Hart & Usagi #85: 3 Crude Dudes


On episode 85 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we welcome back Dan to the show and chat about a variety of topics like the resurgence of using video games as a scapegoat, anticipating the soon to be released Burnout Paradise remaster, Demon’s Souls fans efforts to keep the game alive, and more.

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* President Trump’s Video Games Meeting Included A Violent Game Montage
* The NRA Has a Long History of Scapegoating Violent Video Games
* All the Times Video Games Have Been Linked to Violence
* Trump Raises Issue Of Video Game And Movie Violence, Suggests Ratings Board Is Needed
* Kentucky Governor Suggests Violent Video Games Are Responsible for Mass Shootings
* Demon’s Souls Fans Are Already Testing Private Servers, Here’s How to Join Them
* Free PS3 And PS Vita Games Not Included In PS Plus From 2019
* ESRB Takes Action on Loot Boxes by Creating New Label
* Konami Is Charging Real Money For ‘Metal Gear Survive’ Save Slots
* Burnout Paradise Remastered Microtransaction Listing Is A Mistake, Says EA
* Street Fighter 5’s New DLC Character Release Date Confirmed, See Blanka In Action
* Switch overtakes Wii U lifetime sales as Super Mario Odyssey hits 9 million units sold
* Battlefront II Misses Sales Expectations, Microtransactions Will Return ‘In The Next Few Month’

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One response to “Hart & Usagi #85: 3 Crude Dudes

  1. Recently Played
    – As per that Twitter comment from RivalShadeX, I do think Shadows of the Damned is the best game from Grasshopper Manufacture (at least from the ones I’ve played). Lollipop Chainsaw was okay. I didn’t like Killer 7.
    – Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 is great, all around. I have not spent much time with the time-attacks (so no Platinum for me), but I did make it to the top of the Shrine.

    Video Games & Violence
    – Like Dan said, what else can be said about it at this point.
    – Thankfully old people like me have grown up playing video games, and still do, with my kids. You’d have to be to in your 70’s at this point to this this is real, so the good news is that you’ll be dead soon.
    – George Carlin quotes again transcend time. To modify it just a little, “And now they want to ban [virtual] guns…. AND THEY’RE GONNA KEEP THE FUCKIN REAL ONES!”
    – “I’m hearing more and more people say…” I’m sure the audience for his attention is wide and varied as well. More and more – that must be two people. It seems like he can count to two.
    – “We’re talking about Bukkake.” Are we back to talking about Yakuza characters?

    Demon Souls Servers Shut Down
    – This reflects my main concern with so many titles. Online experiences, downloadable only, releasing broken games hoping to fix them later via updates, all of these things that will not be supported forever. I mean, even in recent years there has been a kind of balanced, and you know what you’re getting into when you pick up a game, and can choose what you want to play and why; but I feel like we’re moving further away from this all the time. I’m still disappointed that I can’t get a hard copy of Hellblade. And with this whole “games as a service” trend-phrase being tossed around, it’s disappointing to think what the future of gaming could look like.
    – I’m gonna have to get any Portal 2 trophies I need to be online for very soon I think.

    Bionic Commando – Rearmed 2
    – I never bothered to finish it. I didn’t enjoy it all that much. It had nothing to do with the jump button.

    ESRB Takes Action on Loot Boxes by Creating New Label
    – I think they’re missing the point (deliberately or not). It’s not the high-level concept of in-game purchases (at least not just that) that uninformed parents and players need to be aware of.
    – It’s crazy to have this story paired up with the violence story. Playing with virtual guns isn’t dangerous, but encouraging people to be constantly paying with real money can be dangerous.

    “This new thing ruins all of the old things”
    – I wonder how often people find the reverse of that true. Like, if someone put out 4 really shitty games in a row for a series but then release #5 and it’s so amazing that it makes the first four games great now.

    Switch Sales
    – I’m glad that Nintendo is able to bounce back from hardware mistakes. They never seem to go full-Sega; that’s great because I do feel like they help fill in gaps in the game-console market.

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