Hart & Usagi #67: SFV Freemium DLCmium


In this grand episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we talk about Capcom’s idea to essentially do the free-to-play model with their DLC for Street Fighter V. Matt talks about his history with the Twisted Metal series. Also listen for the rage on Randy Pitchford and former ESPN “personality,” Crunch Buttsteak.

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* Sonic vs. Gametrailers.com
* Street Fighter V free-to-play DLC
* Pre-orders
* Twisted Metal series
* Nintendo Addresses Rumor It’s Distancing Itself From New Wii U Exclusive
* No, Tekken X Street Fighter Is Not Canceled
* See Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Gameplay in New Video
* “Head-Turning” New Duke Nukem Game Teased, But Don’t Expect it Soon
* Alien Colonial Marines Cost CEO Randy Pitchford $10 Million Of His Own Money
* Street Fighter 2 Soundtrack Remastered for CD and Vinyl
* Gamers Still Prefer to Buy Physical Over Digital, Study Finds
* Google Fiber brings free Internet to the poor
* Mistakes were made with the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter
* Uncharted Collection Adds New Difficulty, Drops Forced Motion Controls
* ESPN Personality Who Criticized Gaming Departs Company

Listen or Download (1:40:47)

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One response to “Hart & Usagi #67: SFV Freemium DLCmium

  1. Sonic – I wouldn’t call myself a Sonic fan, but I have played some Sonic games. I thought Sonic Colors was okay. I don’t think it’s a bad game, it’s just an okay game. From what I remember, many levels are geared towards the speed-run crowd that like replaying over and over, memorizing every jump and turn to get the best time, and that’ s not me.

    Twisted Metal series – Never played a Twisted Metal game, but I did play Vigilante 8. I played through one character’s campaign, and I had my fill of it. Not that it was bad, I just felt like I got all I was going to get out of it. I used to have Star Wars Demolition, and that got old really fast too. I seem to remember some really bad controls on that one.

    New Duke Nukem Game Teased – I would be fine with a new Duke Nuke’em game, but they have to update what they think is cool in an action hero. Duke is dated. The one game that REALLY needs a reboot and they do a sequel.

    Randy Pitchford – I get the impression that Randy is just trying to shift the blame to the players so that he can feel better about himself.

    ESPN Personality Who Criticized Gaming Departs Company – I would give him a pass if he was consistent, like in your poker analogy. I could understand if he was crudely trying to say that he didn’t get into the profession he’s in to cover things like video game, or poker, or even lacrosse if he doesn’t like the sport. I’m not saying it’s still not a part of his job and we all have parts of our job we don’t like, but I could understand and sympathize with his argument, IF he has that consistency. If he’s just shutting it out because it’s video games, then he can just shut his face. In either case, he’s got to up his argument.

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