Hart & Usagi Podcast #65: Bombshells


On this episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we chat mainly about the game announcements from E3 2015 among a few other things. Join us.

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* GameStop to acquire ThinkGeek parent company Geeknet
* The First Class of the World Video Game Hall of Fame
* Uncharted PS4 Collection Removes Multiplayer for Uncharted 2 and 3
* USgamer Community Question: What’s Your All-Time Favorite Arcade Game?
* The Jimquisition: Steam Refunds
* Arc System Works buys out Double Dragon, River City Ransom rights
* Bethesda E3 2015 Press Conference News Roundup
* Microsoft E3 2015 Press Conference News Roundup
* Electronic Arts E3 2015 Press Conference News Roundup
* Ubisoft E3 2015 Press Conference News Roundup
* Sony E3 2015 Press Conference News Roundup
* All of the Nintendo E3 2015 Release Dates
* Sony will support development of ‘Shenmue 3’
* Season Passes are Not Good for Gamers, says Hitman Dev
* How Far Can Drawn to Death’s Intriguing Aesthetic Take It?
* Shenmue 3 Creator Also Wants to do Shenmue 4

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Origins of Fail and a Crushing Defeat


A recent sale at eStarland was giving 20% off used games. I looked for a number of titles I’ve had on my wish list for awhile and didn’t expect to find anything. Usually I find they aren’t in stock or are still a bit too much even after the discount.

It was nice to see that it was worth it this time. On top of that I also got free shipping. I bought two PS3 and two Wii games.

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

I was also trying to find Midway Arcade Origins locally yesterday as a way to celebrate the absolute crushing defeat the GOP received in Tuesday’s election.

Since it was going to be a new copy I didn’t mind going to Gamestop. They don’t make much of anything on new games. Well, they said they didn’t have it in when I asked about it. This is a possibility, but a more likely scenario was that they did have what I wanted. The reason being that I said the title wrong…twice. First I said “Mortal Kombat Arcade Classics” and then I said “Midway Arcade Classics.” Neither exist and I didn’t catch that I said “Classics” instead of “Origins” either time. Time to play the Price Is Right losing horn.


E3 2011: Nintendo Press Conference


PLEASE NOTE: This is my comments from Twitter that I made as the conference happened. If you can’t handle a difference of opinion from your own, then please DO NOT read this or comment.

* Zelda montage starts out the Nintendo press conference.

* Shigeru Miyamoto out first talking about the newest Zelda game and the series’ 25 year history.

* The original Game Boy title Link’s Awakening is going to be available on the 3DS shop today. [as in Wednesday]

* Four Swords free download later this year.

* A number of existing games series quickly shown for 3DS. Now Reggie to tell me what I want instead of letting me decide.

* 3DS title announced: Mario Kart. Overly gimmicked more than ever. Nope, sorry Reggie, I don’t want that. Try again.

* RT @Monodo: Mario Kart 3DS… That’s like announcing that the sun will rise in the morning.

* Star Fox 64 ported to 3DS. Traditional controls included! What a bonus!

* Another 3DS title: Super Mario 3D. I’m guessing it’s newer than New Super Mario Bros.

* Story trailer shown for Kid Icarus: Uprising. It will be out this year.

* Luigi’s Mansion 2 is another 3DS title. What was it like around 10 years since the last one? [Yes. It was released in 2001.] I didn’t know anybody really liked Luigi’s Mansion to begin with.

* 3DS Virtual Console with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Also 3D Classics: Excitebike.

* Pokedex 3D. Kind of like looking at the girls in Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball just with Pokemon instead.

* My new gaming companion is…a new Nintendo home console? The new console name is “Wii U” or is it “WiiU.” [I looked for it in print on Nintendo’s website. It’s written with a space as “Wii U.”

* Another controller gimmick courtesy of the Wii U.

* Screen size on controller is 6.2 inches. That’s what she said.

* The Wii U is like a large home console version of the DS. One screen on the controller and the TV as the other screen. It even has the same d-pad and face buttons as the DS Lite. Not preferred.

* New Smash Bros. game for both Wii U and 3DS only mentioned. A long time before we see anything I’m guessing.

* Darksiders 2, Arkham City, Assassins Creed, Ghost Recon Online all coming for WiiU.

* Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge quickly shown.

* Just so all people know, Wii U is a horrible name just as any other.

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E3 2011: Microsoft Press Conference


PLEASE NOTE: This is my comments from Twitter that I made as the conference happened. If you can’t handle a difference of opinion from your own, then please DO NOT read this or comment.

* First up for the Microsoft press conf. is, you guessed it, a shooter. It’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Yawn!

* Honestly, why are they showing this game. Everybody knows what to expect and they buy it. I won’t, but this was already known too.

* Good thing a guy is shown playing. I always thought video games played themselves. Heck they kind of do nowadays.

* Tomb Raider reboot up now. This is one game that seems interesting to me.

* Peter Moore out for EA Sports imagining Kinect crap.

* I think I speak for all Mass Effect fans when I say Mass Effect 3 doesn’t need Kinect support.

* Ubisoft with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. How may E3s has this been at now? At least 2.

* Can Kinect make taking a piss more “fun” too?

* TV doesn’t need to be “improved” with Kinect. A person’s voice isn’t standardized, but the remote is. I’ll take the “so horrible” remote.

* The INTERNET itself finds things better than Xbox Live.

* Entertainment with Xbox IS NOT the way I want it. It’s the way YOU want it Microsoft and that sucks!

* Dana White [UFC President]? He adds nothing being here expect for maybe getting an attitude with someone.

* Awww. It’s CliffyB & Ice-T for Gears of War 3. How cute.

* Crytek with Ryse trailer and now Halo history trailer for Halo 1 remake.

* Forza 4 trailer shown. Now Peter Molyneux on to over promise with the newest Fable game.

* Minecraft getting an Xbox release. I still don’t understand the appeal of it.

* Dinseyland Adventures for the Kinect looks like Home.

* [Kids on stage playing a demo.] “Oh no the Queen! Fistbump!” *rolls eyes*

* [Star Wars Kinect game pops on screen.] Clearly people are programmed to cheer anything Star Wars related. Stop it!

* Double Fine with their Sesame Street game.

* It’s Tim Schafer and, of course, we have to act like everything he does is so damn wonderful.

* It’s time for that wacky Kudo Tsunoda!

* That’s a lot of cheering for Avatar features.

* Kinect Sports 2 up now. AKA Wii Sports Resort.

* You can’t become #1 console in the world if the Japanese aren’t buying it.

* Halo 4 teaser for 2012 ends the show.

E3 2010 As I Saw It: The Ubisoft Press Conference


I was on twitter during the whole conference throwing out my thoughts. Here’s a straight copy and paste of what I had said.

* Ubisoft conference opens with weird hand motions for on screen effects.

* Opening was Tetsuya Mizuguchi playing Child of Eden on Kinect.

* Joel McHale back to present again this year. Hopefully he’s better this time.

* Again with the dissing of controllers. It’s like a cuss word now.

* New Assassin’s Creed announced with trailer. Placed in Rome this time.

* Ezio is back and this time everybody knows about him.

* Nov. 16th release date with the subtitle Brotherhood.

* PS3 gameplay shows a lot of building destruction. Impressive visuals.

* I don’t know how I exactly feel about Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, but the crowd definitely liked it.

* Next up we are shown a trailer for a skateboarding game with Shaun White. He also appears on stage with unfunny McHale.

* They’re talking about White’s career. Not interesting.

* Is it just me or does all of McHale’s jokes fail outright?

* The camera in the PS3 gameplay footage looks to be too far down near the ground.

* I don’t understand the point of being able to create phantom rails to get higher than normal.

* Why are there people playing laser tag in the audience?

* I’ve been waiting for this? How do they know such things?

* Does that say Battle Tag?

* They did a terrible job of selling that game. I still don’t think they ever said the name of it.

* Don’t bother with anymore jokes, McHale. You are BOMBING is conference out!

* I’ll just pretend I didn’t see Innergy or whatever it’s called.

* Kinect titles being shown for skiing, soccer, and football. *sigh*

* We already saw a Your Shape demo at Microsoft’s conf. and I didn’t care then.

* For me to get excited you REALLY need to not be showing this right now!

* Please have her go over and punch the two guys on stage. That’s the only way I’ll enjoy this.

* The Rabbids return in a trailer that has Back to the Future style text.

* New Ghost Recon trailer shown.

* Xbox gameplay of Ghost Recon: Future Solider up now.

* The invisibility camo looks pretty neat.

* The general gameplay looks fun. It’s also jumping on the 3D craze as well.

* Looks and sounds like a ’70s racing game.

* Ah. I see it’s Driver: San Fransisco. I’ve never cared much for the series and I’ve only played the first one.

* Characters of Tanner and Jericho are back and the dev. claims it’ll feel like the original game. Also has licensed cars.

* The player has the ability to jump from car to car similar to how Battlefield 2: Modern Combat did from soldier to soldier.

* Ubisoft CEO Yves out to show three new projects in awesome broken English. :D

* Project #1 is “Project DUST” Yves calls it a game, but that trailer didn’t make it look like one.

* New 2D Rayman game shown in a trailer.

* Subtitled Origins, it looks to be a downloadable title.

* New game called ManiaPlanet. Comprises of Trackmania (racing), ShootMania (FPS), QuestMania (RPG).

* Ubisoft ends with a Michael Jackson game!

* Can they get on with it? I don’t need to see their poor man’s version of the Beat It music video.

* Nevermind. That last segment was completely random and entirely pointless.

Overall it started off good, but started to go downhill with the puzzling start to the Battle Tag segment. It picked up slightly with the new Ghost Recon game, but then ended with no reasons given to why they played and danced to an MJ song.