Criticizing Gets Remastered


“For a lot of companies, remakes are a way to drive revenue. It’s sub-cost, it’s an IP that’s there, you can remaster, and that’s great. We don’t do that here. I don’t think that’s ever been in our culture.”

The above quote is from Electronic Arts’ COO Peter Moore. You know, the same guy who worked at Sega until 2003 where he worked on the Xbox with Microsoft until 2007. This is when he ran EA Sports. He’s been EA’s COO for four years now.

When I hear Mr. Moore criticize the current amount of remaster rereleases of existing games I think he needs to watch himself. He’s certainly correct in that remasters are a low cost way to make easy money. However, I find it difficult to hear him say it since he’s one of the top executives in a company who puts out a yearly sports game in the Madden series.

I know a remaster of a game and a new entry in the Madden football series isn’t exactly the same thing. But when that yearly football release has little differences from the previous year, you can see how the Madden games might feel like a rerelease instead of anything actually new.

On a similar note it’s why I haven’t bought any new WWE games since 2003. They’re also a yearly release with little additions or improvements along the way. In fact, after seeing footage of the newest title, WWE 2K16, I think it looks particularly ugly graphically.

I think remasters are cool, but there needs to be actual effort put into them. An example of no/little effort would be God of War III and an example of real effort would be Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition.

GameSpot news: EA Exec Criticizes HD Remasters


Poor Itagaki


The average score for the Wii U exclusive game Devil’s Third is a 3.8 out of 10 according to

This has saddened the game’s creator, Tomonobu Itagaki. He said, In general, I’m going to guess that most of the people reviewing the game weren’t given a chance to evaluate it properly.”

This attitude of reviewers don’t know how to review is the same sentiment from the developers of the PS3 title, Lair. Back then Factor 5 went as far as sending out a “review guide” on how to properly review their game.

Itagaki is a shallow man who thinks he’s owed something just because a few games he made while at Tecmo were well received. I’m sure those who reviewed Devil’s Third did give it the proper evaluation it deserved. I mean, the design of the main character, Ivan, alone looks horrible. He looks like a bad rendition of Hakushi (Jinsei Shinzaki).

GameSpot news: Devil’s Third Creator Responds to Poor Reviews

Igarashi’s Magnum Opus


I was quite amazing news recently when Koji Igarashi asked if fans wanted a new game in the style of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Fans responded in droves showing support for Igarashi’s vision to do this type of game when Konami wouldn’t. Not only did the fans say “Yes, we want to play what you have on offer,” but they also showed it with cold hard cash. As of this blog post the project has 20 days to go on Kickstarter and it has gained over $2.6 million!

The game in question is called Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. I know a number of gamers personally that have given some of their hard earned cash to Iga’s game. I, myself, not being one of them, but I’ll gladly purchase the game once it’s released to show my support. In fact, I know I’ll be buying the version for the PlayStation 4 that’s going to be released into retail stores on disc. Team Hardcopy for the win!

I’m a big fan of Igavania games. I enjoyed the initial classic in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and going so far as to give it my Game of the Year award for 2014. On episode 52 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast, we chatted awhile about out favorite Castlevania games. Mine, in addition to SotN, were Aria of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin. Add to those Super Castlevania IV and Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest from the “classic-vania” titles and you have my top five all-time favorites of the entire series.

Get hyped because you don’t see games like this anymore!

Interviews with Igarashi:
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Hart & Usagi Podcast #57: No then Yes


In this new episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we discuss the PC game Hatred and Steam removal and reinstatement. We also get into what happened at the PlayStation Experience, the new threat to the Internet called CISA, and more.

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Exclusively Street Fighter V


At the recent PlayStation Experience it was revealed that Capcom has been working on the fifth iteration of the long running Street Fighter gaming series. In the past many years have gone by before a new entry was announced. This time the announcement of Street Fighter V comes on the heels of the final version of SFIV, Ultra Street Fighter IV. Not only that, but of the newest consoles, Ultra SFIV is making it’s way to the PlayStation 4 in 2015.

As for Street Fighter V, everybody has heard that, as far as gaming consoles go, SFV will be exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation 4. At least not everyone will be without as it will also see a release on PC. Further helping to lessen the blow of exclusivity is online “cross-play” with both the PS4 and PC platforms.

The response from the gaming community has been mixed, but not in the way you’d think. Everybody has been excitedly happy about the fact that a brand new entry in the Street Fighter series is upon us in the foreseeable future. However, backlash as come in the form of outrage that only the PS4 game console will get the game. No Xbox One release is planned. It has been rumored that this is because Capcom needed major funding for this project and Sony was willing given that it was exclusive to the PS4, of course.

Regardless of any rumored reasons for the business transaction taking place between Capcom and Sony, one thing is clear. SFV will only be on PS4.

The surprise to me isn’t that such a deal would happen. It’s that any gamers would be appalled by it. Exclusive third-party titles aren’t a new concept, you know. It’s been happening since the inception of the gaming industry. I think the reason for people being upset is the fact that we haven’t had many third-party exclusives for a whole console generation. Before the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii this was a normal sight to see. However, since 2005/2006 almost every single previously exclusive title from third-parties went multiplatform. When this happened then people complained. Now that they’re used to it being that way they complain when a major release gets the old exclusive treatment.

I understand this hasn’t been a thing for any Street Fighter game before. I also understand it sucks in general. I’ve had games I wanted to play in the past, but was denied because I didn’t own the correct system. It sucks, but I moved on. You will too. I highly doubt Street Fighter V as a whole will be trapped on the PS4 forever. Sure they did say as much about SFV, but they didn’t say anything about Super SFV.

Check Your Facts


Ever since May rumors of Google buying Twitch were circulating. It even got to a point in late July that it was reported Google went through with the purchase. Then suddenly out of nowhere Amazon purchased Twitch for $970 million.

How could such a thing as Google buying Twitch be reported as had happened if it didn’t? Did one of the companies pull out of the deal and the very last possible millisecond? If the gaming sites who reported it did so incorrectly, then why wasn’t there corrections quickly after? Did they even double check the story to see if it was factual or did they just run with it like fools?

I highly doubt we’ll get answers to these questions. I do know this much. My trust of any of their big stories like these in the future has been greatly reduced. If they can’t muster the ability to handle those stories, then, by all means, leave them to the pros like me.

Money Disables Verizon


Yeah I did use the same graphic for my header as last time I talked about this issue. But, honestly, there’s nothing better to display.

Did you know that if you are (or know) a disabled person that you’ll be helped a whole lot by the death of Net Neutrality? That’s what Verizon is claiming when trying to buy off our elected officials.

I don’t care one bit about Verizon’s talking points. All you have to do is follow the money to know they’re full of shit. This “it’ll be better without Net Neutrality for the disabled” nonsense is only being used on those in power who know nothing about the Internet. These mouth-breathers will believe anything they’re told and anything will sound good to those ignorant idiots. This sadly includes the FCC too.

About that money trail. Internet Service Providers have spent $19 million in the first three months of 2014 alone to get this in their favor. In 2003 the ISPs were only lobbying with about $1 million. Last year they spent $22 million.

This is ultimately why money must be removed from politics altogether. Leave your comment for the FCC on “14-28 Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet.”

Mother Jones: Verizon Says It Wants to Kill Net Neutrality to Help Blind, Deaf, and Disabled People


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