Odds and Ends and Far Cry 3


Two weeks after I started Far Cry 3 I’m having a much more fun time after, as Usagi704 would say, “getting good.” My problems with driving in the first-person perspective are no longer an issue. Hunting is also no longer an issue or even a thing I do on purpose anymore. Unless there’s future billboards with special hunts on them, I don’t need to do it because I’ve successfully crafted everything from the wallet to the lootsack including all upgrades. All of this was finished before I’d even landed on Hoyt’s southern island. How’s that for progress, SonicHomeboy?

Most of the story has been pretty lame. This is especially the case with anything regarding Jason Brody’s rise and acceptance as a warrior. Whenever a cutscene would play talking about this I only starting thinking about Ultimate Warrior’s entrance theme. Only three characters have been interesting and they’re Vaas, Agent Willis, and Sam Becker. Willis leaves for Russia halfway through the game which was unfortunate.

Recently on the podcast Twitter accounts (@HartandUsagi, @SpaceSuplex) I did a giveaway contest for two of the digital movie vouchers I got with Blu-ray purchases. One was for Gangs of New York and the other was for Total Recall (the 1990 edition, of course). I have a few more to giveaway and I’ll be doing that in the future on the shows. If you’d like to be in the running for them, then follow the podcasts on Twitter and look for when I’ll announce more.

It’s a long story for this final odd and end. I’ll try and keep it short.

My usual experience purchasing from Play-Asia is problematic in several ways. 1) I need to notify my bank I’m making an international transaction so they don’t block payment, 2) Endure a small fee for said payment, and 3) Wait an ungodly amount of time for Play-Asia to ship any items bought.

In this case I purchased Kamen Rider: Battride War and Kamen Rider: Battride War II for PlayStation 3. Of course I would buy more Kamen Rider right, JiibayDan? *wink* They’re basically a Dynasty Warriors clone with the Kamen Rider license.

I got the sequel to arrive first because it’s availability was 24 hours where as the first game was labeled as 1 week. As you can see below the second game arrived. The other game has yet to be charged or shipped to me and the order was placed on March 13th.


So that’s what I’ve been doing (or waiting for). What are you guys/gals up to?


Komplete First Editions

Here’s another set of four new movies. Two more DVD upgrades in The American President and Collateral Damage. The latter was a former Blockbuster rental copy. Oh, Blockbuster. Those where the days. The other two, Whiplash and Gangs of New York, are new to my collection altogether. I was reminded that Gangs was a Martin Scorsese picture so I decided to get it. Whiplash was my newest favorite after my initial viewing. It was the reason I selected it.


Onto the gaming side. I was with Usagi704 and we visited an out of town gaming store called Warp Zone. After much digging around, because heaven forbid I not be kneeling on the floor, looking through a bin of portable games, I found the Japanese version of Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge. The only difference I’m aware of is the subweapon difference of the Axe (NA) being the Cross (JP). I also found NHL Blades of Steel 2000 for the Game Boy Color. I didn’t know Konami ever made another Blades of Steel game after the NES title. I guess this is it. Unlike the original game it has both the NHL and NHL Players licenses.


The final three games puchased was the PlayStation 4 version of the rebooted Shadow Warrior. It marks my fifth game for the system I still do not own. I also picked up on a whim the Komplete Edition of Mortal Kombat, which was a used copy without an online pass, and Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. Both are for the PS3. I don’t plan to play online with MK9 so it’s just as well it didn’t have the pass with it. Gat Out of Hell was labeled a “First Edition.” It’s probably similar to “Day 1 Edition” and it includes DLC called the “Devil’s Workshop Pack.”



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