Hart & Usagi Podcast #58: FPS


This is a special episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast. We welcome back ebbderelict. Our main discussion will be about first-person shooters. However, beforehand we discuss some news.

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* Top 5 Most Violent Games of 2014, According to Consumer Reports
* Hackers Ruin Christmas for Xbox and PlayStation Users
* CISPA To Be Reintroduced in The House This Week
* ESRB Gives Hatred An Adults Only Rating
* Hotline Miami 2 Designer To Australian Gamer: Just Pirate It
* USgamer Community Question: What’s Your Most Anticipated Game of 2015?
* First-person shooters discussion

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Game of the Year 2013


It’s now time for the big award. My Game of the Year award. Three games stood out to me, but only one takes the glory home.

The praise BioShock Infinite got around the time of its release was well deserved as it all worked well together and the game was fun to play. The sudden turn against it later in the year made little sense. It was just a bunch of sheep afraid to continue liking the game because somebody else had a problem with something minor in the story. Sure it’s not perfect, but no video game is in that department. Regardless I enjoyed my time with BioShock Infinite.

In October I played Dark Souls for my Halloween gaming event. It was a fantastic expansion of what From Software started on the PlayStation 3 with Demon’s Souls. I was a bit confused on how to build a good character and ended up sticking with mostly magic attacks as I did in the previous game. Gwyn went down to my Soul Spears.

The winner, as if you didn’t already know what game it was thanks to the above graphic, and my Game of the Year is Sleeping Dogs. This was a game I played in December and I love it. It was suggested by NiceGuyNeon who said he knew I’d love it. And that I did. This was one of those middle-of-the-road titles, as I like to call them, where the production values may not be the greatest in all areas like a Grand Theft Auto game, but it does do things wonderfully where it needs to. A highly recommended game for those looking for a kung-fu fun time!

Thanks for reading my awards posts and if you missed any you can check them out under the “goty2013” tag.

Have a good one!

Games Finished In 2013


The list below shows every game that I finished in 2013. The total number comes to 36. That’s down 15 from 2012.

November proved to be the best month for beating games with 8 in total thanks to TMNT Month with a monthly average of 3.

When it comes to earning those fancy trophies, I was able to earn 226 last year.

1. Double Dragon Neon (PSN) – 1/2
2. Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (VC) – 1/11
3. Batman (NES) – 1/30
4. Bionic Commando (PS3) – 2/24
5. Shatter (PSN) – 3/6
6. Rocket Knight (PSN) – 3/10
7. Tomb Raider: Legend (PSP) – 3/15
8. G.I. Joe (ARC) – 4/11
9. Resistance 2 (PS3) – 4/13
10. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (PS3) – 4/26
11. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie (GEN) – 5/4
12. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection (PSN) – 5/5
13. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (PSN) – 5/5
14. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Ver. (PSN) – 5/22
15. The King of Fighters ’98 (PSN) – 5/22
16. BioShock Infinite (PS3) – 5/25
17. F.E.A.R. 3 (PS3) – 6/21
18. X-Men (PSN) – 7/10
19. Streets of Rage 2 (PSN) – 8/9
20. Tomb Raider: Underworld via The Tomb Raider Trilogy (PS3) – 8/11
21. Dragon Warrior via Dragon Warrior I & II (GBC) – 8/21
22. Marvel Ultimate Alliance (PS2) – 8/31
23. Dragon’s Crown (PS3) – 9/20
24. Splatterhouse (TG-16) – 10/22
25. Dark Souls (PS3) – 11/8
26. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (GB) – 11/9
27. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back from the Sewers (GB) – 11/11
28. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PS2) – 11/12
29. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus (PS2) – 11/20
30. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare (PS2) – 11/23
31. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time via Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare (PS2) – 11/23
32. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (SNES) – 11/25
33. The Mark of Kri (PS2) – 12/3
34. Kirby’s Dream Land 2 via Kirby’s Dream Collection (WII) – 12/7
35. Sleeping Dogs (PS3) – 12/13
36. Space Invaders Extreme 2 (DS) – 12/25

Hart & Usagi Podcast #39: The Illest


The Hart & Usagi Podcast episode 39 brings you a lively discussion on the issue of a distributor blacklisting Indian gaming website Illgaming, story vs. gameplay, progress in Dark Souls, among other topics. Please join HartKnight (me), usagi704, and our guest lightnarcissus as we get to the bottom of Ludo Discobiscuits.

* The Ugly Truth
* Game OverThinker: Episode 88 – GTA V IS NOT A SATIRE (PROBABLY)
* Hart & Usagi Podcast #31: BioShock Infinite
* Story vs. Gameplay
* How Typing of the Dead: Overkill survived its studio’s apocalypse
* Dark Souls
* DualShock 4 (and PS3 compatibility)
* Ultra Street Fighter 4 adds ‘Ultra Combo Double’ and ‘Red Focus Attack’ mechanics

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Hart & Usagi Podcast #31: BioShock Infinite


Welcome one and all to a new episode of the Hart and Usagi Podcast. This is episode 31 and I, along with returning guests SonicHomeboy and lightnarcissus, talk about our experiences playing BioShock Infinite.

We do reveal things you might not want to know about if you haven’t played the game to the finish. However, if you’re still interested in what we have to say, then I suggest downloading this episode and saving it until you complete the game. This way you won’t miss out on our thoughts.

Enjoy the episode!

Sorry about the audio quality during part of the show.

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* BioShock Infinite
* Strife

Now Playing: May 2013


I played a bunch of games over the month of May. A majority of them were multiplayer sessions with SonicHomeboy and/or Usagi704. Check out this blog post entitled, fittingly so, Much Multiplayer, to read up on my time with Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie for Genesis, Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

The last two and a half weeks have consisted mainly of BioShock Infinite. I would cover it now, but this Tuesday will be a new recording of the Hart and Usagi Podcast. This will be where SonicHomeboy, lightnarcissus, and I will be talking in depth about this amazing game. Listen in, won’t you?

Back to multiplayer gaming, I played another three fighting games against Usagi. They were JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Ver., Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, and The King of Fighters ’98.

Just to get this one out of the way, the Fatal Fury game is decent, but lacks enough polish that playing vs. others isn’t much fun.

I actually had much more fun playing JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and I know nothing about the anime or this game. I chose to play as Black Polnareff simply because I like his theme music. As it turned out the character is also easy to pick up and play. I had a few surprising wins which I can only attribute to my knowledge of many other Capcom fighting titles. I would definitely play Usagi again.

The King of Fighters ’98 was specifically the original PlayStation Japanese port downloaded from PSN. There’s a reason why this game holds up after 15 years. It’s because the game is damn glorious! If you want to play KoF ’98, and I suggest that you do, by all means pick up a copy of The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match. It’s an even better version!

That’ll do it for me as of this moment. Don’t forget to check out the upcoming BioShock Infinite special of the Hart & Usagi Podcast!


Much Multiplayer


Outside of BioShock Infinite any game I’ve played has been with other mofos.

Roughly two weeks ago the Evil Guppies had themselves another event featuring Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. I wasn’t planning on playing, but ended up doing so and having fun against RivalShadeX and usagi704. I mainly used M. Bison with some Guile thrown in. I was usually successful especially with the former. I’m sure I won most of my matches which surprised me.

While we’re still on a Street Fighter kick, I’ll bring up my local matches against SonicHomeboy, who was in town for other reasons. Playing Turbo HD Remix saw my use of Ken up against his Cammy. Getting the drop via crossups and waiting for jump ins lead to some victories until usagi704 crashed the party.

More fighting games happened with Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection. SonicHomeboy and I played many matches in the three titles included. It’s clearly a series SB has little experience with. I do just because they were released during the fighting game craze of the early to mid ’90s and, hey, at least it wasn’t Time Killers we were trying to play. From Mortal Kombat 4 onward I know very little in comparison.

An additional completed game for 2013 was had by co-oping Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie on the Genesis with, you guessed it, SonicHomeboy. This beat-’em-up is fairly average, but still not as good as the MMPR SNES game developed by Natsume which, as you know by now, I quite like. There’s more story displayed here no doubt following said movie, but we didn’t stick around for that. Otherwise not a complete waste of time. It’s just simple fun with a friend.

My main game, as mentioned in the intro, is BioShock Infinite. I’m currently on chapter 21 in Shantytown. Sadly I have to admit I’m having a difficult time remembering much of what happened to type it up here. It’s a kind of a blur, but this isn’t the fault of the game. It’s still as excellent as ever. I’m just finding it hard to get time to play it this last week as noted by my current three days of not touching it once. The whole story about the Gunsmith is quite strange indeed and a definite turning point in the event that have played out so far.

That’ll do it for me as of this moment.


Now Playing: April 2013


I don’t always play a ton of games throughout a month, but it has been known to happen. As I mentioned in my “5 Favorite Android Apps” blog post over a week ago, I had good reasons to not be playing much. With that said it’s time to talk about the three games I did play.

My favorite part of Resistance 2 is the online co-op mode. I probably haven’t played it since 2010, but when a GPY event for Call of Duty 4 was screwed up because of Punkbuster not allowing for more than one player from the same IP address, we all switched to Resistance 2. It was just three of us, Usagi704 (Medic), madtyger (Soldier), and myself (Special Ops), but we each played our roles well and prevailed more often than not.

G.I. Joe was another game I played this month. I joined Usagi on MAME to “duke” it out with Cobra in this 1992 arcade title by Konami. If you remember their 1988 game Devastators, then this is pretty much the same thing, but with the G.I. Joe license and much improved in the gameplay department. Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, and Snake Eyes are selectable. You fight against Metal-Head, The Baroness, the Crimson Twins, Major Bludd, Destro, and Cobra Commander as the bosses. I found it a lot of fun to go back and revisit this arcade classic. I’d love to see it get the X-Men treatment for PSN/XBL.

BioShock Infinite. Now where do I start with this one? I had zero interest in the series before this third entry was released. It’s not easy to miss talk about the series if you visit gaming sites regularly. So obviously I knew quite a bit about BioShock history, but I didn’t go out of my way to care about Infinite.

It wasn’t until the reviews started to roll in that I started to read and hear things I really liked. I’ve had surprisingly fun games come out of nowhere before, but nothing like this. Nothing like wanting to gladly pay the full price of $60. BioShock Infinite made it happen.

The gameplay itself is good. Shooting is fun and the controls make sense. All of that is as expected and of the norm. What took me by surprise was the story. It’s very much set in a highly religious place where racism runs rampant. This crap in real life just ticks me the hell off therefore I knew I was going to enjoy breaking necks or whatever else the game would let me do to these scumbags.

I played for about 55 minutes searching around and listening to the dialog of the people of Columbia all before ever being given a weapon. It was the best buildup ever in a game. Pro wrestling only wishes they could compete with this these days. When it was time to give a baseball a toss I didn’t hesitate for a second to place the ball hard into the announcer’s balls. I think if you let BioShock Infinite’s story take you in from the start, then the choice you make with the baseball, during your first time through, will show what type of person you really are in real life.

I’m currently at the Monument Tower and welcome more of this game without any resistance.

On a side note, I’m planning on doing a reveal all podcast episode for BioShock Infinite once I’ve finished it. If you’ve completed the game and wish to throw your name in the hat for a possible guest appearance on the Hart & Usagi Podcast, then just drop me a line via GameSpot PM or Twitter DM.

Thanks for reading!


Hart & Usagi Podcast #29: Blood Dragon


It’s time for a dynamite episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast. In this edition we welcome first time guest stripesonfire and speak on Electronic Arts’ unwillingness to change for the better for their customers. We also discuss the “always-on” debacle and how CISPA supporters can suck it.

In the episode ending “happy time” Usagi talks Saturn, stripes gets hyped for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and I think back on my first 50 minutes playing Bioshock Infinite.

It’s all this and much, much more in Hart & Usagi Podcast episode 29: Blood Dragon!

* Dark Souls claimed nearly 2.4 million sales worldwide
* Ubisoft: gamers are ready for always-online
* Microsoft man on always-online consoles: ‘Deal with it’
* Peter Moore’s “We can to better.”
* Burnout developer Criterion moving away from racing games
* Bushnell: Xbox 720 will win next-gen
* Battlefield 4 dev ignoring motion control ‘gimmick’
* House passes revamped CISPA cybersecurity bill amidst warnings of ‘digital bombs’
* Climax Studios ‘tech demo’ resembles Prince of Persia
* Rumor: Rare ‘Pluto’ prototype variant of Sega Saturn shown
* Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
* Characters on box art
* Bioshock Infinite

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DSi Xtreme

If I didn’t have enough Tomb Raider in my life, I bought Tomb Raider II on the original PlayStation. I had an extra copy of the PSP version of God of War: Ghost of Sparta and traded it in in the same visit. I was looking to get the Tomb Raider Trilogy for PS3, but It’s About Games didn’t have any of it. Either way I was walking out with some Tomb Raider.

My pick up of Bioshock Infinite was a simple reason of too awesome sounding to pass up. Bonus is the original Bioshock on the PS3 version. I got it yesterday and plan to play it soon.

More classic TV in Xena: Warrior Princess (Season 1) and Heroes (Seasons 1-2). All three season sets are in the same single DVD case from 4-6 discs each. I love that! The previously bought Hercules season was the same.

The other two items within the last two weeks (not pictured) is a PS2 component cable and a used DSi XL (Burgundy). The latter is complete and was from eStarland.com and in excellent condition for $110. The only thing I’ve done on it is Twitter and I noticed the wi-fi in this thing is quite amazing compared to the DS Lite.

It’s been rich. Peace! :D