New Releases 2009: March 15-28


The large amount of games keep on coming. For the immediate week my interests are GTA on the DS and my pick of the week Resistance: Retribution. All reviews are positive on the game, but IGN really sold me on the superb job that was done by the team that did the PSP Syphon Filter titles.

Pick out your favorites and then come on back.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (PS3, WII)
Ready 2 Rumble Revolution (WII)
Resistance: Retribution (PSP)
Scrabble (PSP, DS)
Suikoden Tierkreis (DS)
Tom Clancy’s HAWX (PC)
TrackMania DS (DS)
Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (DS)
World in Conflict: Complete Edition (PC)

Back? Excellent.

Even more games for the final full week of March. My interests lie with Broken Sword on the DS, Legends of Wrestlemania (which I don’t expect anything good from), Wheelman, and finally my pick for the week: Wanted: Weapons of Fate.

My previous choices made sense to most, but I’m sure somebody was experiencing a little cognitive desistance with the directly above choices.

I must say that I never saw the Wanted movie and went into the demo without any idea outside of the whole bullet curving thing. The melee kills are awesome, but the bullet curving seems to be the game’s weak point. It doesn’t seem to have the desired result when using it. I usually went for melee, environmental, or slow-mo kills.

I also have never played Broken Sword before. I found myself interested in learning more after watching a review of the GBA version. Despite that point-and-click games aren’t really my thing, like RPGs, I’m still drawn to it.

Broken Sword: Shadows of the Templars (Director’s Cut) (DS, WII)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (PS3)
Dark Sector (PC)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (DS, WII)
Legends of Wrestlemania (PS3, X360)
MotoGP 08 (WII)
Pokemon Platinum (DS)
Stormrise (PS3, X360, PC)
Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (PSP)
Ultimate Ninja 4: Naruto Shippuden (PS2)
Wanted: Weapons of Fate (PS3, X360, PC)
Wheelman (PS3, X360, PC)

That’ll do it for me. I’ll leave you with the Austrian Death Machine. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to “get to da choppa!”

Demo Supremacy


Today I decided to try out the four demos that I’ve downloaded over the last few weeks. Here we go.

Iron Man
I’ve already read the reviews for this game so I knew mostly what to expect. It’s pretty much just as those reviews have stated. The combat is either really easy (at a distance) or a pain (up close). I was usually hovering instead of actually flying since the controls didn’t seem to be able to handle it very well. Of course, the melee button didn’t get much use since, as I said, fighting at a distance is much easier.

Iron Man isn’t worth the money so I’ll take a pass on it.

Dark Sector
I found the demo for Dark Sector to be a little odd. The media that’s out there for the game may lead you to believe that the Glaive weapon can dispatch enemies with little effort. This isn’t the case unless you have the ability for a stronger throw. Another thing that I didn’t care much for was how your character runs. It’s done the same way here as it was done in Gears of War. Maneuverability is small which I found annoying (in both games). In combat I found that I wanted to use the Glaive, but I kept going back to the guns since I was more comfortable with them.

In the end I didn’t feel that this demo truly represents what the full game is like. So while I’m a little cautious about a purchase, I’ll probably buy it eventually. I know that I currently own games that are much worse.

Being the best of the bunch, Haze isn’t radically different from the other first-person shooters on the market. However, it does share something in common with two Half-Life modifications, Vampire Slayer and Natural Selection, that I used to play a lot of. That common feature was that the opposing teams play quite a bit differently from each other.

The single player portion of the demo lets you play a small amount just as a member of Mantel Industries. It didn’t blow me away, but from what I was able to play, it was fun and the experience was frustration free.

Haze will be on my buy list for sure once it’s released.

The Bourne Conspiracy
I must say out right that I really liked the Bourne films. When I first saw someone playing this demo it was very entertaining. I really like how it goes between a quick cutscene and into the action very seamlessly. The takedown moves are also very cool too.

Once I started playing the demo, though, some of that excitement that I had wore off. My first problem was needing to push a button for what the game calls “Bourne Sense” or something like that. All it does is briefly show your objectives on the mini-map. I’d personally like to have the objectives always showing on the map. It just seems like a needless extra button press.

Loading is another problem. I was amazed at how long it took to reload the last checkpoint on something that was 100% on the hard drive. I think it took close to a minute before it finished up. Here’s hoping that High Moon Studios gets that down to at least half that amount of time if not less.

Overall, The Bourne Conspiracy was fun and I expect it to grow on me over time. More than likely it will be on my purchase list.

New Releases 2008: March 16-29


The next two weeks are looking pretty packed with some big titles being released. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII are this week and next week’s most anticipated games, respectively.

I’m personally looking forward to Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, Sega Superstars Tennis, and Dark Sector.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (PS3, X360)
Condemned 2: Bloodshot (PS3)
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (DS)

Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection (PS2)
Sega Superstars Tennis (PS2, WII, X360, DS, PS3)
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds (PS3)
Lost in Blue 3 (DS)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP)
Dark Sector (PS3, X360)
Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath (PC)

Viking: Battle for Asgard (X360, PS3)
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 (PS2)
Harvest Moon DS Cute (DS)

Top 10 Tracked Games


The following list is the ten games that I’m tracking that have the highest amount of total GameSpot members tracking as well. The tracking list serves as a coming soon list of sorts for myself. So that would make Killzone 2 the most tracked game on GS that I’m also looking forward to.

Killzone 2 (PS3) – 14,243
Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3) – 8,541
Haze (PS3) – 4,763
God of War III (PS3) – 2,931
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (PS3) – 2,507
Heavy Rain (PS3) – 2,471
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (DS) – 1,864
Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3) – 1,785
Dark Sector (PS3) – 1,723
Dragon Quest IX: Guard of the Starry Night (DS) – 1,485

In The Anticipation Zone: Post GDC

In just a week after posting my ten anticipated games for 2008, I’m updating again. The Game Developers Conference was way more exciting than I was expecting. I’m sure I’m not the only one that felt that this year’s event had some of that E3 feeling with all of the great announcements. GameSpot’s coverage was great as was the wealth of videos on other sites like Gametrailers.

This list isn’t in any specific order and probably doesn’t have games that you want. Don’t like it? Too bad. Deal with it.

Prototype by Radical Ent.
PS3, X360, PC – Q3 2008

Last time I noted that the Mercenaries series is great for the kind of misc. mayhem that’s offered in The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Well, here’s the game that’s being made by that same development team. I wasn’t all that excited for this even knowing what style of game it was until I heard that Radical Entertainment was behind it. This game has awesome written all over it!


The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga by SNK Playmore
PSP, PS2, WII – Q4 2008

In my SNK column I listed the huge amount of games that SNK Playmore is releasing this year. I’m excited for all of them, but this one is probably my most anticipated game from them. Having the first five King of Fighters games in one package is great, but since I’ll have KoF ’98 on the PS2 with The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match, then for this collection I’ll be taking it on the go with the PSP version. Sweetness!


Sega Superstars Tennis by Sumo Digital
PS3, PS2, X360, DS, WII – March 18, 2008

I originally wasn’t all that interested in this game since Nintendo has pretty much covered all of the sports with their Mario franchise. I’ve also never played those games because of all of the extra hazards on the field/court. However, once I saw this game in action from GDC videos I must say that I was impressed with how the game has turned out so far.


Lego Batman by Traveller’s Tales
PC, PS2, PS3, X360, DS, WII – Q2 2008

I find it funny how I’ve been tracking this game before the Lego Indiana Jones game was even announced and this is the first time that there’s been some more information on Lego Batman. I like how almost every major character will be making an appearance in the game in some way. It also reminds me of the great Batman: The Animated Series show from the mid-’90s.


Other anticipated games of 2008:
God of War: Chains of Olympus by Ready at Dawn
PSP – March 4, 2008

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood by BioWare
DS – TBA 2008

The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match by SNK Playmore
PSP – Q4 2008

Dark Sector by Digital Extremes
PS3, X360 – March 25, 2008

Space Invaders Extreme by Taito Corporation
PSP, DS – June 10, 2008

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames by Pandemic Studios
PS2, PS3, PC, X360 – TBA 2008

In The Anticipation Zone III

I’ve decided to do a third top ten most anticipated games article after looking at the previous two. The thing that caught my eye about the first post in January 2007 is that four of the ten games listed are still not out. The second post was written soon after E3 back in late July. This list will be revision number three and will consist of games that I’m excited for the next ten months.

Dark Sector by Digital Extremes
PS3, X360 – March 25, 2008

The whole premise of basing combat around a crazy looking circular blade was sweet to begin with. But then the developers went and added a visceral experience that includes elemental extras like fire, ice, and electricity. To say that I’m interested in this title is somewhat of an understatement.


God of War: Chains of Olympus by Ready at Dawn
PSP – March 4, 2008

I’ve totally been a fan of this series since the beginning so it goes without saying that I’ve signed up for this adventure quite awhile ago. I haven’t played the demo and I don’t feel the need to since I know what to expect and I can’t wait to swing those dual blades once again!


Dragon’s Lair by United Coders
PSP, DS – Q1 2008 (DS) | Q4 2008 (PSP)

The visually exciting 1983 arcade game finally comes home in all of its original glory.


Mercenaries 2: World in Flames by Pandemic Studios
PS2, PS3, PC, X360 – TBA 2008

Here’s a game that’s slipped by on several release dates, but I’m still going to be there whatever the release day actually is. I haven’t played a game with the kind of misc. mayhem that’s offered in this upcoming game since I last played The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction over a year ago. Because of that I’m still really looking forward to World in Flames.


Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood by BioWare
DS – TBA 2008

Sonic the Hedgehog in a role-playing game? That’s all you’d have to say to get me interested in this DS exclusive. And that’s coming from someone that’s nowhere near a big fan of Sonic games. Add on top of that the involvement of BioWare as the developer of the game and you know you’ve got quality.

Other anticipated games of 2008:
Lego Batman by Traveller’s Tales
PC, PS2, PS3, X360, DS, WII – Q2 2008

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword by Team Ninja
DS – March 20, 2008

Metal Slug 7 by SNK Playmore
DS – TBA 2008

Haze by Free Radical
PS3 – May 20, 2008

FlatOut: Head On by Empire Interactive
PSP – March 11, 2008

The Best of E3 2007


Here’s my awards for the huge three days of E3. It’s simple and to the point with links to the corresponding videos.

Best Press Conference: Sony

Day 1
Best Stage Demo: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
Runner-up: Assassin’s Creed
Most Surprisingly Good Stage Demo: Conan
Honorable Mention: Turok

Day 2
Best Stage Demo: Contra 4
Runner-up: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Most Surprisingly Good Stage Demo: Medal of Honor: Airborne
Honorable Mention: Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

Day 3
Best Stage Demo: Dark Sector
Runner-up: Half-Life 2: Episode 2
Most Surprisingly Good Stage Demo: Folklore
Honorable Mention: Rock Band

Game of the Show: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames