Hart & Usagi #69: The Super SNES


It’s time for another scintillating Hart & Usagi Podcast episode. We talk about DigitalTrends.com’s Top 25 SNES games article, the cancelled Jak 4, and we get excited for announced titles such as Mafia 3, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and Dark Souls III. All this and more!

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* Here Are The Top 25 Games That Made The SNES, Well, Super
* USgamer Community Question: Which is Best – Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis?
* Consumers complain to FCC about ‘data caps’
* Beautiful Concept Art from Naughty Dog’s Jak and Daxter 4 Canceled Game Surfaces
* Scathing Nikkei Report Hints At Shameful Treatment Of Staff By Dictatorial Konami Management
* PlayStation Game-Streaming Service Officially Hits PS Vita Tuesday
* Need for Speed Series Had Too Many Games, Too Quickly, Dev Says
* Why New Need for Speed for Xbox One/PS4/PC Is Always-Online
* Activision Blizzard CEO Donates $50,000 to Chris Christie Presidential Bid
* Reddit bans some of its most well-known racist communities
* Mafia 3 Tackles Racism and the Vietnam War in 1960s New Orleans
* Why Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a Frontrunner for Gamescom’s Best Game
* Dark Souls III is Faster, Smoother, and More Fluid Than its Predecessors
* 90 Minutes with Dark Souls III Put My “Sequelitis” Fears to Rest
* Street Fighter 5 is a Bolder Reinvention Than Looks Suggest
* Crackdown 3 to Include “100 Percent Destructible Environments”
* Crackdown 3 Destruction Restricted to Multiplayer
* Sony’s New PS4 Projector Costs As Much As The Console
* Sony Explains Decision to Increase PlayStation Plus Three Month Subscription Price in Europe
* PS4 System Update 3.00 Adds Twitter Video, YouTube Broadcasts, and More
* Resident Evil 2 Remake Confirmed
* Wow, Spotify’s New Privacy Policy is Atrocious

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2007 Game of the Year Redux


Just as with my previous entry for 2006, this is a revisiting of that year in gaming. These are the nominees chosen out of the games I’ve played which were released in 2007.

Please make note that any comments made revolving around where this game or that game is will be dealt with accordingly. I think you can figure out what I mean. This applies to everybody whether you read this warning or not. In the words of Kamen Rider Accel, “Don’t ask me [such] questions.”

Crackdown (X360)
God of War II (PS2)
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (DS)
Stuntman: Ignition (PS2)
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (PS3)

2007 Game of the Year: God of War II

I can easily say after playing all of the games in the God of War series that God of War II is still my favorite. It benefited from the improvements made from the first game and it also has the best first boss encounter of any of them. I love how the Colossus of Rhodes follows your every move even only watching and waiting to attack.

God of War II is also one fantastic game for the PlayStation 2 at a time when it was finally winding down to make way for the new generation of consoles. I felt it still beat out most of them in quality and overall gaming experience.

Runner-up: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Speaking of a great gaming experience, the game which was initially nicknamed “Dude Raider” was Naughty Dog’s newest IP in quite awhile. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune combined great shooting and platforming with the sarcastic wit of its main character making for a fun time even if Sixaxis grenade throwing wasn’t the best idea around.

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E3 As I Saw It: The Microsoft Press Conference


I was on twitter during the whole conference throwing out my thoughts. Here’s a straight copy and paste of what I had said. Mind the language if that’s not your thing.

* As expected the babies are crying over on GS because the video isn’t playing. It’s one of those sad E3 traditions.

* The GS stream is now on. If you’re still going to cry, I suggest sticking yourself in the neck with a broken bottle.

The Beatles: Rock Band
* Exclusive means, well, shit if it’s only ONE SONG.

Modern Warfare 2
* Seen this MW2 trailer [already]. I’m not excited for the game. I don’t play CoD4 online.

* Thanks for the live guy with a controller. I wouldn’t think it’s real otherwise. (lol)

* Thanks for that controller shot (x2) I still wasn’t sure it being real gameplay. Please a few more times damn idiots. (lol)

Shadow Complex
* That game’s map looks like one in Castlevania.

Joy Ride
* Joy Ride’s an excuse to use their avatars like Nintendo’s been doing. Neither excite me.

Crackdown 2
* Crackdown 2! Finally something that’s cool! See I’m not a fanboy for any system.

* My bottle is ready to be broken for neck stabbing purposes.

Halo Reach
* “Top secret project.” Please spare me the marketing bullshit speak. I knew it was another Halo game. *yawn*

Netflix upgrade, Last.fm, Facebook, and Twitter XBL additions
* Everything post Alan Wake has sucked the big one.

Metal Gear Solid Rising
* The great thing about MGS Rising is that the dumb ass rumors about MGS4 can shut the fuck up.

Motion-sensing camera – Project Natal
* Controllers aren’t difficult to use. You just push buttons. Babies can do that.

* Dark brown is a perfect color for this paint thing. It’s shit!

* Correction: The most imprecise controller is you.

Check out my Day 1 recap of Retro Revival Week if you’ve missed it. Later.

2007 Game of the Year


This year, just like last year, I was going to make a number of graphics for the huge awards for 2007. Well, if you’ve seen Usagi704’s awards, then you’ll know that I did all of the graphics that he used. Once I was finished doing that I tried to do mine, but for whatever reason I was less than excited to do them. This lead me to think up a different idea to present my awards or should I say award.

I will only be presenting the big Game of the Year award. There will be 13 nominees and they will come from my monthly Now Playing blog posts (December ’06-December ’07). The 13 games will consist of the games that I enjoyed the most for each month. This rule will be the case regardless of whether or not I’ve played the game before. It also doesn’t matter if the game was released in 2007 or not. So in case you were wondering, yes, a game can win back-to-back Game of the Year awards if I choose to do this again in the future with these same rules.

12/06 — Astro Boy: Omega Factor (GBA)
1/07 — The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (PS2)
2/07 — Crackdown (X360)
3/07 — Burnout Revenge (PS2)
4/07 — Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS)
5/07 — Raiden Trad (GEN)
6/07 — God of War II (PS2)
7/07 — Ultimate Spider-Man (PS2)
8/07 — Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando (PS2)
9/07 — Final Fantasy III (SNES)
10/07 — Gradius III (SNES)
11/07 — Mortal Kombat Trilogy (N64)
12/07 — Crash Bandicoot: Warped (PS)

And the winner is: one of these 13 games once I make this difficult decision. :P

Getting To Know: Episode CXCIX


What’s the first video game system you owned?
The first console that I owned and paid for myself was the original PlayStation. As far as the first one that I ever played. That was a third-party Atari 2600 system called the Gemini by Coleco. Their controllers were better solely because the joystick and paddle were together instead of separate.

Have you ever played a game with a celebrity?
Does a Half-Life mod team count? If so, then it was when I was a beta tester for the Red Winter mod team. They never ended up totally completing or releasing their mod publicly.

rw_evac1-tn rw_evac2-tn rw_subbs4-tn

Have you ever used cheat codes?
I sure have and I love them. Once Galoob released the Game Genie for the NES I was all over that! I had a Game Genie for every system that I owned. That included the NES, SNES, and Game Boy. There actually was one exception and that was the Game Gear. I never felt I needed it for that system since I didn’t played it all that much. I also had the GameShark for the PlayStation.

Now there just isn’t the amount of cheat codes in games like there used to be. That’s the main reason I don’t use them much anymore. The lack of good codes like infinite ammo, god mode, and the like are also why I don’t bother with them. I never got excited over a code for big head mode or somthing similar. I still like cheat codes, however. When a game like Mercenaries comes along and has the awesome codes that I like, I’ll gladly use them.

Are you a controller tosser?
Nope. I never tossed controllers, but I sure slammed them down many, many times. Those NES games were hard. What else was I to do? :lol:

What is your current achievement point total?
I currently have a total gamerscore of 805. I find that amazing for someone that doesn’t even own an Xbox 360.

Which game do you have the most achievements completed in?
That would be Crackdown, with 520 points, without a doubt. More than half of my total score has come from that game. That’s 65% of the total to be exact. Gears of War is in a distant second place with only 120 points completed.

What’s your guilty pleasure game?
That’s an easy one. NBA ShootOut ’98. It’s such a shitty game that some how almost received a perfect score by GamePro. That review was probably what made me buy it. You know it’s a terrible game if you can win an 8-minute game by 50 points with only dunks and free throws.

Now Playing: March ’07


This month’s stack of games played reached 11. A bulk of the time was reserved for the three most recently released Burnout games on the PlayStation 2, Takedown, Revenge, and Dominator. I’m going through Takedown for the second time, while Revenge and Dominator are getting the first time treatment. I’ve had Revenge pretty much since its release date, but I was too distracted by the terrible music to notice the great game underneath. Now that I’m ignoring the music, I’m having lots of fun with the game. Some of the jumps in that game are really incredible!

The games that I managed to beat were Crackdown, Batman Returns (SNES), and Double Dragon Advance. Batman Returns is fairly easy until you fight the bosses. Catwoman is a total pain in the ass. She moves fast and makes it very difficult to get close enough to do much damage. Oh and she also has that super long range whip and you have to face her a second time. Provided that you can even beat her the first time.

The multiplayer games of the month were Double Dragon Advance via GBA to GBA link and versus matches in the PS3 downloadable game Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

Other games that were played: Super Castlevania IV, Axelay, and Batman (NES), with an honorable mention to The Adventures of Batman & Robin (SNES). The game is hard, but fair. If you die it’s because you haven’t exactly figured it out yet.

The next game I’m going to get into is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It isn’t the XBLA version, but instead the original PlayStation game.

“I gotta take a dump.”


I officially completed Crackdown yesterday. Now I’m trying to do some of the achievements and max out my characters stats. Do you find it somewhat difficult to know how to do some of these achievements as I do? The Xbox.com descriptions aren’t any good and neither is the GameSpot game guide. However, don’t fear. I have just the guide for you. There’s an achievement guide for Crackdown over at the British Gaming Blog. The descriptions are great and they even tell you where to go for the best results.

Now it’s time for some more humorous videos from ScrewAttack.com. These videos aren’t new. Far from it. But there isn’t a specific page on their website to easily find them. I had to view the older main pages one-by-one to find these. Constantly having to “Click here for last week’s cool stuff…” was pretty annoying. But at least it yielded some crazy videos.

* Movie Quote of the Week: Pokemon
* Movie Quote of the Week: Doom
* g1 Submission: Double Dragon (NES) tips and tricks