Halloween Gaming 2015: Demon’s Souls Co-op


For this year’s 6th Annual Halloween Gaming Event I’ll be playing co-op Demon’s Souls. I made it a solo adventure when I first played it in 2011, but getting back into it has required help. I’m still using my original character who is now up to Soul Level 166. This is my third playthrough of the game with a total time of 110 hours and 39 minutes.

Some new goals have been realized. I never did much with miracles previously and decided to go after getting the Second Chance miracle. It required the boss soul of the Old Hero in 4-2. I died more times than I’d like to admit, but with the help of Usagi704 and JiibayDan, we made it through after several tries.

Eventually we also faced off against Penetrator in 1-3. In this battle I was trying to evade all while trying to heal, gain magic points back, and casting Homing Soul Arrow. This was fairly difficult after both of my co-op buddies were killed off. I was able to make up for the many times I died getting to or fighting Old Hero by knocking this boss out in one visit. It’s amazing how easy Penetrator becomes if you simply have the NPC Biorr to help out. He’s a must to have fighting at your side if you’re playing Demon’s Souls for the first time.

My next goal is to get the Mausoleum Key from Ostrava to be able to fight Old King Doran and get the Demonbrandt plus my first new PSN trophy for this game since 2011. Wish me luck!

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