Hart & Usagi #72: TMNT Goes Platinum


In this new episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we talk about PlayStation 2 emulation on PlayStation 4, the ghastly phrase “Blast Processing”, YouTube’s Fair Use protections, and a Black Friday rant among other topics.

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* YouTube Launching Stronger Fair Use Protection Measures
* PS2 Emulation Confirmed For PS4
* The Man Responsible For Sega’s Blast Processing Gimmick Is Sorry For Creating “That Ghastly Phrase”
* Dark Souls 3 Interview: “It Wouldn’t Be Right to Continue Creating Souls”
* You can fight Majima anywhere in the world in the Yakuza remake
* New Onimusha Trademark Registered By Capcom
* Report: New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Leaked, Bayonetta 2 Studio Developing

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Hart & Usagi Podcast #59: Premium DLCmium


Welcome back video game fans to another quality episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast. On this trek out we chat Joystiq’s fall and rise again, how Nintendo and Sega have been bad boys, and the very good news regarding the FCC’s decision on Net Neutrality. We might even throw in some Puyo Puyo Tetris while we’re at it.

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* Mercenaries
* Final Fantasy IX
* Puyo Puyo Tetris
* The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
* AOL Shutting Down Joystiq and Massively
* Introducing ‘Joystiq X Engadget’: A new beginning
* Sega to Axe 300 Jobs as Focus Turns to PC and Mobile
* YouTubers Respond To ‘Nintendo Creator’s Program’
* EA Investigating “Free-to-Start” Console Games
* Devs Play Features John Romero Playing ‘Doom’
* Republican Lawmaker Puts Forward His Own ‘Net Neutrality’ Bill
* Report: FCC Drafting Plan To Stop State-Level Anti-Broadband Laws
* FCC Chairman Wants To Reclassify Broadband And Mobile Under Title II
* FCC Previews ‘New Rules for Protecting the Open Internet’
* SOE Turns Independent, Eyes Xbox Support
* Kojima Wants Open-World Metal Gear Solid 1 Remake for PS4

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Gametrailers, Updates, and Articles on the Craziness


Since this is the internet and there isn’t such a thing as “leaving.” I’ll just say that I’ll be doing the profile thing much more often over at Gametrailers.com. I’ve had an account there since July of this year so I’m already ready already.

If you’re interested in checking my profile out or tracking me and whatnot, my user name is the same. Oh and you can also use this quick link too.

Also, if it isn’t too much trouble, could you comment below to say what your GT user name is? It helps to reprogram my brain to a different user name by seeing the old and new one side by side.

Here’s all of the updates from the previous post along with some new ones.

The New Games Journalism by Tycho at Penny Arcade.
GamePolitics.com: Free Jeff Gerstmann!
So long and thanks for all the points… by Carrie
The Worst Part of All of this by Adam_B
In All Seriousness by Noweb_basic
Ebay Auction: GameSpot’s Credibility for sale! by TheRagingGamer
Jeff GameSpot by Richie-G
Jeff Gerstmann, As A Fellow Critic by Draqq_Zyxorian
Gerstmann Goes Off by GregK
Bad Analogy Time by AlexN
I really need to stop… by BobC
Coming through loud and clear… by AaronThomas

More comments I’ve left on other blogs.

I’m sure that if Jeff wasn’t ever appreciated that he would have been gone long before now. Maybe it had more to do with that they were just really used to him and his review style. I still don’t like it either, but like many former GS editors have been saying. Jeff will be fine. It’s the trust of the reviews here from now on that will have suffered the most.

A Sad Day For Gaming by tj_bernard

GameSpot Takes A Bullet For Kane & Lynch: Dead Men


I’m sure that by now you’ve all heard of the big uproar involving GameSpot and Eidos Interactive over the review of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men by Jeff Gerstmann.

Here’s the story as Joystiq tells it. Rumor: Gamespot’s editorial director fired over Kane & Lynch review

Update – 7:12 AM EST: Jeff has confirmed his firing to us via e-mail, but says he’s “not really able to comment on the specifics of my termination.” He added that he’s “looking forward to getting back out there and figuring out what’s next.” We’re still digging.

To add proof to the firing take a look at this picture of last week’s Xbox Newsletter. His photo was replaced with the “G” logo.

Here’s what my initial reaction was:
If CNET doesn’t reverse their lame ass decision, then they can kiss my buns of steel! I can guarantee that every review score from this site from now on will be a lot higher just because they won’t want to get fired. They shouldn’t have to do that.

The following are comments that I left on other blogs on this topic.
Gamer’s Rant #11 – The Death of GameSpot? by alpha99
I, for one, am not going to wait to comment on this. The reason being that this is wrong plain and simple. I’ve never been one to say “I’m leaving GameSpot,” however this will make that happen if CNET goes through with this. I’m totally true to my word, you’ll not see me here again. I have an account on Gametrailers and I’m not afraid to use it.

Look on the bright side by Noweb_basic
I don’t need someone fired to know if their reviews have credibility or not. All you need in that case are the whining of fanboys.

All good things… by carolynmichelle
Total Access No More by Adam_B
I applied several times to this site in the past two years. I’m glad that I didn’t get hired because I would’ve created a s*storm about this.

Other interesting blog entries:
In Gamespot I Trust No More by mclazyj
Jeff Gerstmann: Controversy by UnlivedPhalanx
”Maybe This Was All A Misunderstanding?” by Dirk13

Also there’s a huge topic in the Off-Topic Discussion forum about this.
Jeff Gertsman Fired. Its real guys…

As you might expect the forums at Eidos’ website looked like this at one point earlier today.

Violence Not Connected To Video Games

Why does the media always have to blame video games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, The Warriors, etc. for real life problems like this. I’ll tell you why. Because if they didn’t people like Jack Thompson wouldn’t have anything to do and would sit around rotting away.

Mike Mayo (what a name) of south Florida’s Sun-Sentinel wrote the following.

“How does a human being get to this point? …Maybe this was a gang initiation thing… Maybe you couldn’t find… any bugs to fry with a magnifying glass… Maybe you didn’t get enough nourishment in the womb or enough love as a child. Maybe you’ve been exposed to too much ”ultra-violence” through television, movies and video games, and you’ve been desensitized to real human pain and suffering as a result of all that make-believe bloodshed… I want to know how someone so young can treat bashing the bones and heads of the homeless as some sort of game.”

I don’t understand how violence on TV, movies, or video games could desensitize a person. I don’t find it a problem when a character in a game is killed, but I know that I’d have a hard time dealing with someone killing another right in front of me in the real world.

Some people are just not phased by death. How they are like that I don’t know. They could have simply been born that way. On the other hand, however, violent video games does not and will never make people kill or do what ever they saw. If someone commits a crime that is similar to an act in a certain game it’s because they may have gotten the idea from it and used the fact that the media will blame the game to get off easily. The person is the problem since they were already okay with the idea of violence before they even played the game in question.

My whole point to all of this is that the people in power need to help those that commit these crimes instead of fucking with my fun.

Game Politics post: Brutal Beatings Inspired by Video Games?
Joystiq article: JT demands recall of Warriors, Manhunt, and GTA series

Me to Thompson…Shut Up!

It seems that Jack Thompson can’t keep his mouth shut. He still goes on and on about this and that when referring to video games, yet shows nothing in the way of understanding the topic in question. Most non-gamers will look at Thompson as an “expert” on video game violence just because he yells loud enough for the masses to hear him. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only does he present a lack of gaming knowledge in infinite amounts, but also doesn’t usually show a maturity rate higher than that of an 11 year old (not that age guarantees maturity as it is).

If Mr. Thompson can pose as some type of video game expert, then I can instantly become an expert on skateboarding. I’ve never been on a skateboard in my life, just like Thompson has never played a single game that he bashes. But, as long as lots of other non-skateboarders hear me, then I’ll have more clout over the sport than Tony Hawk. If this sounds ridiculous to you, then you can easily see how ass backwards Thompson is.

Hey, Jack. Just because you can get on CNN 14 times doesn’t impress me. I’ve taken many more shits throughout my lifetime than your 14 CNN visits and nobody is impressed with me. So, how about you just lay off of your “crusade” to save the world’s children from violent games and instead save me from having to see and hear you anymore. I’m more likely to kill a random person from hearing you than from playing a game. Let me put this all in simple terminology that you’ll understand. Shut up!

Interesting Link: Justice League of AmericaPvPonline.com