Halloween Gaming 2014 – Castlevania: Dracula X


After playing Order of Ecclesia, I started up the second most vote getter in Castlevania: Dracula X.

Most people consider this game to be the Super Nintendo’s poor man’s version of Rondo of Blood from the PC Engine. Think of it as you will, but I think it plays perfectly fine. It sounds great and, in my opinion, looks better than its PCE counterpart.

Regardless of any of that I was always hesitant to play Dracula X because of the difficulty of these older style of Castlevania games. As it turns out it wasn’t all that bad. Sure it was definitely challenging, but nothing I couldn’t eventually overcome. The password system in the game would even bring a rare smile to the face of the Angry Video Game Nerd.

I will admit I did you the Game Genie, but only for infinite lives. I was still going to get punished in many other ways. One of those ways was the amount of invulnerability after getting hit. It wasn’t much at all. In fact, it was much too little. The overall difficulty of the game was based on the types of enemies and their placement within the levels. The amount of enemies on a given screen is always sparse, but where they are makes all of the difference. I must say Dracula X has expert enemy placement!

Where there’s a Castlevania game, there’s subweapons. Let’s touch on those. All of the usual assortment can be found here. The worst being the stopwatch. It doesn’t actually stop anything. It simply slows enemies down. It’s not exactly what I would call helpful. The knife becomes plural because you can throw three at the same time. The cross does it’s boomerang thing, but it doesn’t travel as far out. It’s still useful in certain situations. The axe is the overall best. It travels further horizontally than in other games with roughly the same height as before. It has great screen coverage. Holy water creates a trail as in a few of the other games, but is also thrown out further than before.

I’d recommend playing Dracula X even to those Rondo of Blood purists who insist that game is superior. I think you’ll find enough differences here for it to be worth your time.


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