Hart & Usagi #91: The Becky & Jennifer Show


In episode 91 the new Mortal Kombat 11 shows that loot boxes aren’t needed to have a fun game, Google’s expectations for Stadia don’t live in the real world, and Becky and Jennifer stop by to chat for a bit with each other.

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* Sega Stops Sales Of Yakuza Spinoff Judgment In Japan After Actor Arrested For Alleged Cocaine Use
* Google’s New Game Streaming Platform is Called Stadia
* Konami Announces Three Classic Collections: Arcade, Castlevania, Contra
* GDC 2019: Google Confirms Stadia Won’t Allow Offline Downloads
* Google Stadia Boss Is “Absolutely, Unequivocally” Sure Latency Won’t Be An Issue
* Judgment actor Pierre Taki will be completely scrubbed from game’s western release
* Sega Genesis Mini Will Release in September With 40 Games
* PlayStation Store Now Offering Refunds, But There’s a Catch
* Borderlands 3’s expensive editions come with boost mods for loot drop rates, XP
* Valve Stops Borderlands Review Bombing Over BL3 Epic Store Exclusivity
* Mortal Kombat 11 Has No Loot Boxes, Neo From The Matrix Won’t Be Added
* Blind Squirrel was indeed working on Mortal Kombat Remaster but it was cancelled, first screenshots
* Capcom Home Arcade is an Outrageously Priced Plug-and-Play Retro Console
* Exclusive: What to Expect From Sony’s Next-Gen PlayStation

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One response to “Hart & Usagi #91: The Becky & Jennifer Show

  1. PS5: Sony does love making propriety products. SSD sounds nice though. And at least it sounds like with a disc-based system, hard-copies will still be a thing.

    PSN Refunds: So, it’s only if you made a mistake basically.

    I’m not excited for Borderlands 3 either. I also hadn’t played the second one until just this year, and that’s what I’m playing now. So far it’s fine, and I’ll admit that I’m falling a little for the VR gimmick that I’m playing it with. But I do remember when I finished the first one, I was done with it, and had no desire to jump in to the second. The only reason I have it now is because it came with my PSVR. It’s fine though. I’m having fun with it. But, I’ll reiterate, I don’t care about #3. And really, my thoughts on the “bazillion guns” gimmick haven’t changed. I wasn’t impressed with it before, and I’m not now. If anything, it’s actually one of the more annoying component of the game. “Begin operation: Suck”

    Pierre Taki – I could maybe see him not being re-hired for the Frozen sequel, but Yakuza/Judgment? It’s an M-rated game. Adults will get over it pretty easily I think. I know it’s all point-of-view, but to me doing some drugs of any kind ain’t such a big deal when it comes to acting for adults. As long as it’s not impacting their performance. Sure, if they’re ruining their lives, yeah, give them a break, help them out, but it’s not like they hurt anybody. Are they out in public ruining the public image of the company they’re working for? Okay, maybe you don’t want drug addicts working for you, I could see an argument being made for that, but that’s not the same as erasing the work they’ve already done. And consumers that make companies feel like that must mean the company condones the activity are just as idiotic.

    Stadia – I just can’t put my trust in a company to always be operating at full functionality for me to enjoy my entertainment. PSN down? No problem, I got the disc. Cable down? No problem, I got DVDs. Google going to be responsible to not only stream the service but hold my entire catalog at ransom? Yeah, no.

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