New Releases 2012: Wii U & Rest of the Year


WEEK of NOV. 18
007 Legends (WU)
Assassin’s Creed III (PC, WU)
Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition (WU)
Call of Duty: Black Ops II (WU)
Darksiders II (WU)
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (PS3, X360, PC, WU, WII, MAC)
Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion (3DS)
Hitman: Absolution (PS3, X360)
Just Dance 4 (WU)
NBA 2K13 (WU)
New Super Mario Bros. U (WU)
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (WU)
Nintendo Land (WU)
Persona 4 Golden (PSV)
PlanetSide 2 (PC)
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3, PSV)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (3DS)
Resistance Collection (PS3)
Skylanders Giants (WU)
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (PS3, X360, WU)
Tank! Tank! Tank! (WU)
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (WU)
ZombiU (WU)

WEEK of NOV. 25
Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault (PS3, PSV)

WEEK of DEC. 2
Far Cry 3 (PS3, X360, PC)
Mass Effect Trilogy (PS3)

WEEK of DEC. 9
Hawken (PC)
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (PSV, 3DS)

New Releases 2012: Oct. 28-Nov. 17


WEEK of OCT. 28
007 Legends (PC)
Assassin’s Creed III (PS3, X360)
Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation (PSV)
LEGO The Lord of the Rings (PC, PSV, DS)
Natural Selection II (PC)
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (PS3, X360, PC, PSV)
Okami HD (PS3)
Painkiller: Hell & Damnation (PC)
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (3DS)
Rockstar Games Collection: Edition 1 (PS3, X360)
Sports Champions 2 (PS3)
Thundercats (DS)
Transformers Prime: The Game (WII, DS, 3DS)
WWE ’13 (PS3, X360, WII)
Wreck-It Ralph (WII, DS, 3DS)
Zone of the Enders HD Collection (PS3, X360)

WEEK of NOV. 4
Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection (PS3, X360)
Halo 4 (X360)
Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning (3DS)
LittleBigPlanet Karting (PS3)
Mass Effect Trilogy (X360, PC)
Midway Arcade Origins (PS3, X360)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (WII)
Rayman Origins (3DS)

WEEK of NOV. 11
Assassin’s Creed Ezio Trilogy (PS3)
Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified (PSV)
Call of Duty: Black Ops II (PS3, X360, PC)
Karateka (X360)
LEGO The Lord of the Rings (PS3, X360, WII)
Madden NFL 13 (WU)
Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS)
Resistance Collection (PS3)
Scribblenauts Unlimited (PC)
Wonderbook: Book of Spells (PS3)

Legend To Loser


I was excited for 007 Legends when it was initially announced back in mid-April. The idea of taking several of the films and bringing them into one video game isn’t a bad idea by any stretch of the imagination. Unfortunately, Eurocom didn’t have any idea how to do it.

The game was advertised as having six missions based on the five chosen films of yesterday (Moonraker, On Her Majesty‚Äôs Secret Service, Licence To Kill, Die Another Day, and Goldfinger) and the 2012 movie, Skyfall. To an extent this is false because the Skyfall mission was kept back as DLC. Granted it’s going to be released at no extra cost, but it’s still ridiculous. One would argue it’s to avoid spoiling the film itself. Well, you all should know how I feel about this. It’s a lame ass excuse. Exercise some self-control and don’t buy the game until you see the movie. Case closed. If I don’t mind playing said mission before hand then that should be my decision to make not the developers. This is all well and good if the game is at least decent. Sadly it’s not.

After reading the reviews listed at the bottom of this blog post and viewing Giant Bomb’s Quick Look for the game, I can safely say 007 Legends deserves the bashing it’s getting. It’s very disappointing how this game ended up. I’ll be talking about the first mission based on Goldfinger since that’s what the quick look showed.

A criticism of the previous Goldeneye remake was that Pierce Brosnan was replaced by the current actor playing Bond, Daniel Craig. The same happens here in all the missions. The reasons for this decision be damned since I never saw it as a problem. However, lines aren’t always delivered correctly. In fact the most iconic line in the franchise’s history (Bond, James Bond) is delivered half-heartedly as just “James Bond.”

Another odd choice, which is a glaring one, is the technology featured in past decades where the movies took place. Goldfinger is of the 1960s and the fashion, characters, and architect is correct, but the technology is of present day. This clashes greatly as Bond uses a slim smartphone and a 2012 automobile in 1964. A time travel story this isn’t.

Goldfinger himself is portrayed incorrectly. He talks about the same things as in the film about how he’s all about making his stash of gold worth more. But for whatever reason he has a fighter jet assembly plant and it consists of tech you’d see today. Wrong, Eurocom, just wrong. Goldfinger’s rumpus room is also much smaller here and doesn’t actually resemble the original in anyway. There’s many more differences which I won’t get into and are likely multiplied by five considering how many more there are with the other missions.

When I was watching the quick look, I was actually getting bored. It’s clearly a sign that even the gameplay itself isn’t all that fun. I guess this game isn’t for shooter fans and, as I already covered it, obviously isn’t for Bond fans. So who is this game for? I assume it’s for the non-Bond fans that somehow enjoy a poorly done Call of Duty style experience.

Game Informer
Giant Bomb

New Releases 2012: October 7-27


WEEK of Oct. 7
Code of Princess (3DS)
Dishonored (PS3, X360, PC)
Just Dance 4 (PS3, X360, WII)
Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise (PS3, X360)
Pokemon Black Version 2 (DS)
Retro City Rampage (PS3, PSV, PC)
Spy Hunter (PSV)
Worms Revolution (PS3, X360, PC)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PS3, X360, PC)

WEEK of Oct. 14
007 Legends (PS3, X360, PC)
Dance Central 3 (X360)
Dokuro (PSV)
Doom 3 BFG Edition (PS3, X360, PC)
Jet Set Radio (PSV)
Silent Hill: Book of Memories (PSV)

WEEK of Oct. 21
Forza Horizon (X360)
Just Dance: Disney Party (WII, X360)
Killzone HD (PS3)
Killzone Trilogy (PS3)
Medal of Honor: Warfighter (PS3, X360, PC)
Skylanders Giants (PS3, X360, WII, 3DS)
Spy Hunter (3DS)
Street Fighter X Tekken (PSV)
The Unfinished Swan (PS3)

Mr. 80%


With all of the missions for 007 Legends now revealed, the last one earlier in the week, I ended up guessing correctly on four out of the five. Back in April I listed the five Bond films I wanted to see and the five I thought they might choose. Of the latter only The World Is Not Enough was incorrect. Die Another Day and all of its ridiculous Icelandic adventures was the Brosnan film picked.

Along with Skyfall the following is the list of past Bond movies featured in the game.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Licence To Kill
Die Another Day

Overall it’s a good selection for the settings you’d expect for a video game. Sadly I won’t get to battle against Joe Don Baker after all. :(

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Hart & Usagi Podcast #16: Post EVO 2012


With this last weekend being the big fighting game tournament EVO 2012, Usagi and I discuss it along with other topics. One of those topics, namely Mass Effect 3, is brought to the table by first-time guest 6h05tly! Get ready for some fisticuffs on episode 16 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast!

* Marvel vs. Capcom Origins
* EVO 2012
* 007 Legends
* Mass Effect 3
* Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
* Tiger LCD handhelds

Listen or Download (48:11)
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E3 ’12 Excitement


These are the games I’m interested to see more of and know more about at E3.

This first group consists of the games I’m already pretty excited about. Being a fan of the beat-’em-up genre, I’m hopeful for Double Dragon: Neon.

Double Dragon: Neon
Borderlands 2
Assassin’s Creed III
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

This next group is where my interest is a little less for a few reasons depending on the game. For instance God of War: Ascension and its multiplayer mode and Injustice: Gods Among Us and hearing what Ed Boon has in store for this DC fighter.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
God of War: Ascension
007 Legends
Darksiders II
Tomb Raider
Injustice: Gods Among Us

These last two are ones where there’s been next to nothing about them since their announcement. Hopefully we’ll hear a bit more at the event next week.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It goes without saying to let me know what you’re looking forward to seeing more of at E3. Stay in touch on Twitter (@HartKnight) if you want to read more of my babbling. ;)