Super Legends


Over the last couple of days I’ve been playing Super Mario Bros. from the All-Stars game. This is the SNES version for those who somehow thought I’d buy the exact same thing on the Wii after pointing out there wasn’t any reason to do so.

I’m up to world eight and not having an easy time of it. I did use the warps in levels 1-2 and 4-2 and currently having problems passing 8-2.

In collection news, which I realize has been quite frequent lately, I received the final PlayStation 2 game on my wish list. It’s Power Rangers: Super Legends. I played the first level for testing purposes and it was better than I expected. Simple, sure, but still better than previous viewings of gameplay video had me thinking it was.

This same wish list of PS2 games also went from zero to -1 as I also bought Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. I’ve had a growing interest in the game once I called it quits in October of last year from playing its sequel, Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.

While testing this Castlevania game it seems like it was less likely I’d get lost. I also performed an item duplication trick that I saw on the game’s page in an old PlayStation Underground video.


Happy holidays!

The Ghost & The Demon

As the majority of you guessed correctly on my last blog post, the Wii game I did get was Ghost Squad.


It wasn’t exactly a secret as I listed it in all of the usual spots before thinking of having others guess. You could’ve spotted it on my GS activity feed, profile, or the easily guessed filename of the uploaded photo that’s now displayed above. It also could’ve been a legitimate lucky guess, but I know it wasn’t for NeonNinja. He silently looked around as ninjas tend to do.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade was a surprise find yesterday evening. Not because it’s hard to find, but because of the price.

I’ve seen new copies go for $25.75 (if you’re lucky) to $50. Since this is a late 2009 release this makes sense and that former price is a good deal. Muramasa also goes for $25-31.50 used. I found it new for $10! What luck!


My current purchase stats for this year are looking good. I’ve brought the overall number down so far. At the current pace with 46 total games in the first five months I’d only get to 92 by the end of October. With 140 total from last year I’d have to already have about another 12 games at this point to equal this time in 2009. As I said things are looking good.

The top 3 systems with the most added so far are PS2 (10), PS3 (8), and Wii (6).

Thanks for stopping by and take care.

Teenage Mutant Mini Ninja Zombie Turtles


Here’s what I thought of the following demos. My top rating may say “Day One,” but these games are obviously already released. So just replace that with “Buy Now.” Not that any of them get that rating anyway.

Call of Duty: World at War
This was probably the easiest game to like of the bunch because of being familiar with the series. It does have the great gameplay that I’ve liked about them, but I’m pretty much not interested in a straight World War II FPS game much anymore. Wolfenstein looks more interesting with its inclusion of the supernatural.

Rating: Bargain Bin

Mini Ninjas
I went into this one not expecting anything to like about it since it has a kiddie look to it. However, I was surprised to a degree with the number of ways to complete a mission. Also I found it amusing that fishing to make sushi for heath pickups was neat. Definitely the most interesting game of the lot.

Rating: Sooner Rather Than Later

Dirt 2
I gave this game the most time to impress me as I raced on the two available tracks at least four times each. I loved the graphical detail of the cockpit camera view, though it did artificially make the game more difficult. Also the default difficulty level, which was one above the easiest, wasn’t very forgiving. Even though I had some fun with the game, it pains me to say that I’ll probably not get it.

Rating: Bargain Bin

When I originally heard about Wet, I was interested in what it could be. After the mixed reviews I still kept up hope that it would be something that I’d still have fun with (like with Watchmen: The End Is Nigh). Now that I’ve played the demo I definitely won’t be buying this one. The controls were a bit too sluggish for the type of game that it is. I can understand that it will win over some people (like GameSpot’s Chris Watters), but it didn’t with me unfortunately.

Rating: Skip It

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled
Continuing on with the disappointment is the remake of Turtles in Time. I’m sure that most of those that were letdown by this title were older gamers like myself that remember playing the original version in the arcade. The music definitely took a turn for the worse as well. It should’ve been based off of the superior SNES version with the extra levels, better bosses, and the excellent use of Mode 7 graphics. If you don’t mind what it is, you can find something to like, but for everyone else just get an SNES.

Rating: Bargain Bin

Zombie Apocalypse
With this game I don’t really have much to say about it other than it’s what I expected it to be. This game does reek of the current zombie fad that gaming in general is going through. For duel stick shooters, you can do much better. Geometry Wars 2 and Super Stardust HD are two that come to mind.

Rating: Skip It

Rating scale: Day One – Sooner Rather Than Later – Bargain Bin – Skip It