Now Playing: March 2019


Since November I played and completed Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, which was good, but it wasn’t the amazing experience I remember the original game being. I feel it side loaded a linear game into an open world style that it never needed.

I also played and beat Call of Duty: Black Ops. Oh what a mess that single player campaign was. I didn’t feel like I needed any skill to get through the levels. They were just a cavalcade of spectacle and little else. I never felt like my actions ever had an impact on anything that was going on. The game was setup in a way that with or without the player the levels were going to play out the same.

The last game I played was Borderland 2. If you played the first, as I did, then you were in for more of the same. I was hoping for more of a change in the game’s structure, but that was not to be. Any changes or additions made were minor and meaningless. I played it long enough to realize that doing everything was having it overstay its welcome. Eventually, I only did the story missions and skipped all optional ones (which were a ton). Even then it was too long when what I thought was going to be the final battle turned out to be a fake out. I was done at that point and that’s no fake out.

I’m not sure what I’ll be playing next, but I’m sure it’ll take longer than it otherwise would because that’s how I roll. :)

3 responses to “Now Playing: March 2019

  1. Thanks to Humble Bundles I’ve been playing games I probably would have never gotten otherwise. One of those games is the Talos Principle which is an engaging puzzle game that I enjoyed playing.

    I also got the Sypro trilogy as a Christmas present and beat Spyro 3 not too long ago. I had never played them on PS1. Although I did take short breaks between the games, and although they were overall enjoyable, I maybe should have spread them out a little more as by the end of the third things were getting tiring.

    I bought a PSVR last week and I just beat Super Hot VR. I love the original and this one is great too. It’s pretty intense. Amazing I can work up quite the sweat too. I was surprised because you’re not moving very fast in the game, but because you are moving so slow it’s almost like a yoga workout. Borderlands 2 was included with the VR bundle, so I’ll be playing THAT version some time this year. I did play the first one, and although it was fun enough, I wasn’t motivated to pick up the second title.

    • I’ve only played the third Spyro game. There was too much of a collect-a-thon to it. It also did that thing Super Mario Galaxy did by locking levels behind a certain number of obtained eggs. I didn’t enjoy that.

      I have thought about getting Super Hot either on PC or PS4.

      I don’t know what VR would be like in Borderlands 2, but I’d avoid any weapon that has the ability to be thrown and explode like a grenade when reloaded. It tosses away any ammo left in the clip and isn’t worth running completely out of that ammo type.

      • Update. Borderlands 2 is overstaying it’s welcome. If you love the game, it’s great because there’s lots to do, but I only like the game, so it’s getting tiring.

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