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If you’ve been keeping up with my gaming adventures in audio and text form, then you would’ve come across my thoughts on playing through Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. It was very enjoyable, but if I were to recommend one of the games in the series to a newcomer, I’d still suggest ACII out of the first three titles.

My gripe about the map of Rome not opening up until very late in the game is still a problem I have with Brotherhood. The story was a good continuation of Ezio’s adventures and I also had some fun besting times set by my friends in the obstacle courses.

I’m currently on Brotherhood’s sequel, Revelations, and I already had my first taste of the tower defense portion. I don’t think it’s going to go very well. I’ve never been a fan of tower defense games and this is clearly not the genre for its inclusion. Thankfully I’ll still have @D_Fleischmann on Twitter for encouragement. :)

The other game I played was Moon Diver. This Strider clone, made by the same man who did the original 1989 arcade game, is very grind heavy. It makes for a slow going affair which isn’t good in an action game.

I did find one character I liked of the four available and leveled to 46 and reached stage 12. Sadly your progression with each character is separated from the rest. This means Seyfert at stage 4 can’t play stage 12 even though Ourion has made it there. This separation and the slow grind deters you from playing more than one character. Also the laser turrets in later levels drain health very fast even if you have lots of it.

I don’t recommend Moon Diver. The newest Strider downloadable game seems to fair as a better gaming experience. Granted this was released three years prior.

Thank you for reading my humble gaming update. Please check out the most recent episodes of my podcasts below. Bye for now!

* Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – 1h26m; 10.87%; 2 trophies
* Moon Diver – Seyfert Lv. 18; Stage 4 | Ourion Lv. 46; Stage 12; 4 trophies
* Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – 35h56m; 79.7%; 34 trophies


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Do you FeelPlus?


Recently ever since I finished Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood I’ve been ready to get into the next game in the series, Revelations. I mentioned previously that I normally don’t do this to keep a series from getting stale. I haven’t started the next game just yet because I want to experience it as I share it with fellow AC gamer @D_Fleischmann.

In the meantime I’ve been playing Moon Diver. This is a downloadable game on PSN and XBL by FeelPlus and Square Enix. In a similar way it seems akin to how grind heavy Hard Corps: Uprising was for a Contra game. The only difference being Moon Diver is more like another classic arcade game. You may have heard of it; Strider. Both Strider and Moon Diver were directed by Koichi Yotsui.

On the collection front I didn’t buy any new games, but I did want to play some of Final Fight CD with Usagi704. I couldn’t because the audio/video cables weren’t connecting fully to the TV. I did easily find cables that did the job.

I also picked up a used original Super Nintendo controller. It definitely feels used alright. The Start button needs to be pressed down quite a bit for anything to happen. Otherwise it seems to hold up fairly well. This includes fighting games.

Thanks for reading!


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