Hart & Usagi #100: Hyaku

In episode 100 we talk about E3 being canceled, PS5 specs, GameStop ignoring how not essential of a business they are, plus more.

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One response to “Hart & Usagi #100: Hyaku

  1. I feel special. Thanks for the call-out. :)

    E3 – I’ve been fine with catching the highlights of E3 for two or three years now. I don’t have the desire to sit through the press conferences, especially with so many announcements being for things that are coming in 18 months, and then delayed for another year. Just give me a list of things you’re working on, and I’ll go look up what I’m interested in.

    PS5 specs – I’m too ignorant these days for that stuff to mean much too me. I don’t know how to translate that information into something I can visualize. I mean, I don’t even feel like I need a new system anyway. I’m not sure what all of these hardware improvements will actually do for me in terms of game-play. How will this bring me better games? Backwards compatibility will be nice though, if for no other reason than to not have to keep both systems hooked up to the same TV… then I can move my PS4 to another room.

    I’m happy with the current gen as well. The new Doom games, Horizon, Super Hot, Spider-man, Mad Max, the new God of War, and I’ve had fun with PSVR. When you dodge the loot box, microtransaction, and battle royal maelstrom, there’s a great generation of games available.

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