Now Playing: September 2015


Back in April I played and finished Far Cry 3. I was happy with the game overall. It played well and was quite fun. The story, on the other hand, wasn’t all that believable or interesting. You can read the details of what I thought on the game from the following blog posts.

Now Playing: March 2015
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Two weeks ago I started playing Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It addresses two of my major issues with the original FC3. It forgoes a reality based story with over the top ’80s neon aesthetics and characters. It’s definitely for the better. FC3BD also streamlines the upgrading progress and item crafting. All of which is very welcomed. I got used to collecting plants and the like in FC3, but I’m happy with not having to do that again here. If you play FC3BD first and then FC3, I can easily see a bigger disdain for FC3’s game mechanics.

I’m enjoying the game and I do talk about it as a guest on a new podcast from @ebbderelict called Checkpoint. Check out his Twitter account to get the update of when the episode is available. Of course, I’ll post about it here as well as on my Twitter account too.

Next month is my 6th Annual Halloween Gaming Event and I’ll be revisiting Demon’s Souls with friends to co-op with. I had last played this game in 2011 for that year’s Halloween.

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