Hart & Usagi #89: Phone Club


On episode 89 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we chat about a variety of topics like Telltale breaking labor laws, breaking and entering to play the NES, and more.

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* Only ’80s Kids Remember: Breaking Into Houses to Get an NES Fix
* Sony Says It Has Fixed the PlayStation 4 Message Bug That’s Been Causing Consoles to Crash
* Red Dead Redemption 2’s 100-Hour Weeks Are Nothing New for Rockstar
* Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition update will improve the speed of the game’s inputs
* Castlevania: Symphony of the Night On PS4 Won’t Have The Iconic “What Is A Man?” Scene
* Telltale hit with class-action lawsuit for breaking labor laws
* PS Vita Production in Japan Will End in 2019, No Successor Planned
* Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle Smashes its Way to PlayStation 4
* The PlayStation Classic is Going to Have a Much Harder Time Selling its Nostalgia Next to the SNES Classic

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One response to “Hart & Usagi #89: Phone Club

  1. PSN Message Bug: Thank goodness no ones messages me.

    – I’m not interested in RDR2 myself. I thought the first Redemption (2nd in the series?) was okay, but not amazing.
    – It’s a bit of a self-induced mess when companies hype games for years before they come out, and push pre-orders, and then say “we have to get it done by X date; the public can’t wait anymore!”
    – Combine that with demands to move technology as fast as possible. Get us more processing power, get us better graphics, and get us games now that can use it otherwise it will be out of date an look old. Of course I haven’t seen a game look “old” in a long time, due to me being old and being impress how almost everything looks compared to back-in-the-day.
    – Anyone who works those crazy hours is either underpaid or in fear for their career. Most people don’t work like this because it’s fun for them.
    – Companies are at fault for making their employees work like this, and players are weak for wanting the game more than they are willing to speak with their wallets. Just like me an burgers. I know cows are getting mutilated, but they taste so good!

    SFV: Input speeds are being improved. GREAT! Now I can suck even faster.

    – I wouldn’t break in to anyone’s home to play a game system no matter what it was. I don’t know anyone who has. I suspect those that have didn’t do it because of the games, but did it because it was mischief to take part in. We had people break into our house when I was about 12 and they stole pop (soda, for you American-types :) ). They didn’t take the TV, they just wanted to do something bad. Only 80’s kids will remember. Yeah, right. Only assholes remember, I think they meant to say.
    – Also, I remember thinking Godzilla was a great game when I was a kid. Then I popped it in as an adult. It’s not.

    Yakuza: Imagine – make a product available in more places and sales improve. Weird.

    No Vita Successor: I think phones are filling a gap for people that the GameBoy and PSP used to. Not the one that console gamers had for the desire to play on the go, but for those that just needed something to do. That could be play a game, watch YouTube, share SnapChats, that has to have taken a chunk of the market away from casual buyers of handheld consoles.

    PS+ Service: It’s not worth it for me. When I play games I like to play at my pace, at my skill level, and not feel like I have to play for an uninterrupted period of time to make it worthwhile for someone else. It’s kind of nice to play PS3 games with someone online should the mood hit me (which it rarely does) but I’m just not going to get the value out of it to have to play a subscription fee to do it.

    PS1 Nostalgia:
    – I’m not nostalgic for the PS1, so it’s hard to say for me what the appeal would be for someone who is. Most of the people I know that were interested in the NES Classic don’t have the same memories for the PS1, including myself. It just fit into a weird slot in my life, and I never owned one (until I bought that slim version that came out, and then I was still mostly a PC gamer at that time).
    – It must also be a hard sell with all the remakes, and remasters, and ports available for games of that era.
    – It’s also an odd era for the tech. 3D gaming was still kind of weird, especially with no analog sticks. Have you ever played Descent on the PS1? The controls are a mess. Things looked weird too, and I don’t think it ages well. Sprite graphics age much better than the early polygonal stuff.
    – I am sad that the Intellivision Replay/INTV Lives stuff was too early for all of this nostalgic throwback gear wave that we have now though.

    Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: I liked it. A more linear approach would have been fine too, but I like that there’s an open world to traverse without having to be constricted to levels that often push you forward instead of letting take your time if you want. The combat is also way better than the first game, and the mission structures that have those linear, defined areas I thought were well constructed. Many of the side-quest things are a pain though, and I didn’t spend much time with them.

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