Favorite Game Music: Volume VIII


Volume number eight is here of video game music that’s pleasing to my ears. Check them out below and see if you agree. Also check out the crazy and informative podcasts at the bottom if you haven’t already.

* Black Polnareff’s Theme from Capcom’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Ver.
* Hello Mr. Cyborg from Cave’s Dangun Feveron (ARC)
* Battle in Westside from Capcom and A-Wave’s Final Fight CD
* Bay Area from Capcom and A-Wave’s Final Fight CD
* Zone 3 from Jaleco’s Fortified Zone (GB)
* Magical Sound Shower from Sumo Digital’s Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
* Passing Breeze from Sumo Digital’s Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
* Gold Mine from Natsume’s Wild Guns (SNES)
* Ammunition Depot from Natsunme’s Wild Guns (SNES)
* Level 1 from Sunsoft’s Super Spy Hunter (NES)


HART & USAGI PODCAST #48 – June 24th 2014 (@HartandUsagi)
HartKnight and usagi704 chat the Assassin’s Creed series, the Retron 5, IGN’s “exclusive” on The Last Guardian, live streams aren’t fun for Nintendo, and more.


SPACE SUPLEX #6 – June 21st 2014 (@SpaceSuplex)
24bitAJE and HartKnight review the June 16th RAW and talk about our current thoughts of the (upcoming) Money In The Bank PPV.

Do you FeelPlus?


Recently ever since I finished Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood I’ve been ready to get into the next game in the series, Revelations. I mentioned previously that I normally don’t do this to keep a series from getting stale. I haven’t started the next game just yet because I want to experience it as I share it with fellow AC gamer @D_Fleischmann.

In the meantime I’ve been playing Moon Diver. This is a downloadable game on PSN and XBL by FeelPlus and Square Enix. In a similar way it seems akin to how grind heavy Hard Corps: Uprising was for a Contra game. The only difference being Moon Diver is more like another classic arcade game. You may have heard of it; Strider. Both Strider and Moon Diver were directed by Koichi Yotsui.

On the collection front I didn’t buy any new games, but I did want to play some of Final Fight CD with Usagi704. I couldn’t because the audio/video cables weren’t connecting fully to the TV. I did easily find cables that did the job.

I also picked up a used original Super Nintendo controller. It definitely feels used alright. The Start button needs to be pressed down quite a bit for anything to happen. Otherwise it seems to hold up fairly well. This includes fighting games.

Thanks for reading!


SPACE SUPLEX #3 – May 8th 2014 (@SpaceSuplex)
(Anthony and Matt chat WWE Extreme Rules and Raw from 5/5 along with WCW Fall Brawl 1998.)

HART & USAGI PODCAST #45 – May 6th 2014 (@HartandUsagi)
(Matt and Mike chat recent games played, 25th anniversary of the Game Boy, the Atari landfill, Net Neutrality, and more.)

RRW – Day 2: Final Fight CD / E3 As I Saw It: The Ubisoft Press Conference


The Sega CD came out to play for the second day of Retro Revival Week with Final Fight CD. I was looking to finish this game, but after two tries on Normal and Easy I figured I’d move onto something else.

With all of the talk at E3 of exclusives, that something else was the Sega CD version’s Time Attack mode. I didn’t fair too well, but I did try the mode back-to-back with both Cody and Guy. I was able to get the beat-’em-up action on film for you all to see.

* Usagi704 shows the head-to-head battle with me in Mortal Kombat II.
* Darkbeat plays the awesome SNES shooter Wild Guns.
* dr4cul4 calls on Dick Tracy for some Master System fun!

I hope you enjoyed the video and make sure to check out these other wonderful RRW participants above. Have a fun Day 3! I know I will with RayStorm. Retro rules!


I was on twitter during most of the conference throwing out my thoughts. Here’s a straight copy and paste of what I had said. Mind the language if that’s not your thing.

* Ubisoft conf. begins. TMNT: Smash-Up and Avatar from the intro got cheers.

* Joel McHale opens with jokes that fall completely flat and are Championshit!

* I love some of your films, James Cameron, but you aren’t impressing anyone. They’re thinking; “Just show the game already!”

* Let’s hear it for Cameron’s talk stopping!

* Just in case anybody is confused. Avatar is not the same as Avatar: The Last Airbender. I was confused at one point too.

Red Steel 2
* Swing it as if it was a sword? Geez thanks for that. I would’ve never figured that out. Ubisoft must think we’re all idiots.

Academy of Champions
* PelĂ©? Who? Doesn’t need an introduction my ass.

* If I didn’t look up this guy, I wouldn’t have known the game name. They finally mentioned it. Academy of Champions.

Splinter Cell: Conviction
* Slower, less exciting Splinter Cell demo than the one at Microsoft’s conference.

* Splinter Cell got the biggest pop so far.

Tween Games 2.0 and Imagine series
* Casual gaming part has started. Guaranteed to be full of suck.

* The only thing I’m Imagining right now is my boredom. Oh wait I don’t need to imagine it since it’s happening now.

Rabbids Go Home
* Inflating parts of the Rabbids only makes the weird things even more so.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up
* The trailer for TMNT: Smash-Up used “Brawl” twice. Not surprising in the least. Actually it’s pretty smart.

Assassin’s Creed II
* The Assassin’s Creed II trailer was shown suddenly, but it was appreciated as a show closer.

RRW6 – Day 5 & 6: Mega Hard


My time has been really limited for games this week. That makes my retro self sad. :( The following two games are all I was able to get to for the past two whole days.

Definitely not the game for me. I had so much trouble using Zero to clear the Web Spider stage. When using X, I cleared it, but the Split Mushroom stage beat my ass. I gave this game many, many tries, but it’s one of those game that just does not like me. I also used Black Zero, but it was nothing more than a color change.

I took a quick romp in the Time Trial mode for Fight Fight CD on the Sega CD. Using Haggar I lasted until one second from time being up. Damn you, Andore! :P

I should have more time tomorrow to play games. Hopefully. Until then, Retro Rules. :)

RRW5 – Day 1: Sega Day


I played some in time trial mode with all three characters. Here’s a screenshot of my final results with Cody. It was probably my best try. :D


I played two games on this minor upgrade to the Genesis port. In the first game I was using the Cavs and won 40-21 against the Bulls. I chose the Jazz to take on the Bullets (now the Wizards) in the second game winning with a similar score of 42-19.

This being the first time playing this game I got as far as Stage 3, Zone 1: Tidal Tempest. Of course it being a water level made it difficult for me. On top of that I still don’t understand the whole Past and Future thing or why some of the loops are 3D-ish. Regardless of my lack of knowledge about Sonic CD, I do know this. It’s still fun! :)



The last game that I played was good old Street Fighter II (in Hyper mode). I had never played this version until now, but I enjoyed myself as I expected to. The controls were spot on as always with these games and the 6-button controller just sweetened the deal! I started with Guile and then switched to M. Bison, Ken, Ryu, and finally Chun-Li before calling it quits.

I decided I’d use this space to tell you about two recent purchases that just happen to fit into this week’s retro theme. The first was a game bought on eBay in the form of Mortal Kombat Trilogy (PS). The other was a repair item from eStarland.com for my first-party NES. It was a replacement 72-pin connector. I successfully removed the old one and installed the new one, but unfortunately the games don’t seem to be working much better. I’m pretty sure that something else inside the system is causing the problem to continue, but I also might not have put the connector in exactly as it should be. Oh well, I still have my third-party top loader. So it’s not a total loss.



Retro Rules!

Sega CD: The Arrival


After the Fedex guy couldn’t find my place yesterday, I finally received my eBay auction goodies this morning. Here’s what I got.

Sega Genesis model 1
+ Sega CD model 2
+ Sega CD grounding plate/spacer
+ Genesis Game Genie
+ Sewer Shark – game only
+ Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side – complete
+ Final Fight CD – game only
+ 2 6-button controllers
+ Genesis & SCD AC adapters
+ Nintendo RF switch
+ Video cable

Once I tested everything out I found out that one AC adapter doesn’t work. Also one of the controllers has exposed wires, but it still works fine. Another bummer was that the expansion slot covers weren’t included. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but it would have been nice to have them. Other than those minor things it’s all good and I’m happy with the purchase.

I was surprised that the games loaded much faster than I anticipated. Maybe it’s because of the 2.00 bios that the Sega CD has, but it does load faster than some PlayStation 2 games that I have. :lol:

Details: System | Games | Misc.

On a related note, here’s my seven favorite moments from the Angry Video Game Nerd’s review of the Sega CD.