Hart & Usagi #94: Action In An Elevator


In episode 94 we chat about the Yakuza Remastered Collection, Tetris 99 coming to retail stores, and our time playing select games in Taito Legends 1 and 2 on the PlayStation 2.

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* Games Won’t Be Any Cheaper on the Google Stadia
* Tetris 99 For Nintendo Switch Coming To Physical Stores This Fall
* The Switch Mini Is Officially the Portable-Focused Switch Lite, Has Multiple Compromises Over Original Switch
* Bethesda’s Classic Doom Re-Release Requires a Bethesda Account
* Three New Street Fighter 5 Characters Leak Ahead Of Evo 2019
* Walmart is Quietly Removing Violent Video Game Advertising From Its Stores
* TurboGrafx-16 Mini Adds Seven More Games To Complete Lineup, Including Splatterhouse
* Phil Spencer Doesn’t Think That Cloud Systems Will Fully Replace Traditional Consoles Just Yet
* Sony Acquires Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man Dev Insomniac Games
* Ion Fury Developer Donates $10,000 to Charity After Furor Over Transphobic Comments
* Yakuza Remastered Collection For PS4 Announced, Starting With Yakuza 3

Listen or Download (1:31:26)

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One response to “Hart & Usagi #94: Action In An Elevator

  1. – Majestic 12 is also tied to UFO conspiracy theories, and was referred to in Deus Ex.
    – I also hate colour based puzzle games, or just colour-based-puzzles that pop-up in otherwise non-puzzle-games. I frequently need my kids or wife to help me out with those types of puzzles.
    – I was never big on the Yakuza side missions or mini-games. I did some, but didn’t spend a lot of time a actively seeking them out. I found the core of the games much more interesting to focus on.
    – Romanticized version of the Sony/Insomniac deal: Sony realizes they lost access to Ninja Theory and can’t lose another great developer. Not again.
    – Google Stadia prices – For the same price as other systems, you can “buy” games from us, and we can make it less convenient and more complicated, with increased dependency on us! But we’re Google so, we know you’ll want it… you dumb shit that needs to google everything.
    – Cloud systems are inevitable. That’s why this retro console fad is such a big success right now, because people hate actually owning they stuff they’ve bought. Snide comments aside, I really do think that physical copies of everything are on their way out in the long run. The next big format after 4K will likely be software based and not hardware based. Which is sad. I like my physical copies. At the moment though, I’m starting to look back for often. I just bought 6 PS2 games this past month, something I haven’t done in a long time. Like you said, “Not until I have to” and maybe not even then.
    – Re: 3D Realms response: “if they don’t abide by a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech” I’m cool with a zero-tolerance policy for promoting hate speech, as long as we’re clear that it doesn’t include games/media ABOUT hate speech and racism and prejudice. You may need some hateful comments being spouted by the “bad guy” if you want to make a statement to go against it. Context matters. Not that I’m saying this is what was going on Ion Fury, I’m just saying let’s not ban it from games if it’s handled sensitively, respectably, and for a positive message.

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