. Once I recovered about an hour later I bought it.


Now Playing: August ’07


The game of the month this time, and the only one that I finished, was also the one that was voted on. It was Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. The final boss was much easier than Drek was at the end of the first game.

Once I was done with the above game I moved onto Sonic Riders (read my review here). It was supplemented with Super Stardust HD and Super Mario Advance, which is the updated Super Mario Bros. 2 for the GBA with added annoying voices and it made an easy game even easier.

Now comes the more difficult games for different reasons, though Sonic Riders wasn’t easy after the Sand Ruins track.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary was the next major game that I played. Because it’s a remake of the first game, it’s much more organic looking environments made it harder for me to know where to go or what to do at times. I enjoy it when I figure out a puzzle, but it does get bothersome how frequently I get stumped.

I played Gunpey DS to help to break up some of the problems with TRA only to jump into another in-depth adventure in the GBA port of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. My progress in these games comes very slowly as it is, but then this game shows me how little I’ve played the Zelda series by killing me off many times already. And I don’t even have the Master Sword yet. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll get through the game eventually. I just be taking a break from it first.

I’d end with asking what’s the one game you’re really into right now if I didn’t already know that it was Bioshock. :P

Now Playing: July ’07


This month saw me play a total of 13 games. A lot of the list grew because of multiplayer games so let’s get to those first.

The fighting games usually come out when Usagi704 wants to play something. The first game was Fuuun Super Combo were I owned him in five straight matches. Then we moved onto the much more enjoyable vs. mode in The King of Fighters 02/03. NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, Bloody Roar, Super Street Fighter II Turbo of Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2, and Hyper Street Fighter II of Street Fighter Anniversary Collection were other fighting games that we played.

We also played a few co-op games as in Streets of Rage 2 and Super Stardust HD. I really liked the background music from both games, but Super Stardust HD didn’t play as well as it does in single player mode. Another friend and I also played a quick run though of Golden Axe.

In the solo territory I finished three games — God of War II, Ratchet & Clank, and Ultimate Spider-Man — with the third game being very short even for me.

Other games that I played to round out the month of July were Thunder Force II, solo in Streets of Rage 2, and finally Block Block and 1941: Counter Attack in Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2.

Speaking of the Capcom Classics Collection series, I gave my copy of volume 1 to Usagi704 because, to be honest, most of the games either sucked or were games that I already had better versions of elsewhere. Oh well, at least I countered that with the arrival of my Sega CD system (if you didn’t already know). :D

Until next time!