Hart & Usagi #93: Huge Sprites!!!


In episode 93 we discuss Bernie Sanders calling for unions for video game industry workers, Phil Spencer’s jealously of not being in first place of console sales, and many games revealed for mini console systems.

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* Yakuza: Kenzan Could Be Suitable for a Kiwami-Style Remake, Producer Says
* Xbox Boss Phil Spencer: “The Business is Not How Many Consoles You Sell”
* Bernie Sanders takes to Twitter to endorse video game unionization
* Riot Games Under Investigation by the State of California For Gender Discrimination
* Konami announces the TurboGrafx-16 mini and six of the games it’ll feature
* Mega Drive Mini Games List: All 42 Titles Revealed
* Trump administration proposes 25 percent tariff on game consoles, board game imports
* The Loot Box Bill is Public, And The ESA Says It’s “Flawed And Riddled With Inaccuracies”
* Don’t worry, the Sega Genesis Mini Will Have a Six-Button Controller Available at Launch

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One response to “Hart & Usagi #93: Huge Sprites!!!

  1. “The Future of Gaming”
    – I have about 40 games for our Wii. But, a lot of those are for the kids, and they’ve grown past many of those. I’ll probably do another round of selling off those ones that I know neither I or my kids will ever go back to. There are a few good titles, but the system as a whole isn’t holding up very well in the long run for me.
    – I am liking the PSVR though. I’m not ready to ditch non-VR games, but it is cool. It’s a fun gimmick to go to.

    Loot Box Bill
    – Even if they were agree that loot boxes can be games, but it’s considered gambling so it must be agreed by the ESRB that all games with Loot Boxes are rated AO, and I think you’ll see publishers change their tune. They seem as afraid of AO as movie distributors are afraid of an R rating. They want the T rating. Disney won’t let a Star Wars game go out there with an AO rating.

    Mini Consoles
    – I am interested in the C64 console thing that came out. I don’t think I’d buy it, but I’d like, get as a gift, you know? I am a little sad that the Intellivision Replay consoles that came out several years ago was too early to this fad, because I would like a current-day version of that.

    Comix Zone
    – ‘It’s got a great style and I want to like it, but I don’t. It’s too hard.’
    Yeah. That’s exactly how I feel.

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