Hart & Usagi #99: Hotel Atari


In episode 99 we chat about Atari themed hotels, Google waving the white flag for Stadia, Reggie joins GameStop, plus more.

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* Mortal Kombat Kollection Online rated for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in Europe
* SNK Brings Garou: Mark of the Wolves Into the Modern Era With Rollback Netcode
* Housemarque puts battle royale shooter on hold, shifts focus to “biggest and most ambitious title yet”
* Atari teams up with the producer of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot to make gaming-themed hotels
* EVO 2020 title lineup announced
* Double Dragon & Kunio-kun Retro Brawler Bundle coming west for PS4 and Switch on February 20
* Lara Croft in Rainbow Six Siege looks like your mum doing bad cosplay
* Google Stadia doesn’t have many games because it isn’t offering devs enough money
* Google Says Upcoming Stadia Game Announcements “Are Up to the Publishers”
* Antonio Banderas confirmed for Uncharted movie
* Bloodstained Won’t Be Getting a Roguelike Mode After All
* Reggie Fils-Aimé joins GameStop Board of Directors

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One response to “Hart & Usagi #99: Hotel Atari

  1. – Syndicate – I remember liking it, but obviously it wasn’t particularly memorable. I had to re-watch my review to get my thoughts, and that’s what they reflected. Competent, unoffensive, but somewhat irrelevant. I’ve re-posted my old review on YouTube in celebration of this podcast.
    Should any listeners which to view it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_Kizel6yA0

    – Storm Divers and Battle Royal – I don’t care about the Battle Royal genre. I’ve tried it a little, and it’s just not my thing. And Storm Divers doesn’t look particularly interesting in it of itself. Nothing in the trailer really pops or stands out… I’m not sure how they expect to do so in the current market.

    – Atari Hotel – What kind of licensing nightmare will this be? I’m sorry, we had to close the 14th floor because we lost the rights to Jungle Hunt.
    The building looks neat in the concept art, not particularly practical though. Who wants their windows blocked by giant red lights and part of an Atari logo?
    I wonder if they’ll include micro-transactions too… During your three night stay you can wait until night two to get blankets for the bed or upgrade to the deluxe package now! Open your toiletries loot box and see what you get! Awwww you got a shower cap… no soap for you.

    – “You don’t want my naked ass on there” … I want your butt world wide.

    – Off-brand Lara Croft. Laura Kraft.
    Before the Square Enix reboot, I had only played Legend.

    – Stadia is failing. Who other than Google, and I think Dwayne, Amed, Carole, and Marcus. Four people outside of Google was excited about Stadia, and I think those were them.

    – Uncharted Movie – Not excited, but not wary either. I never got into the series, so I’m open to it if it’s fun. I mean, video game movies are starting to improve. I thought Tomb Raider was okay, and even Rampage was kinda fun if not pointless and forgettable, but at least a little fun, so we’re on an upward trend from horrible. And since I’m not devoted to the source content, maybe I’d have fun with Uncharted. Seems like a Netflix choice at the moment though.

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