From Far Cry 3 to GBA


I have an announcement to make. I finished Far Cry 3. It took place two days ago and it is my third finished game this year.

It only took me about another 4.5 hours on top of the 40 hours I reported on earlier this week. I obtained the rest of the collectibles in the game that led to any PSN trophies and then completed the little story that was left. As it turns out there isn’t a trophy for collecting every treasure or every relic like there is for every memory card.

Definitely the best and most fun characters in the game were Agent Willis and Sam Becker. They’re great allies to have on your side just with their banter alone.

I still didn’t find the whole Jason’s become a real warrior thing compelling or believable for someone who started as a rich, trust-fund kid. Therefore once the ending came I chose for him to be with his existing friends rather than stay on the island.

My gaming plans for now is to play more of my Game Boy Advance. I’ll be playing Power Rangers Time Force, CT Special Forces, Gunstar Super Heroes, and, a fourth game picked up Usagi704, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3.

Game on!

One response to “From Far Cry 3 to GBA

  1. Congrats! Glad to hear you had fun with Far Cry 3! It was loads of fun despite the story. Yeah, I enjoyed those characters as much as you including Vaas. We need more villains like him. lol

    And have fun with Gunstar Super Heroes! Awesome Treasure game for the GBA. Really pushes what that handheld is capable of.

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