Hart & Usagi #85: 3 Crude Dudes


On episode 85 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we welcome back Dan to the show and chat about a variety of topics like the resurgence of using video games as a scapegoat, anticipating the soon to be released Burnout Paradise remaster, Demon’s Souls fans efforts to keep the game alive, and more.

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* President Trump’s Video Games Meeting Included A Violent Game Montage
* The NRA Has a Long History of Scapegoating Violent Video Games
* All the Times Video Games Have Been Linked to Violence
* Trump Raises Issue Of Video Game And Movie Violence, Suggests Ratings Board Is Needed
* Kentucky Governor Suggests Violent Video Games Are Responsible for Mass Shootings
* Demon’s Souls Fans Are Already Testing Private Servers, Here’s How to Join Them
* Free PS3 And PS Vita Games Not Included In PS Plus From 2019
* ESRB Takes Action on Loot Boxes by Creating New Label
* Konami Is Charging Real Money For ‘Metal Gear Survive’ Save Slots
* Burnout Paradise Remastered Microtransaction Listing Is A Mistake, Says EA
* Street Fighter 5’s New DLC Character Release Date Confirmed, See Blanka In Action
* Switch overtakes Wii U lifetime sales as Super Mario Odyssey hits 9 million units sold
* Battlefront II Misses Sales Expectations, Microtransactions Will Return ‘In The Next Few Month’

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Hart & Usagi #81: Solitaire Fame


Episode 81 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast is here! We welcome back Steve to the show and chat about a variety of topics like the Nintendo Switch controller issues, an April Fools joke that might be real, more Hall of Fame worthy games, and more.

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* Persona 5 streamers asked to adhere to Atlus’ guidelines or be hit with a content ID claim or worse
* April Fools Day 2017 Video Game Joke Roundup
* Nioh is the most successful game Koei Tecmo has ever published in the west
* These 12 Games Could Go Into A Video Game Hall Of Fame
* Nintendo’s Switch Joy-Con Problem a Result of “Manufacturing Variation”
* PlayStation 3 Production Ending Soon In Japan
* PlayStation 3 memories

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Halloween Event Odds and Ends


Time for a update to my Halloween Gaming Event of 2015.

It has been going quite well. Thanks to the co-op help from JiibayDan and Usagi704, I was able to complete my third playthrough of Demon’s Souls in just over 14 hours. I’m going to play a bit more on a continuation of the same character I have. I still have yet to get the Mausoleum Key from Ostrava as I had mentioned previously that I’d like to do. This time I will make it my first priority.

Completing Demon’s Souls gives me my 16th game finished this year. It’s the lowest amount by mid-October I’ve ever had. I had 16 games beat by March 2014, May 2013, April 2012, and June 2011 in those specific years.

By the middle of October I had finished as many as list that follows:

2014: 35
2013: 23
2012: 40
2011: 29

If there’s any October left I’ll probably choose another game to finish up Halloween 2015.

In other news, I made an appearance on the first episode of Checkpoint with @ebbderelict. We chatted about recent movies watched, what we call the “fake Konami ban,” and PC Gamer’s 100 top games list.

And finally I purchased the 1994 film True Lies. You’ll notice I got it on DVD and not Blu-ray. Sadly, there’s still no release planned for Blu-ray. This version is from 1999 which means there isn’t a newer version. It’s very strange to have such a blockbuster movie be literally ignored for the last 15 years.



HART & USAGI PODCAST #70 – October 7th 2015 (@HartandUsagi)
Matt and Mike chat Edge’s top 100 video games list, Nintendo and Fair Use, the original PlayStation, etc.


SPACE SUPLEX #23 – October 12th 2015 (@SpaceSuplex)
Anthony and Matt chat Night of Champions 2015, Live from MSG special, and more.

Halloween Gaming 2015: Demon’s Souls Co-op


For this year’s 6th Annual Halloween Gaming Event I’ll be playing co-op Demon’s Souls. I made it a solo adventure when I first played it in 2011, but getting back into it has required help. I’m still using my original character who is now up to Soul Level 166. This is my third playthrough of the game with a total time of 110 hours and 39 minutes.

Some new goals have been realized. I never did much with miracles previously and decided to go after getting the Second Chance miracle. It required the boss soul of the Old Hero in 4-2. I died more times than I’d like to admit, but with the help of Usagi704 and JiibayDan, we made it through after several tries.

Eventually we also faced off against Penetrator in 1-3. In this battle I was trying to evade all while trying to heal, gain magic points back, and casting Homing Soul Arrow. This was fairly difficult after both of my co-op buddies were killed off. I was able to make up for the many times I died getting to or fighting Old Hero by knocking this boss out in one visit. It’s amazing how easy Penetrator becomes if you simply have the NPC Biorr to help out. He’s a must to have fighting at your side if you’re playing Demon’s Souls for the first time.

My next goal is to get the Mausoleum Key from Ostrava to be able to fight Old King Doran and get the Demonbrandt plus my first new PSN trophy for this game since 2011. Wish me luck!

Halloween Season Is Upon Us


Welcome to my 6th Annual Halloween Gaming Event. Starting today I will be resurrecting Demon’s Souls from when I last played it four years ago. This time I’ll be trying to play co-op with Usagi704 and JiibayDan. I say “trying” because of my third-shift schedule will try and make this endeavor impossible, but I’ll get it my best shot.

In other game playing news, I played some of Tecmo Super NBA Basketball and it wasn’t very good. The pace was slower than I’d like and there seemed to lack any defense programming.

The same can also be said about the defense in NBA Give ‘N Go as well. This Konami developed Super Nintendo basketball game makes offense trivial which means you need to block shots if you have any hope of winning. Currently I’m playing a shorten season with the 1994 Bulls and my record is 10W-0L as of this blog post.

I hope you’ve been doing well. What game are you playing for Halloween? Have a good one!

Hart & Usagi #66: A Westward Odyssey


Steve returns oh so soon to review Enslaved: Odyssey to the West with us along with news of Atlus, Sega, Nintendo, and more. Tune in today!

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* Australia passes controversial anti-piracy web censorship law
* SumOfUs.org takes aim at TWC at shareholders meeting
* Europe bans roaming charges, adopts stricter net neutrality rules
* AT&T promises cheap internet for the poor if FCC approves merger with DirecTV
* Sega Learned About Making Quality Games From Atlus, Aim To Regain Trust From Players
* PewDiePie: “Money Doesn’t Make You Happy”
* Shenmue 3 Creator Says Sony Won’t See a Cent of Kickstarter Funds
* Starting Today, GameStop is Selling Retro Consoles and Games
* GameStop Still Wants to Sell Secondhand Digital Games
* Wii U Exclusive Devil’s Third Dev Responds to “Lies and Rumors”
* Acclaimed Shovel Knight Getting Physical Release on Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, and 3DS
* PlayStation 20th Anniversary DualShock 4 Getting Standalone Release in September
* The Rock to Star in New Movie Based on Arcade Classic Rampage
* Sony Explains Long Wait for The Last Guardian, and Big Changes to Team Ico
* Nintendo Pitched F-Zero Wii U to Burnout Dev
* Ken Announced for Street Fighter V, Additional Beta Phases Planned
* Prototype SNES PlayStation Found In The Wild, Unicorn And Big Foot Expected Next
* Franchises that Deserve the Platinum Treatment
* Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

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Now Playing: June 2015


In the last month of adventurous video gaming, I had jumped from the Game Boy Advance to the DS and started with Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. As I’d said at the time early on it was an interesting with platforming and a puzzle game together. Unique is definitely the word to describe it. However, as the game progressed it became a bit too daunting in difficulty for its own good. I stopped short of finishing it because I didn’t want to ruin the memories of it actually being fun when it was.

I moved onto Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (CIBfridays). It had a fun story and adorable characters. While the gameplay is basic, it at least doesn’t overstay its welcome like most RPGs do. It may not satisfy long time RPG fans at around 20 hours in total for both parts of the story, but it works well for those, like myself, who don’t play many RPG titles.

At the same time I also was playing Steal Princess. Unlike Henry Hatsworth, this game is exactly what you think of when hearing it’s a puzzle platformer. This wasn’t a game I expected to complete, but what I did get through was enjoyable.

Next up I plan on going back to the PS3 and playing Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

* Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure :: Tealand 5-1; 69%
* Solatorobo: Red the Hunter :: Lv. 14; 20h36m
* Steal Princess :: 12h11m; Volcano 7

150 Levels and a Part Two


On my recent DS activities after playing Henry Hatsworth has been fun. The XSeed developed Solatorobo: Red the Hunter had a story that wrapped up after ten chapters. Then the credits rolled as you’d expect, but then it informed me that there’s a part 2 and it’s…now. That’s right there’s a second part to the story.

My thoughts on the actual gameplay is it’s usually a one button affair with some jumping in the mix. Jumping to throw an enemy does more damage so it’s a thing you’ll want to do. Otherwise the game has tons for story, despite the story itself being rather basic. You’ll be tapping the A button a lot to get through dialog that seems unnecessarily at times. Almost as if the characters are Rachel Maddow in how they over explain the simple things going on. Regardless the characters and world are endearing even if the many dialog boxes get annoying at times.

I’m also playing Steal Princess at the same time. It’s quite the different game. It’s a puzzle platformer with six worlds consisting on 25 levels each. This makes for 150 levels in total. Some are very easy to figure out while others have me reaching for an FAQ. Either way its a worthy Atlus game to get.

At the time I bought it I was trying to get a $10 GBA game, but Amazon sent me Steal Princess instead…twice.

Have a good one!

Hart & Usagi Podcast #41: ++Good PS4


In this episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast, we welcome back Georgie and, for as a first-time guest, one of the hosts from ++Good Games podcast it’s Anthony!

Our main topic for discussion is our experiences with the recently released PlayStation 4. We also speak on games we’ve played as of late along with a couple of news items.

Strap one on ’cause it’s time to jam with the Hart & Usagi Podcast.

* Sega 3DS 3D titles
* Killzone: Shadow Fall
* Kirby’s Dream Land 2
* Sleeping Dogs
* Doom
* Shadow Hearts
* Saints Row Twitter contest
* PlayStation 4 experiences
* Windows & Linux
* Pre-orders open for God of War Collection on Vita
* Persona 5 is Just the Beginning: Atlus Goes Persona Crazy
* Save The Last Christmas (For Me)
* Meeting Rob Van Dam
* Pacific Blue

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Complete In Box Fridays: Demon’s Souls


If you are keeping count then you’ll know this is my 10th Complete In Box Fridays article started back on August 9th. This week is the first of three weeks of Halloween themed CIB Fridays. We’ll start off with what I played two years ago for my second Halloween Gaming Event…Demon’s Souls!

I was intrigued by this game and more so by the sales numbers. For a title with such a difficult reputation, I was surprised it sold as well as it did. I wanted in on some of that action and I did just that. I played as a Sorcerer then just as I’m doing now in Dark Souls. It was a difficult, but fair game I had a blast playing over 104 hours of in two back-to-back playthroughs.

This 2009 exclusive PlayStation 3 classic currently goes for $12.

Thanks for reading and before you go, check out the photo below by clicking on it. You can get more CIB Fridays articles by looking through its category.

Have a happy Halloween season!