Space Suplex #50: WarGames III


Space Suplex podcast episode 50 brings you chat from Matt and Mike on recent shows and news:
* POST NEWS UPDATE: ACH No Longer Under Contract With WWE, Announced For Several Independent Shows
* Oney Lorcan Takes Shot At Triple H For Calling Out Disgruntled Superstars
* WWE Introduces Gorgeous New Title On SmackDown
* Jim Cornette addresses his remark on ‘Power’ and NWA departure
* Corey Graves Issues Apology To Mauro Ranallo During WWE’s ‘After The Bell’ Podcast
* Tomasso Ciampa Will Retire If WWE Moves Him To Raw Or SmackDown
* Former WWE And Original NXT Star Joining NWA Broadcast Team
* WWE releases Konnor and Viktor of The Ascension
* NXT TakeOver: WarGames (2019)
* Every WWE Match Dave Meltzer Gave 5 Stars, Ranked
* Every Bret Hart WrestleMania Match, Ranked

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Matt’s blog: HartKnight’s Archive

Mike’s blog: Domain of Usagi704

Matt on Twitter: @HartKnight

Mike on Twitter: @usagi704

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