From GBA to DS


After playing through a total of six games on the Game Boy Advance, I decided to do a similar thing, but instead on the DS. I chose four random games to play and they are: Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, Steal Princess, and Kirby: Mass Attack.

But first an update on the last GBA game played…

The objective of Wario Land 4 is to help Wario get rich quick. The game is structured in four groups of four levels with a boss and the end of each. You can only fight the boss once four pieces of a gem are found in each of the levels within that group. After beating all of them can you then face off against the game’s final boss. It’s not the most difficult game Nintendo has ever produced, but at least half the bosses will give you some trouble. Wario Land 4 isn’t something I’ve heard much talk about over the years since its 2001 release, but it is worth your time.

The first of the DS games I’m tackling from the list above is Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. It’s not a puzzle platformer. This game is a puzzle game and a platformer at the same time! The top screen is the platforming and the bottom screen is where the puzzles happen. Switching between them on the fly is as simple as pressing the X button. Both are fun in their own right and each effect one another. Defeated enemies are vanquished to the puzzle screen where you must clear them off. If they get to the top they will attack once again. Power ups can be acquired which also go to the puzzle screen. If cleared they will allow you to have it on the platforming screen. It all works much better than it first seems. A recommended DS title if you’re looking for one.


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