Now Playing: May 2018 (and Podcast Update)

About a month ago I purchased Horizon: Zero Dawn. The Complete Edition with all the extra DLC was the cheaper way to go and more available than the original version. I don’t know if I’ll even bother with the extra content, but I guess I’ll just have to see if I want more of it to play by the end. This all is considering that I get to it anytime soon which is unlikely.

I’m currently playing Yakuza 4 as I’d mentioned in my previously resurrected Now Playing feature. The initial character you control is Akiyama. He’s a good ol’ chap with the best of intentions and a non-judgmental attitude with the firm belief that helping out others is more important than making money. I like him.

I’m now onto the second new character’s story, Saejima, and they already show a clear sign of them all tying together eventually. Here’s a badass that’s trying to get what’s his. At least that’s my first readings of his motivations.

On the podcast front, there won’t be any new episode for a little bit as I sort out my PC issues as those problems only affect that activity.

Thanks for reading!


Hart & Usagi Podcast #41: ++Good PS4


In this episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast, we welcome back Georgie and, for as a first-time guest, one of the hosts from ++Good Games podcast it’s Anthony!

Our main topic for discussion is our experiences with the recently released PlayStation 4. We also speak on games we’ve played as of late along with a couple of news items.

Strap one on ’cause it’s time to jam with the Hart & Usagi Podcast.

* Sega 3DS 3D titles
* Killzone: Shadow Fall
* Kirby’s Dream Land 2
* Sleeping Dogs
* Doom
* Shadow Hearts
* Saints Row Twitter contest
* PlayStation 4 experiences
* Windows & Linux
* Pre-orders open for God of War Collection on Vita
* Persona 5 is Just the Beginning: Atlus Goes Persona Crazy
* Save The Last Christmas (For Me)
* Meeting Rob Van Dam
* Pacific Blue

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Hart & Usagi Podcast #27: PlayStation 4 Special


Sony’s press conference happened and as expected it was the announcement of the PlayStation 4. Shortly after the event ended I put a call out for guests and was able to rope in four. This makes for the largest panel ever on the show. The returning champions are da_bluewolfy, SonicHomeboy, madtyger, and ebbderelict. We talk about all of the information Sony delivered and what we thought about it. Usagi is missing in action this time around, but have no fear because he’ll return next time.

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eBay SNES Games incl. Secret of Mana

As I mentioned a week ago, I had bought two SNES games off of eBay both from the same seller. The first is Super Double Dragon (game only) and because of a few bucks off of shipping charges, I decided to select another. If had this game it would’ve been $30 more for the same complete copy so that’s why I went for Secret of Mana.

Details: Box | Game | Manual | Map | Poster

As you can see from the above photos, the contents are in great shape. These hard-to-find games are ones that I’ve been looking for and it’s great to no longer have to.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing for Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos or Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom. I did find them both locally, but neither worked at all even after much cleaning and testing. Those would’ve completed the Ninja Gaiden NES trilogy for me. Some other time I guess.

Usagi704’s copy of Street Fighter II on the SNES didn’t work for him, but it did for me. My copy, however, did work for him so we did a quick trade, SFII for SFII. We tried the same thing with Cybernator, but that didn’t work out regardless of which copy it was. One is better than none, though.


Other local purchases were Killzone Liberation, Haze, and another hard-to-find SNES game and Capcom beat-’em-up, Knights of the Round.

Possible upcoming topics
The resume of my Game of the Year series with 1998 and some type of high score challenge for all to take part in.