Hart & Usagi #95: Football Manager Saving Humanity


In episode 95 we chat about the Football Manager 2020 switching away from plastic cases, PowerA’s new controller, and our time playing X-Men: Mutant Academy and its sequel on PS1.

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* Football Manager 2020 Switches to Recycled Paper Cases out of Concern for Plastic Pollution
* PowerA’s Fusion Fightpad For Switch Has Been Inspired By The Sega Saturn Controller
* ‘Addictive’ video game features should be banned for children as they are ‘gateway to gambling’, Church of England warns
* E3 2020 pitch proposes overhaul with ‘queuetainment,’ new floor plan, industry-only day
* Yakuza series general director shares additional tidbits on Yakuza: Like a Dragon battle system
* Nintendo Switch Lite Finds Portable Perfection Without Losing Anything Important
* Microsoft Contractors Reportedly Heard You Talking to Your Kinect

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2 responses to “Hart & Usagi #95: Football Manager Saving Humanity

  1. This appears to be my PS2 revival year, since I recently picked up about a 1/2 dozen games for that system (first time in a while I did that), plus my 3rd PS2 (now there’s one on each floor in my house). I finally got Ultimate Spider-man to complete my PS2 Spider-man collection, and it was NOT worth the wait.

    Cyclops and Havok are brothers. I have X-Men Mutant Academy 2, but I’m not good at it, so that’s all I can contribute to the conversation. :)

    I have DVDs and CDs that have cardboard-only cases, so it works. And the cases are still in good condition. If you keep care of your stuff, then you keep care of your stuff. People that don’t aren’t benefiting all that much from plastic cases anyway.

    Church: “No gambling in video games! It’s wrong!”
    Also Church: “Give us money, ’cause you want to increase your chances of getting into Heaven, right?”

    I prefer to experience E3 the week after it happens. Highlights are good enough for me to know what’s happening next year.

    I hear Yakuza Cart Racer is going to come out. I know how much Mike hates racing games, so he’s going to be pissed! I know how mad he gets when games, you know… exist.

    New Switch: Without losing anything… important. Importance in this context is a preference. It’s just another case of a business trying to tell consumers what’s important to them.

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    • I need to get back to muh PS2. I still have many games to get to despite hardly buying any in recent years. Sorry to hear about Ultimate Spider-Man. :(

      Well that explains how Cyclops and Havok know each other! heh

      Racing games are the worst. (Judgment has a drone racing game.)

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