Komplete First Editions

Here’s another set of four new movies. Two more DVD upgrades in The American President and Collateral Damage. The latter was a former Blockbuster rental copy. Oh, Blockbuster. Those where the days. The other two, Whiplash and Gangs of New York, are new to my collection altogether. I was reminded that Gangs was a Martin Scorsese picture so I decided to get it. Whiplash was my newest favorite after my initial viewing. It was the reason I selected it.


Onto the gaming side. I was with Usagi704 and we visited an out of town gaming store called Warp Zone. After much digging around, because heaven forbid I not be kneeling on the floor, looking through a bin of portable games, I found the Japanese version of Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge. The only difference I’m aware of is the subweapon difference of the Axe (NA) being the Cross (JP). I also found NHL Blades of Steel 2000 for the Game Boy Color. I didn’t know Konami ever made another Blades of Steel game after the NES title. I guess this is it. Unlike the original game it has both the NHL and NHL Players licenses.


The final three games puchased was the PlayStation 4 version of the rebooted Shadow Warrior. It marks my fifth game for the system I still do not own. I also picked up on a whim the Komplete Edition of Mortal Kombat, which was a used copy without an online pass, and Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. Both are for the PS3. I don’t plan to play online with MK9 so it’s just as well it didn’t have the pass with it. Gat Out of Hell was labeled a “First Edition.” It’s probably similar to “Day 1 Edition” and it includes DLC called the “Devil’s Workshop Pack.”



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Super Davis Bros.


It feels like it’s time for one of my patented now playing blog posts.

I noted a few weeks ago on Twitter that I was going to play some of what I called Ryan Davis games. These were listed on his profile on Giant Bomb for one reason or another. I’m doing so as a way to honor his memory as an awesomely entertaining gaming industry dude! First of three titles I decided to start was Super Mario Bros. 3. I specifically chose to play the visually upgraded port on the Super Nintendo via Super Mario All-Stars. I’ve never been very good at most of the games in the Mario series. I only think I’ve ever finished Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Land. As far as my SMB3 progress goes, I’m on World 8. I quickly did this by obtaining the two warp whistles in World 1, completing that world and half of World 2, and then using both whistles to warp to World 8.

I like that Super Mario All-Stars allows for the player to save their progress, but unfortunately it doesn’t save middle world progress. You have to complete an entire world in one sitting otherwise the save is no different. I doubt I’ll be seeing this title to the end, but at least it was great to revisit a classic.

Over on the likely close to finished Tomb Raider: Underworld, I’ve added an extra two hours on my runtime. I still haven’t found any runes, but I have collected the treasures whenever I can. I’m up to 118 out of 179. I also earned 73% of the game’s trophies. I’m at the beginning of another underwater section in the Arctic Sea. Go, Lara, go!

Another thing I asked about on Twitter was to choose one of the portable RPGs I owned from the list I provided. Of those @D_Fleischmann, @Gigastormz, and @Yokihana chose Dragon Warrior I & II (GBC), Golden Sun (GBA), and Dragon Warrior III, respectively.

I started on Dragon Warrior I. The memories of playing the NES version back in the day have come flooding back. I can’t remember everything, but the enemies and the overall layout of the overworld is still familiar after all these years. My current level is 9 with a total of 1,510 experience and I await for the moment when I can slay a Metal Slime without it running away.

Thanks for reading. Peace.

Now Playing: October 2011


One of two games I finished this month was Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. I continued to play it from the previous month and took 11 hours in total to complete the single player portion. I also played a number of Team Missions along side Usagi704. This game’s frustrating moments didn’t happen as often as I expected, but when they did they felt a bit unfair. The difficulty was the usual upping the amount of damage taken and lowering the amount of damage dealt. It’s a cheap way to make a game harder.

My preferred weapons were Emma’s Fang and the True Dragon Sword (once obtained). I also used Dragon’s Claw & Tiger’s Fang in certain situations. The Inferno Hammer used by Rachel was a beast of a weapon too.

Of course nobody really cares about the fun melee combat of NGS2. Everybody wants to know about the Sixaxis boob physics. It’s quite tame and underwhelming to be perfectly honest. I was expecting it to be a bit on the ridiculous side to get a WTF laugh out of it. No dice, unfortunately.

As you may recall my older model PS3 died on me at the beginning of this month. I did get a replacement within a few days and during that time I played Medal of Honor: European Assault on my PS2. Five to six missions were completed with the next being Operation: V2 Silence in North Africa.

Once I got the new PS3, I played a round of the X-Men arcade game with Valiek. He was the one who sold the system to me.

The other game I finished was Shadowgate Classic on Game Boy Color. With its origins as a PC adventure game, the menu to select commands from is a bit sloppy, but it could’ve been much worse. The music, on the other hand, is fantastic. It helps to set the moody atmosphere perfectly. Of course I needed an FAQ for the number of places I was stuck at different times. Still I recommend this game.

The final game (and the main one) I’ve been playing for the month is Demon’s Souls, as you likely know. This has been surprisingly one of the least frustrating games I’ve ever played. I’ve heard a number of games in the past being labeled as tough, but fair and this wasn’t usually the case when I played them. Demon’s Souls, however, is such a game.

As for my progress, it’s been pretty good since the last update. At just over 66 hours with a Soul Level of 97, I made quick work of Penetrator in 1-3 thanks to Biorr’s help. I summoned Usagi704 to help me with 5-1 and somehow he died via falling twice. The second time was at the start of the boss fight against Leechmonger who was super easy with Soul Ray.

The boss of 3-2 had been a roadblock for awhile because of the ease of being able to fall off of the bridge. I finally killed him with the fog door exploit by using about 125 Light Arrows. I then used Warding to lessen any damage and doused his party crashing buddy with fire for the win.

After ascending some stairs I was able to face off against the Old Monk boss. I was offline purposefully so I didn’t have to face another player summoned as the boss. The AI version was easy and not any real threat at range or up close.

Later on I was invaded by a player while in 4-2. However, he just stood still down the starting hallway with his shield raised. I didn’t understand why he wasn’t advancing and I didn’t want to do this whole thing anyway. I decided to quit the game outright to the XMB since no other way was possible from within the game. Surprisingly my placement and everything earned had been saved up to that point. I thought for sure I was going to at least lose a number of souls earned.

That’ll do it for me this time. Thanks for checking out my blogging space. Peace!

Demon’s Souls – Trophies: 12 / 38 (32%)
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – Trophies: 23 / 51 (45%)

The NBA Jam Betrayal


Over the last three days I went from telling you that the new NBA Jam was quite fun with only a minor grievance of not having a way to configure the controls to having a major hatred for the game’s half court camera angle for some of the events in Remix mode like Domination and 21.

I can’t stand this camera angle at all. It makes it very difficult to see where your player or teammate is when everybody’s position is reset after a basket is made. It’s also very hard to tell your distance vs. an opponent to make a block. The CPU players don’t help things by being merciless even on Easy.

I still love the traditional NBA Jam experience and the Classic Campaign was a lot of fun. I’d regularly win matches by a large margin. The biggest win being by around 22 points. I finished that mode on the 1st giving me my 20th game beaten this year. With that said, I’m not about to consider the SNES version I played many years ago to be outdated just yet.

Also in the previous blog update I brought up that I’d like to play Dragon Warrior again. I was convinced to do so not on the NES, but on the Game Boy Color compilation Dragon Warrior I & II thanks to the most recent HVGN video. I found a game only copy of this locally the very next day.


Dragons and Aliens, oh my!


A few days ago I was playing Alien Crush (PSN verison) and was having my best game ever. It was going so great that I had to save where I was and come back to it later. Once I started it again I didn’t last as long, but it did give me my best score ever.



My previous best score was 36,570,300. Quite the improvement if I do say so myself. Because of this I do consider Alien Crush finished making it #19 on the year.

After finishing up Assassin’s Creed last week I wasn’t sure what to play next. I knew I wanted it to be a PS3 game which had trophy support. I let the “Fortune Cookie” on Backloggery.com choose a random game. It ended up being NBA Jam.

So far I’ve just been playing the Classic Campaign with the Utah Jazz. Record is 20-0. It’s a return to form for the series and I’m enjoying it. Despite this I do have a small issue with it: the lack of a control configuration. I prefer turbo on R1 or R2, like I’ve been playing it since the days of the SNES. Unfortunately, it’s stuck on L1 and L2. Like I said, it’s a small problem, but nothing that would lower the score if I were to review it.

I know in the future I’m going to want to experience my first RPG again, but was shown why it shouldn’t be on the NES. The game in question is Dragon Warrior.

I, like most Westerners, got their first taste of the RPG genre through Dragon Warrior thanks to the giveaway by Nintendo Power back in 1990. I remember finishing it twice back then and finding it quite fun. Despite this I didn’t play many RPGs after.

This is where the Game Boy Color compilation Dragon Warrior I & II comes in. The Happy Video Game Nerd makes a comparison of the first Dragon Warrior game on the NES and GBC showing that you can get much further in the first 30 minutes on the portable version than you can on the NES version. On the NES, the player still can’t leave the starting area and some of the minor enemies are still a problem. On the Game Boy Color, the player has already been able to start on the first dungeon. This video of his has me wanting to try the GBC version.

E3 2011: Nintendo Press Conference


PLEASE NOTE: This is my comments from Twitter that I made as the conference happened. If you can’t handle a difference of opinion from your own, then please DO NOT read this or comment.

* Zelda montage starts out the Nintendo press conference.

* Shigeru Miyamoto out first talking about the newest Zelda game and the series’ 25 year history.

* The original Game Boy title Link’s Awakening is going to be available on the 3DS shop today. [as in Wednesday]

* Four Swords free download later this year.

* A number of existing games series quickly shown for 3DS. Now Reggie to tell me what I want instead of letting me decide.

* 3DS title announced: Mario Kart. Overly gimmicked more than ever. Nope, sorry Reggie, I don’t want that. Try again.

* RT @Monodo: Mario Kart 3DS… That’s like announcing that the sun will rise in the morning.

* Star Fox 64 ported to 3DS. Traditional controls included! What a bonus!

* Another 3DS title: Super Mario 3D. I’m guessing it’s newer than New Super Mario Bros.

* Story trailer shown for Kid Icarus: Uprising. It will be out this year.

* Luigi’s Mansion 2 is another 3DS title. What was it like around 10 years since the last one? [Yes. It was released in 2001.] I didn’t know anybody really liked Luigi’s Mansion to begin with.

* 3DS Virtual Console with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Also 3D Classics: Excitebike.

* Pokedex 3D. Kind of like looking at the girls in Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball just with Pokemon instead.

* My new gaming companion is…a new Nintendo home console? The new console name is “Wii U” or is it “WiiU.” [I looked for it in print on Nintendo’s website. It’s written with a space as “Wii U.”

* Another controller gimmick courtesy of the Wii U.

* Screen size on controller is 6.2 inches. That’s what she said.

* The Wii U is like a large home console version of the DS. One screen on the controller and the TV as the other screen. It even has the same d-pad and face buttons as the DS Lite. Not preferred.

* New Smash Bros. game for both Wii U and 3DS only mentioned. A long time before we see anything I’m guessing.

* Darksiders 2, Arkham City, Assassins Creed, Ghost Recon Online all coming for WiiU.

* Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge quickly shown.

* Just so all people know, Wii U is a horrible name just as any other.

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The weather has been ridiculous in the last week with snow here and everywhere. Tons of this stuff has been dumped and it wouldn’t be so bad if the local city crew didn’t suck as much ass as they do clearing the streets. Even the main roads are really neglected. I should slide my car on down to city hall and tell them that I could do a better job by myself…blindfolded.

Now moving onto my gaming update since you’d much rather read about that.

The last time I talked about Borderlands (almost two weeks ago), I’ve reached level 31 with my soldier. When I joined other online game sessions in progress it was nice to feel needed unlike in LittleBigPlanet where people want you to piss off as soon as you join.

Trophies: 30 / 51 (59%)

Other than that only Mortal Kombat: Armageddon is getting my attention. I’ve uploaded six new videos half consisting of fights and half of racing.

Kai vs. Rain (x3)

Motor Kombat – Lin Kuei Raceway
Scorpion vs. Johnny Cage

Motor Kombat – Outworld Refinery
Sub-Zero vs. Cyrax

Motor Kombat – Botan Jungle
Sub-Zero vs. Raiden

Kung Lao vs. Rain
Kabal vs. Johnny Cage
Kabal vs. Scorpion

Kai vs. Scorpion
Kai vs. Rain

I ended up finding a couple of uncommon items a few days ago. One was Mega Man Maverick Hunter X and the other was an interesting gold and silver colored Pokemon Game Boy Color. The unit has clearly been used, but not abused. It still works great.