Hart & Usagi Podcast #57: No then Yes


In this new episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we discuss the PC game Hatred and Steam removal and reinstatement. We also get into what happened at the PlayStation Experience, the new threat to the Internet called CISA, and more.

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* ‘The Crew’ Will Not Have Launch Problems, Promises Ubisoft
* 20 Brilliant Things About PlayStation
* SEGA & SONY Partner to Launch Yakuza 5 in the West
* Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono Assures Street Fighter V Won’t Be Free-to-Play
* Everything from the PlayStation Experience 2014: Looking Forward, Looking Back
* Sony’s Secret London Shop Selling 20th Anniversary PS4s for £19.94
* Sony Not Thrilled About 20th Anniversary PS4 eBay Sales
* Kmart Australia Joins Target Australia in Pulling ‘GTA V’ From Stores Shelves
* Take-Two: Don’t like GTA? Don’t buy it
* Valve Removes ‘Hatred’ From Steam Greenlight
* Gabe Newell Steps in to Reinstate Controversial Shooter on Steam
* CISA Supporters Use Sony Pictures Security Breach To Push Bill
* EFF Challenges Personal Audio’s ‘Podcasting Patent Claims’ Before the USPTO This Week
* ISPs Admit They Can ‘Live With’ Net Neutrality Rule Changes
* Last Guardian Making Progress Under “Completely New Conditions”
* Teens React to Mega Man: What We’ve Forgotten About “Nintendo Hard” Games

Listen or Download (2:03:06)

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