The Elements of the Holidays

Hey there folks. I hope your holiday season is going well. Overall happy and badass, as one might expect. I have for you more things that appeared at one point or another on the silver screen or the TV screen. Let’s see what they are.

I feel like there’s a thing about me that others think I dislike The Fifth Element. This is certainly not the case. I’ve even quoted it many times since I’ve first seen it. I’ve also have watched it several times, too. With all of this being said I picked up a copy on Blu-ray in a stealbook. This is the first time I’ve had my very own copy. As Ruby Rhod would say, “Unbelievable!”

A Goofy Movie is one I’ve only seen a couple of times, but it has stuck with me. My recent viewing of Encino Man reminded me of this film. The unfortunate part is that this is still only on DVD and it’s an early generation DVD from 2000 at that. It’s long past time for a Blu-ray upgrade, Disney.


Ten years ago I was very much into watching Prison Break. Most fans I noticed felt it was over and done with at the end of season one claiming that since the main characters accomplished the title of the show that it should finish there. I disagreed and I enjoyed the second season. It was the third and fourth seasons I didn’t think we needed.