Hart & Usagi #69: The Super SNES


It’s time for another scintillating Hart & Usagi Podcast episode. We talk about DigitalTrends.com’s Top 25 SNES games article, the cancelled Jak 4, and we get excited for announced titles such as Mafia 3, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and Dark Souls III. All this and more!

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* Here Are The Top 25 Games That Made The SNES, Well, Super
* USgamer Community Question: Which is Best – Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis?
* Consumers complain to FCC about ‘data caps’
* Beautiful Concept Art from Naughty Dog’s Jak and Daxter 4 Canceled Game Surfaces
* Scathing Nikkei Report Hints At Shameful Treatment Of Staff By Dictatorial Konami Management
* PlayStation Game-Streaming Service Officially Hits PS Vita Tuesday
* Need for Speed Series Had Too Many Games, Too Quickly, Dev Says
* Why New Need for Speed for Xbox One/PS4/PC Is Always-Online
* Activision Blizzard CEO Donates $50,000 to Chris Christie Presidential Bid
* Reddit bans some of its most well-known racist communities
* Mafia 3 Tackles Racism and the Vietnam War in 1960s New Orleans
* Why Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a Frontrunner for Gamescom’s Best Game
* Dark Souls III is Faster, Smoother, and More Fluid Than its Predecessors
* 90 Minutes with Dark Souls III Put My “Sequelitis” Fears to Rest
* Street Fighter 5 is a Bolder Reinvention Than Looks Suggest
* Crackdown 3 to Include “100 Percent Destructible Environments”
* Crackdown 3 Destruction Restricted to Multiplayer
* Sony’s New PS4 Projector Costs As Much As The Console
* Sony Explains Decision to Increase PlayStation Plus Three Month Subscription Price in Europe
* PS4 System Update 3.00 Adds Twitter Video, YouTube Broadcasts, and More
* Resident Evil 2 Remake Confirmed
* Wow, Spotify’s New Privacy Policy is Atrocious

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5 responses to “Hart & Usagi #69: The Super SNES

    I didn’t play a lot of SNES growing up, as I was focusing a lot on PC gaming at that time, so there are a lot of games on the list that I have never played.
    I have played Super Mario Kart though. I remember playing it at my friend’s place when they rented itand we spent more time in battle-mode than on the races.
    I also played Street Fighter 2 a little and had fun with it but lost more than I ever won.

    I would have liked to have heard some reasons other than just a list of games. Overall variety? The controller? Anything else about the system as a whole?

    I don’t think I’d buy a game if that was the case. Didn’t we go through this with Microsoft and the Xbox One a few years ago? I love the Battlefront series but they’re putting the fear of no single player in the new one, but I don’t know for sure if that means just no campaign like the first (which is fine) or no single-player at all.

    CHRIS CHRISTIE’S CONSTITUENTS WANT HIM TO STAY – Yeah and if I get fired from a job it’s only because every employee wanted to have an affair with me because I’m just too damn sexy.

    CRACKDOWN 3 ENVIRONMENTS – You know what other game has 100% destructible environments? Minecraft. Making things like this only available online is like reverse marketing. Here’s amazing features that no one wants but you don’t have any choice accept to thanks to us. Don’t want to thank us? HOW DARE YOU TURN ON US! You were supposed to be our fans, there to support us! It’s YOUR fault!

    PROJECTOR COST COMPARISON – There are sports cars out there that cost more than my house. I can’t live in my car. What the shit is that pricing all about? Sports cars don’t have bathrooms!

    “Who cares about parental controls? No one.” – Including me… and I say that as a parent. I control my own parental-ing, not my game console. Besides, if I was that good at being a parent my kids would be learning an instrument or another language or something more important than playing video games. ;)

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